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Hello people that enter my profile. Friend me plz if you havent already!! I check my profile everyday so leave me a comment plz. Tell me if u want to play a game with me or something because i dont play games on here that often anymore. So yea i love medieval warcraft, hunting and swimming. (my room looks like a mess right now; just the way i like it. XD) So that was a little bit about me, read  my story and all of you are awesome!!!!

Watch this!!! I fell off my chair i was laughing so hard! … detailpage

So I am now the Record Keeper of the A.G.M.O.T Clan so here is all the important news for the clan.

So things are changing here!! All the news for AGMOT ur looking for is now on the website. The news link below, then below that is the link to the website! … eper?next=

Emergency Contact:


by the way im starting a new clan: Clan  of Awesomeness. if u would like to join tell me and ill see if ur good enough its not a big thing u just have to to least 3 gaming quests completed and u have a sure spot on the list tell me if u complete a new quest and ill move u up :D

And 0ppy is now second in command so go talk to him if u want he can recruit to

so theres 11 ranks (or im really bad at counting things, tell me if im wrong XD)

Darpo's new little spot
Darth Vader: 100+ quests
dav 123

supreme world ruler: 50-99 quests
ME!! Omegap12

king: 25-49quests
steward: 18-24 quests

adviser: 16-17 quests

butler: 14-15 quests

head chef: 12-13 quests

cook: 10-11 quests

severer: 8-9 quests

bed maker: 6-7

duster: 3-5

So this is my story, awesome right??

So right now ur probably wondering where my story is right now. Well, its on this thread. be nice to it, it might bite ur fingers off! … 2s-stories

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