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  • AIM: To be the very best, I have to catch them all :(
  • MSN: Butterflies are annoying, no thanks
  • Yahoo: Creepy. I don't like creepy things. Hello.
  • XBOX Live: Also pretty scary, it just glows at you like that, especially at night.
  • Wii: Well what's the couch for if you're not going to sit on it while you play...
  • PSN: Also one of the creepies, reminds me of those letter that come out from the ground in Sesame Street.
  • SteamID: Hopefully none of the above works with this thing. Steam makes everything worse.



Alligator MouthWash?
What is Alligator MouthWash?
Alligator MouthWash gives you supreme power over anything and everything.
How can I get my own Alligator MouthWash?
It is impossible to get some Alligator MouthWash and there is only one secret source.
Swish, Gurgle,Swirl,
After gobbling up that dish,
Clean your mouth with one clean swish.
Use Alligator MouthWash, do a little twirl.
I use Alligator MouthWash,
What do you use?


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