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Well, I've been here a month or so, so I thought I would put something here for the 0.01% of users who might accidentally stumble across my page.

Study: Linguistics and Politics

Work: Telecommunications

I am Wesnothian

And a Kiwi

Vandal Hearts is my favourite all time game. I had a website devoted to it, until the host went bankrupt and all my work died seriously, I cried for days.

HoMM series is pretty high up there too. Although I haven't played #5 much as it seems to stray from the idea a little too much. I still like it though.

You should have realised my other favourite if you have been paying attention.

And I like Might and Magic series too - but far too many bugs and glitches. They ruin every game. But not as much as hackers. And cheaters. Cheaters and liars and spammers can all go to hell.

BUt enough about computer games. My passion is board games. And cards.

You can find me on Pokerstars (under the username gunslinger81). If you ever want a game, drop me a comment. I'll let you know if I have any credit

Carcassonne rocks my world. Pillars of the Earth is good, but not as good as the book.

Speaking of books: George R.R. Martin is a legend, but if you are reading this George - FINISH THE DAMN SERIES ALREADY! (Just kidding, If you're reading this, I can die a happy man)

Anyway, what else do I do in my spare time?
~Cryptic crosswords
~Bottles upon bottles of red wine

I'm really enjoying my time so far on AG. If you want to chat about anything, drop me a comment

It's been nice chatting with you

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