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  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: no
  • MSN: yes
  • Yahoo: no its gay
  • XBOX Live: got 1 with halo 3 - hbk rjd7 my account , send me friend invites if you want:P
  • Wii: yes i have =]
  • PSN: nah ps3 cost soo much and totally not worth it.
  • SteamID: i have hacked with all games!!!hahaha sweet eh..but i wont tell people how to hack and get all games


sup. i am loving fr2 [freerider2] i have many lvls which can BE SEEN ON youtube. please check it out and here is some of my lvls


for showing how to beat the lvls and yeah free rider 2

my newish weird....pretty shortish and fun!9a hl -cn h6,96 hp 9r it aj jn c0 jk dd iv f4 i0 gr hv ie ik ji jf jf kl je lq k4 mr la ml lv ld ma k5 n7 j3 oj ig q0 i9 q3 jl p9 kb q1 ii q7 gu q3 g0 q0 h7 r2 hg s5 i2 sg jc,13a dl 11u dn 10l du un dt st e4 r3 et pl g0 qp h9,10h e6 10q dd 11o cu 12q d3 13s di,10m ck 11f c3 12c c2 136 cr 13p e4,pj fl qj et rm e7 t1 db u7 cj ve c4 10t bt 125 c2 139 cs,12k cd 13o c6 151 c6 168 c7 17n cf 18n dv 180 fh 17h gr 19a i3 1b0 j0 1cn jh 1dt iq 1eg h8 1er f9 1fc dd 1g2 bh 1h0 9t 1i6 8g 1jd 75 1km 5s 1m0 4p 1nq 3m 1pn 2s,1tc 28 1q9 it 1to 3f,1tt 3f 1vf bo,1vc b4 1uc -7,1ua -c 22k e4,24u 3 245 -1g 239 -2q 22a -3q 20m -4g 1um -4q 1t0 -4n 1rb -4o 1pn -3s,20g 7m 21g 83 22u 8k 24e 9c 25o ac 273 bd 28d ch,2ck gg 2e4 hk 2fj iq 2h1 k1 2if l9 2jt mi 2la nq 2mn p1 2o7 pm 2qa po 2rr p4 2tc od 2v0 mu 304 lg 317 ju 328 ic 32o gp 332 f4 339 de 33d bn 32f a1 310 8d 2vh 6p 2u0 5b 2sa 4c 2qh 4e 2on 4t 2mt 5g 2l6 66 2ji 6t,286 dd 27b el 26k gd 261 hv 25g jq 252 ld 24t ng 24t p8 24t r0 259 so 265 uf,2il 164 2kn 174 2m8 187 2mi 1ab 2mk 1bv 2mp 1e3 2mv 1g4 2n5 1i3 2nd 1jc 2nc 1hq 2nf 1g4 2nk 1er 