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Hi I am pathologian14 as you may notice, I love to use Brackets all the time. In real life (which can be so boring) my name is Andrew Harper I live in North Carolina (which is a state in the USA look it up). I play for a basketball team called DASH United. My favorite game is Exit Path.I am usally on around evenings. I am currently 15 years old. My favorite actors are Chuck Norris (Because he is awesome), Harrison Ford,and Anne Hatheway.Favorite movies are the ORIGINAL star wars trilogy (sorry new trilogy fans). Favorite music is by the movie music Composer John Williams.(Star Wars, Indiana Jones Jaws Olympic music). AND I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER (stupid teen hearthrob) Here are the teams I pull for College Basketball UNC(Really look it up) NBA Indiana Pacers and Oklahoma city Thunder College football Clemson NFL Denver Broncos and NY Jets (gotta love Tebow) MLB St Louis Cardinals On an important note I must say that I am a Christian saved by Grace. Because none of us are good enough to get to heaven without Jesus. I do not like it when people cuss and I try to stay on clean topics. Lets see I am a member in the StarOf clan( thay are the best thing on Armor Games (beside Exit Path). My Clan account name is StarOfPathz ( Here is a funny vid of americans doing what they do best. I hope that gives u an Idea of who I am hope to see u around. Oh and BTW BOW TIES ARE COOL. If u got the reference so are u. If u have any suggestions for my about I will consider them

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