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pang's song of the day

How Could I by Cynic

-Every so often I will post a song, there is plenty of possibility that a song will be posted more than once-

pang's random thoughts

I did a thing
I shall return to this thing one day. Live on, my child

existentialist crises, I thought you'd never return

-pang's pony
-I am pangtongshu, which I would imagine is an obvious fact.
-Favorite sport is baseball
   *Favorite team is the New York
    Yankees (or should I say the best
    team in the world =p)
-I have a job! I am a Team Member at White Castle


-Favorite band: System of a Down
-2nd favorite (2 way tie): Dir en Grey & Gojira
-Honorable mentions: Arch Enemy Alt-J, The Bunny The Bear, Cannibal Corpse, Cynic, Dead Milkmen, Deftones, Duran Duran, Enter Shikari, Flobots, Ghost, Goldfinger, Gorillaz, HORSE the Band, KoRn, Lamb of God, The Living Tombstone, Mastodon, mc chris, Meshuggah, Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age, Ratatat, Reel Big Fish, RHCP, Rosetta, Rudebrat, Russian Circles, Sannhet, Scars on Broadway, Serj Tankian, Sepultura, Solstafir, Tool, The Urge, and WoodenToaster

I play bass.
I also play freestyle piano (prefer to play horror/suspense music)

Top 5 favorite movies are (in no particular order):
-The Godfather
-Fight Club
-12 Angry Men
The other two had to be removed for content purposes. They are still among my top 5 favorite, and thus this mere mentioning will have to suffice in their place.
I blame young people for this.
Video Games
-Favorite video game series is Dynasty Warriors, absolutely love the time period and book it is based off of, so obvious reason for why it is my favorite
-Favorite video game is Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8, same reason as my liking of Dynasty Warriors, but this is my favorite because of the complexity of the game, the idea of not only being able to be a leader but also a mere member of a large army, the thinking needed while playing, and the addictiveness and replay value of the game

My favorite book of all time is Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Based off the Three Kingdom Era (my favorite time period in history), and an absolutely riveting tale.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Top 5 favorite people:
1) Pang Tong
   -I very much relate to him, so that is
    quite obvious
2) Zhuge Liang
   -In my opinion, the most underrated
    genius ever. It is said that Kong Ming
    could match Sun Tzu in War Strategy,
    which says something if I do say so
    myself. Also, he had some amazing
    inventions, which include an assault
    vehicle (basically a tank, and this was
    around 200 A.D.) and a battle array
    that no one has been able to figure out
    Some inventions here
3) Wei Yan
   -The only negative thing I can say about
    the book (Romance of the Three
    Kingdoms) is that it makes Wei Yan
    seem like a "bad guy" at times, when
    in reality he was immensely loyal to
    the Shu's cause and Lui Bei. Also,
    was very underrated in terms of
4) Lu Bu
   -An amazing warrior, to say the very
    least. But also, is VERY underrated
    when it comes to his intelligence. Lu
    Bu was very intelligent, however he
    was also very confident, causing him
    to make rash decisions, giving people
    the impression that he was stupid.
5) Sima Yi
   -I love him, yet I hate him. Zhuge
    Liang's arch rival, and a genius and
    psychological master. Was able to
    basically outsmart his way into
    taking over the army of Wei and
    turn it into his own army. You can
    thank this man for the Jin Dynasty of

Religious stance

Political stance
Centre left

You may call me pang for short instead of pangtongshu.

The origin of me name is: Pang Tong was a strategist for a group after the Han dynasty ended. 3 main powers (as well as some other less significant powers) fought for control of the land (China). Those three groups were Wei (lead by Cao Cao) Wu (lead by Sun Jian, then Sun Ce, Then Sun Quan) and Shu (lead by Lui Bei). Pang Tong was the strategist of Shu. So put it together PangTongShu.

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