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  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: whats AIM?
  • MSN: spartacus800@hotmail.ca
  • Yahoo: alistarmoy@yahoo.com
  • XBOX Live: I use the profile notkidfriendly on halo reach
  • Wii: i dont play wii exept maybe mario kart and super smash bros brawl but i dont have one.
  • PSN: ...XBOX IS BETTER... :D
  • SteamID: lol it has a D: after steaml


It is dissapointing to see that noone;s pow3r l3v3l is over 9000 l1ke min3s.
I love mus1c (spec1f1cally cla55ical) and I like being so epic.

You are ova 9000 if you:
have a power scouter
have super powers
if your goku
if you hacker
if you get monster kill
if you get monster kill with plasma pistol
if you PWN someone
if you own someone on skis
if you punch bill gates
if you have a third ball
if you puunch bill gates
if you recarnate jack layton
if you cause a nuclear war
if you run in to a nuclear bomb
if you do ova 9000 backflips in one second
if you run over a deer
if you become franze liszt
if you turn a square into a circle
if you help me type a heart because I CAN'T DO IT!
if you sprint ova9000 around the track
if you lift a monster truck
if you stare at obama and say shapoopi
if your like hobo
if you support gays and blacksSUPPRT THEM!
if you live in china
if youur a trillionare
if you get spammed, scammed and talked to by princes of nigeria on yahoo (like me)
if you r MLG (well that wouldn't make you over9000 that would make you addicted and no life)
if you think facebook sucks because it does
if you eat bacon strips

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