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Heya i am from Romania I like Shooting games,adventure games and action games.my mess is pushtiu_pushtiu.Send me a friend  request and a coment on my wall

11-11-11 is the day of the apocalypse...but now is not 11-11-11 and we are not dead...Only stupid kids will die in 11-11-11 in "Apocalips" but srsly they will die because will be killed by they parents

My 3 wishes
1-To get my wepon permise
2-To Win$
3-To kill Justin Bieber with my gun

My favorite games are:WoW(World of Warcraft) and Mt2(Metin2)
Games i dont like:Minecraft and Crysis

I like bands:Bon Jovi Metalica Lordi
I dont like bands:Justin Bieber

What i do in my free time:
1-I play WoW
2-I play Metin2
3-I listen Music
4-I play games from Armor Games

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