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What should I say?
Whatever, i'm gonna tell you a story.
A long time ago, a man lived in the woods, alone. This man got a necklace, made by himself, with one teeth of every species of animals he hunted.
A morning, he woked up, and seted up a hunting route to bring some meat to the table tonight. He was walking, listening to every sounds, and every footprints on the floor. Suddenly, he turned back, and saw a bear, paw raised, going to smack his face.
The hunter jumped back quickly, but the bear broke his necklace. The hunter looked at the bear, his knife in his hand, and scream "THAT WAS MY NECKLACE ******* IM GONNA BUTCHER YOU AND EAT YOU TONIGHT U HEAR ME?" and jumped on the bar face, like a cat. He stabed him 4 times in the skull, and opened his throat.
The hunter then, took his teeth to make a new necklace, and took every meat he could take, and bring back his skin to his home.

That was my story. Hope you didn't liked it, cuz I hate you.

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