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Join my fitness studio for dem gains: http://rayoflightfitness.com/ ---------------------------------------------------- Hello! I'm currently writing the scripture for the Hello Kitty Suicide Cult. In the meantime, I'll be posting links and information below for the interested or maybe even the religiously ambivalent! To start things off, you can listen to this poignant song by the near-eponymous Hello Kitty Suicide Club. It masterfully lays out our core tenets in a succinct and digestible manner! Yes, we do believe in an afterlife, and all are welcome. Here is a video game developer's rendition of heaven's appearance! If you're wondering who our deity is, it's Hello Kitty, you silly goose! She committed suicide to spread her love to all of her future believers, and upon doing so, transcended the material world and manifested as an omnipotent force greater than even the previous god. Happy learning, tonyallens! ^-^

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