2nq 1df 2nu 1cb 2o2 1av 2o6 19h 2o8 18f 2ot 1ar 2p8 1cq 2pi 1ej 2pq 1g6 2q4 1i1 2q5 1fr 2q3 1df 2q3 1b5 2pu 19i 2p7 18g 2oh 17a 2ni 17n 2n5 19i 2n0 1bf 2ms 1d0,2mr 13o 2mu 15e,2me 14m 2lo 192,2lv 16l 2pd 1ek,2n0 14p 2q1 1g8,2mt 15p 2t5 1g8,2nm 142 2r9 1ki,2jn 168 2m9 16d,2l1 14p 2lv 17g,1pu -49 1p1 -58 1o1 -65 1mv -6p 1lg -75 1ji -79 1hs -6p 1g6 -5v 1ei -4o 1cu -3d 1bb -23 19n -q,1pj 14r 1oq 135,1uq 13v 1ud 13e 1u2 12v 1tp 12i,265 ug 26l v7 278 vu 27u 10j 28i 114 29a 120 2a2 12v 2bc 13t,2b9 140 2cf 14e 2dq 14o 2f3 151 2g5 158 2h9 15g 2i8 15o 2j3 15u 2jr 163 2ke 167 2ku 16b,2l2 14r 2kr 144 2jr 134 2im 125 2hk 11b 2gb 10o 2f2 10l 2dl 10l,2b1 tl 2b1 s5#2cn 10v 2ca 13r,2el 11j 2c7 126,2ca 12a 2e7 14i,2gk 11c 2f4 12n,2f3 12q 2fr 143,2fo 145 2hc 12s,2h9 12t 2gf 119,2ci 152 2bp 176,2ef 15o 2dp 17g,2en 17o 2e0 194,2dp 199 29k 183,29k 185 2ab 15u,2cv sd 2d1 vt,2cn ud 2e0 ui,2e5 sv 2e7 v4,2ei st 2ga sj,2g8 sl 2fg vo,2e0 ut 2e3 10d,2e5 v6 2du 100,2gu sv 2hg 103,2gn sq 2kc sj,2k3 t2 2h3 v6,2h6 v6 2jg vj,2jc vm 2h8 vr,2kp s8 2m2 s8,2m0 sd 2kc 105,2mc s0 2n3 10d,2nv sq 2ms ug,2mu u8 2pe 11f#B 2en hg 3j,S 2bm e8,S 2de fj,S 2ao ch,S 22p 7u,S 21k 61,S 21e 39,S 21i -k,G 2kc 15s 92,G 2iv 15i 98,G 2l7 15p 96,T 2tq 86,T 313 f7,T 2mc 71,T 2td nl,G 1r4 1b b6,G 1ru 10 an,G 1sk 20 b8,G 1s2 1s ap,G 1rg 1t 0,G 1r5 1p as,G 1qe 1o 12,G 1q2 1u 0,G 1p4 1o m,B 1ei c0 10,T 2k8 15j,T 2j3 15f,B 27b ah 37,B 250 99 3h,B 2ib 8v 71,B 2l5 7f 86,B 2qa 5j 84,B 2uc 70 9n,B 321 bc 9g,B 30v je 8,B 2pc ot 1h,B 2r1 pt b8,G 1r1 2i e,G 1ql 31 5,G 1r4 3e ar,G 1rj 31 b3,G 1qq 3b a,G 1rt 2q an,G 1q1 2v r,G 1qq 3g 3,G 1ps 34 5,G 1p8 2n i,G 21p -3u 5k,G 1sn 2e ao,G 1s6 25 b6,B 1fu 8u 1b,B 1fh 9q t,B 1dv df n,S 1db g9,B 1d8 hc h,B ln f0 1e,B j2 gs 1e,B hd ht 1n,T ae hq

