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Hi, if you just entered my profile:
Congratulations. You're now playing the game (if you weren't already).
The game is very simple:
- You are always playing the game.
- You cannot win. You can only lose.
- You lose whenever you remember the game.
- Whenever you remember the game, you have to announce out loud "I lose".
- After you lose, you have 30 minutes during which you can remember the game without losing.
- As soon as you mention the game to anyone, they begin playing as well.
- The goal of the game is to have everyone on Earth playing.
If you lost the game, leave a message in the comments


My sports and teams/players I like:

NFL: New York Jets
Formula 1: Kimi Raikkonen 
Soccer: Manchester United (England)/ Atletico Mineiro (Brazil)

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About me

I go on the forums every now and then and play games. Life sucks even though I live on a beautiful city.
By the way, eggplants.

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