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KK, time to remodel my profile:

News lol:

K, i've recovered from having to reprogram my PC, but I can't be online for long because I have to share the Internet Cable. Darn. Oh well.

So I tried Adobe Flash Pro CS5, and I failed:

Making a Game: FAIL
Making an Animation: FAIL
Checking a Tutorial: FAIL

Lol, i'm bad at Adobe. Oh well. No one is perfect. Except RoflCopter:

/ | \___L
\ | __LOL
\__|________________/ L

Lol I even failed at that. Oh well. If you can FAIL, post these two sentences as well as RoflCopter in your Profile!!!

Lol. I go on the following Forum Games:
Animal Wars

and these Art Topics:

Draw that Pokemon V2

Awesome Art Contest

Oh well. This is the end.
Thanks for reading. BUT WAIT!
Read this:

I is this cat
I is is cat
I is a cat
I is good cat
I is way cat
I is to cat
I is keep cat
I is an cat
I is idiot cat
I is busy cat
I is for cat
I is 20 cat
I is seconds cat
I is lol cat.

Now read the third word in each sentence. If you do not laugh, then get a life. If you do, then good. May the fail be with you.

Darth Vader: FAIL:

I find your lack of win disturbing. May the fail be with you.


Ah well. I'll put more here once I get off the sofa again.

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