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I am Omegap12!
I am a stag!
I am addicted to SAO(Sword Art Online).
And... I have a brother. Hes... my brother. Be nice to him, or be impaled by my massive antlers.
I am losing my sanity!
I dont know why im making new paragraphs every time i want to say something else!
I LOVE the band Rise Against
I am a swimmer with big dreams of the Olympics.
I dont know what else to say.
Watch this!!! I fell off my chair i was laughing so hard!
Have fun trying to Count!!

I am the Record Keeper of the BIGGEST AG clan, A.G.M.O.T. And all the records that you would ever need are right here! With the main website for the clan here

My small clan that i created: Clan of Awesomeness. Tell me if you want to join, its not a problem. Just have 3 GAME related quests! Thats it!!

so theres 13 ranks (or im really bad at counting things, tell me if im wrong XD)

Just the fact that minecraftsniper wants to show off how many quests he has xD LOL

Darpo's new little spot
Darth Vader: 100+ quests

supreme world ruler: 50-99 quests
ME!! Omegap12

king: 25-49quests

steward: 18-24 quests

adviser: 16-17 quests

butler: 14-15 quests

head chef: 12-13 quests

cook: 10-11 quests

severer: 8-9 quests

bed maker: 6-7

duster: 3-5

So this is my story, (Which i havent worked on in FOREVER!) and it might take a while to finish! YAY!

Have fun in this world... and stay away from my razor sharp antlers!

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