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Welcome my fellow Armor gamers.

Check This Out for a while...

Last Stand: The Story read here

]Last Stand Z

(i am currently playing in kongregate for a while. but still i am checking the forums)
first my name is Raigeki.

i live in the middle of the Bermuda triangle and the cause of all casualties there. well not really. i am from asia and just guess where it is!!

i am 17 year old college student


I am a critic on some things like food,people, and GAMES!!!!!!

things i do and like
i like doing movies(mostly slideshows)
for my classmates

i like using gimp pivot and other cool art stuff

i like many games in different kinds of platforms and in armorgames(of course)

im in armorgames since it was gamesofgondor.com.

i just think why they have changed it.

o well. that's all i had!

Frozen Glaive boss!!

visit the frozen glaive channel

crazy names i made for the ranks but still same equivalent

Forager:10 AP(x)
Farmer: 25 AP(x)
Harvester: 100 AP(x)

Archer: 225 AP(x)
Hunter: 400 AP(x)
Sniper: 625 AP(x)

Guard: 1200 AP(x)
Knight/Maiden: 1750 AP(x)
Captain of the guards: 2250 AP(x)

Nobleman/Noblewomen: 3000p(x)
Richman/Richwoman: 3500AP(x)
Millionaire: 4000 AP

Minister/Ministrant in charge: 4500 AP
High Authority: 5200 AP
Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP

3rd in line Prince/Princess: 7250 AP
2nd in line Prince/Princess: 8500 AP
1st in line Prince/Princess: 10000 AP

Heir to the throne: 12000 AP
Unxperienced King/Queen : 14500 AP
Proclaimed King/Queen: 17500 AP

"This is such a drag"

"I can't believe it!"
(well i have nothing to say in the prince/king so i just add stuff)

Thanks for viewing. add me up if you like as i will add you too!!

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