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-7 1h 7 1h,7 1g e 1a f 12 d r 8 m -1 k -8 m -f r -h 14 -f 1c -8 1h,5r 1bj 8j 1bj,ae 1iu cr 1iu,df 1m3 dh 1m8 dj 1mb,dl 1md do 1mf ds 1mg e1 1mf e4 1md,dj 1ma dm 1me,g7 1pu g6 1q3 g4 1q7 g1 1qa fs 1qc fo 1qc,dr 1u1 du 1u7 e1 1ub e7 1ud,gp 2hs j9 2hs,j8 2k7 j8 2kc j9 2ki jd 2kn jj 2kp jo 2ko ju 2kl k1 2kh k2 2kb##B ld 33d b8,B -6 4 2q

-18 1i 18 1i,17 1i ea 1i,mv i nk h o9 a oq -3 pe -k pu -18 qa -1v qh -2m qh -3d qf -48 q9 -50 q1 -5l po -6a pb -6r om -77 nt -7b mr -77 lq -6v l6 -69 kr -5c ko -4i,-18 1i -18 -u e5 -u,kn -4h kn -3n,e7 i jh i,l3 i mu i,jk 9e 10m 9e,10l 9e 138 a0 15n bf 17i dk 18e g1,19g g1 18g di,19g g2 1b3 hu 1dd ik 1fo ik 1ks hf 1n8 ma,1n8 mb 1qv pm,26g 298 26g 2c7 26s 2dh 27r 2e9 29v 2e9 2b0 2dn 2bh 2ci 2bh 297##T 2bp 2ag,T 2bp 29u,T 264 2ad,T 264 29t,B 26l 299 5k,B 26s 298 5v,B 274 298 5k,B 27e 29a 5k,B 27n 297 6b,B 281 29a 64,B 288 297 5s,B 28g 297 64,B 28n 29a 5k,B 291 29a 5k,B 298 29a 5k,B 29f 29b 5k,B 29l 29a 5q,B 29s 29a 5k,B 2a7 29b 5q,B 2aa 29b 5k,B 2ai 29b 5p,B 2aq 29b 5k,B 2av 29b 5k,B 2ba 29a 5k,B 2b0 29b 5b,B 2ai 29b 5k,B 2a5 29a 5k,B 29q 29a 5k,B 29h 298 5k,B 295 298 5k,B 28o 29a 5k,B 28a 298 5k,B 27s 297 5k,B 27c 297 5k,B 26s 296 5k,B k6 96 17,B db q 2q,B 93 q 2q,B 4q p 2q,B 0 o 2q

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