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Ok this can be a cliche but its nice.

My objectives are:

Rule over the world
Be declared as the evil king of the world
Create the biggest cookies' machine ever
and of course train my englis `-ยด

But to do that i need first

Have 1 friend (even an evil king cant rule alone)
Have 5 friends (i need minions of course)
Change my armatar to a image more evil, (sincery i look like a good king)
* Have a game where i can torture peoples (i got one, its dummy never fails! )
* Have an arena where i can see peoples fighting (i got one its Chaos faction 2!)

*Be an evil Serf of an evil King (sincery i wasnt even a serf, so i was what? an evil homeless!?)
* Be an evil squire (washing, and holding someone's weapons, exactly what i was expecting(and for (dumb) people who still didnt get it a was being sarcastic))
Be an evil Knigt (better than be a squire, now i have someone who wash and hold my swords)
Be an evil Lord (to you is "my lord")
Be an evil Duke (what are u specting, that i tell jokes in every sentence i write?)
Be an evil Prince (now i just need to assasinate the king, with poison or with...(i look to you) *cough* *cough* assasinate the king? What a nonsense. )

and finally

Be an evil King (i assasinated the king and that nosy guy too)

Be on the top:
*30 000
*10 000
5 000

Commentaries and sugestions about my evilness, or how to become more evil will be evily apreciated.
But dont make me waste my time reading your goody commentaries.

And the Evilness be with you.


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