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Let's try a change up.

Opening: How's it going friends, strangers, and stalkers? Yes, yes I know you're busy- I'm busy so if you want to contact me whenever just let me know below and we can meet on a game or email or something.

Body: Ehhhh I'll think of some witty rules of my profile later.

Honestly if I would put every quote I like (mainly from songs) on here we'd have 3 pages worth. So I'll try to keep short and just change the quotes every so often.

It won't be long before soon.

And I go crazy 'cause here isn't where I wanna be. And satisfaction feels like a distant memory. And I can't help myself. All I wanna hear her say is "r u mine? "

With exception of you I dislike everyone in the room.

( \_/ )
(>  >)z         And of course a Pikachu 

0 days of school left! SUMMAAAAAA

Ugh I feel so old these days. I don't wanna grow up TT_TT

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