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From Holland, best known for it's legal weed stores (Coffeeshops) and it's prostitutes on the Wallen in Amsterdam. People who think that we all are farmers living in windmills really need to travel once, we aren't. I live in Rotterdam, the city with Europe's biggest harbour.

Im 17 years old, love metal music, and spend a lot of time going out and having fun with friends. For more questions, feel free to ask anytime .
I'm Atheist, but I respect every religion. I personally think that if i'd have to pick a religion, it would be buddhism. It seems like a very spiritual lifestyle with a really interesting background.

I play tons of games, most of the time free online RPG's or shooters. Most of the time I play on my PS3, mostly Fifa 11 and Assasins Creed Brotherhood

in my spare time i play guitar and i play tennis. I also work out a lot in a locale gym and I would like to start kickboxing any time soon.

Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan
Favorite Bands: Bullet for My Valentine, Disturbed, All that Remains, Iron Maiden
Favorite TV Show: South Park, Spartacus
Favorite Soccer Team: Feyenoord Rotterdam (L)
Favorite Video Game: Fifa
Favorite Game on AG: Sonny 2

(\__/) This is a bunny, He's a evil
(+'.'+) genius who's taking over the
(")_(") world. resistance is useless

Damn right he is.

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