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I created a forum please join me!!!! Thanks people for joining!
The users are:
-Me Paintballer222/admin
-The Own3r

I love God, and you can probably tell by my name that I like paintballing. Soccer is pretty fun too.
My Soccer team scores:
1st game we won 7-3
2nd game we won 6-2
3rd game we won 11-1
4th game we won 5-1
5th game we won 3-1
6th game we won cause the other team forfeited
7th game we won 11-1
but the seasons over nooooooooooo!!!!
I also love bowhunting! email me sometime.Tell me what you think about me.If it's mean or nice I don't really care.
So far i'm:
a good christian-dragonball05
a good christian for wanting to give my life up for a freind-DDX

If you have a question about me or any of my intrests ask. Also if you need help understanding anything about God ask me or Royadin.

Favorite things:
song- never going back to okay by the Afters
Movie- Simpsons or Gladiator
Book- House by Frank Peretti
color- lime green
Food- Chinese or seafood
Freinds - Theguitarhero777 and frank2314
Animal- Monkeys
Pop- Mountain Dew
Fruit- grapes or watermelon
T.V show- Lost
Board game- catch phrase
cookie- chocolate chip
pie- apple or chocolate cream
ice cream- moose tracks

✞ The Christian Club!! ✞
Im a Christian and I'd like to meet some more Christians on this site. If you aren't a Christian but you want to ask about Jesus Christ just ask me, Ill try to make you a believer.
Founders-Craze77 and Godspeed11
The Paintball Club

If anyone wants to join the club talk to the founders. You can talk about your expereiences paintballing, Guns, ask questions, exc.
Founders SuperZagron and Paintballer222:
My Gun
I have a Tippmann 98 custom

I usually buy cheap because I just play woods ball with my freinds. So I have monster balls that are blue with lime green fill.

I've been paintballing since the beggining of summer in 2008.

Other clubs i'm in are:
The Agamo Clan
The Games4life Clan

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