extr3m3 halfpipe -
-18 1i 18 1i,f0 1i f0 -4c em 1i,-8e -4c -8e 1i -8e -4m,-8e 1i f0 1i f0 -4m,-84 1i -8e -4c,-8e -42 -7q 1i,-7g 1i -8e -3e,-8e -34 -76 1i,-6s 1i -8e -2g,-8e -26 -6i 1i,-68 1i -8e -1s,-8e -1i -5u 1i,-5k 1i -8e -18,-8e -u -5a 1i,-50 1i -8e -k,-8e -a -4m 1i,-4c 1i -8e 0,-8e a -42 1i,-3o 1i -8e k,-8e u -3e 1i,-34 1i -8e 18,ec 1i f0 -42,f0 -3o e2 1i,do 1i f0 -34,f0 -2q de 1i,d4 1i f0 -2g,f0 -26 cq 1i,cg 1i f0 -1s,f0 -1i c6 1i,bs 1i f0 -18,f0 -u bi 1i,b8 1i f0 -k,f0 -a au 1i,ak 1i f0 0,f0 a aa 1i,a0 1i f0 k,f0 u 9m 1i,9c 1i f0 18##T eg -hu

extr3m3 hard long -
-18 1i 18 1i,f0 1i f0 -4c em 1i,-8e -4c -8e 1i -8e -4m,-8e 1i f0 1i f0 -4m,-84 1i -8e -4c,-8e -42 -7q 1i,-7g 1i -8e -3e,-8e -34 -76 1i,-6s 1i -8e -2g,-8e -26 -6i 1i,-68 1i -8e -1s,-8e -1i -5u 1i,-5k 1i -8e -18,-8e -u -5a 1i,-50 1i -8e -k,-8e -a -4m 1i,-4c 1i -8e 0,-8e a -42 1i,-3o 1i -8e k,-8e u -3e 1i,-34 1i -8e 18,ec 1i f0 -42,f0 -3o e2 1i,do 1i f0 -34,f0 -2q de 1i,d4 1i f0 -2g,f0 -26 cq 1i,cg 1i f0 -1s,f0 -1i c6 1i,bs 1i f0 -18,f0 -u bi 1i,b8 1i f0 -k,f0 -a au 1i,ak 1i f0 0,f0 a aa 1i,a0 1i f0 k,f0 u 9m 1i,9c 1i f0 18##T eg -hu

extr3m3 hard -
-18 1i 18 1i,f0 1i f0 -4c em 1i,-8e -4c -8e 1i -8e -4m,-8e 1i f0 1i f0 -4m,-84 1i -8e -4c,-8e -42 -7q 1i,-7g 1i -8e -3e,-8e -34 -76 1i,-6s 1i -8e -2g,-8e -26 -6i 1i,-68 1i -8e -1s,-8e -1i -5u 1i,-5k 1i -8e -18,-8e -u -5a 1i,-50 1i -8e -k,-8e -a -4m 1i,-4c 1i -8e 0,-8e a -42 1i,-3o 1i -8e k,-8e u -3e 1i,-34 1i -8e 18,ec 1i f0 -42,f0 -3o e2 1i,do 1i f0 -34,f0 -2q de 1i,d4 1i f0 -2g,f0 -26 cq 1i,cg 1i f0 -1s,f0 -1i c6 1i,bs 1i f0 -18,f0 -u bi 1i,b8 1i f0 -k,f0 -a au 1i,ak 1i f0 0,f0 a aa 1i,a0 1i f0 k,f0 u 9m 1i,9c 1i f0 18##T eg -hu

hard detail extr3m3 - my best one!!!

-18 1i 18 1i 3e 1i 3o 1i 3o 1s 42 26 42 2g 4c 2g 4c 2q 4m 2q 4m 34 50 34 50 3e 5a 3e 5a 3o 5k 3o 5k 42 5u 42 5u 4c 68 4c 68 4m 6i 4m 6i 50 6s 50 6s 5a 76 5a 76 5k 7g 5k 7g 5u 7q 5u 7q 68 84 68 84 6i 8e 6i 8e 6s 8o 6s 8o 76 92 76 92 7g 9c 7g 9c 7q 9m 7q 9m 84 a0 84 a0 8e aa 8e aa 8o ak 8o ak 92 au 92 au 9c,3e 1i 3e 1s 3o 1i,3e 1s 3o 1s 3o 26 42 26 4c 26 42 2g,3o 1s 42 1s 3o 26,42 1s 42 26,4c 26 4c 2g 4m 2g 4c 2q,4m 2g 4m 2q 50 2q 4m 34,50 2q 50 34 5a 34 50 3e,5a 34 5a 3e 5k 3e 5a 3o,5k 3e 5k 3o 5u 3o 5u 42 68 42 5u 4c,5u 3o 5k 3o,68 42 68 4c 6i 4c 68 4m,6i 4c 6i 4m 6s 4m 6i 50,6s 4m 6s 50 76 50 6s 5a,76 50 76 5a 7g 5a 76 5k,7g 5a 7g 5k 7q 5k 7g 5u,7q 5k 7q 5u 84 5u 7q 68,84 5u 84 68 8e 68 84 6i,8e 68 8e 6i 8o 6i 8e 6s,8o 6i 8o 6s 92 6s 8o 76,92 6s 92 76 9c 76 92 7g,9c 76 9c 7g 9m 7g 9c 7q,9m 7g 9m 7q a0 7q 9m 84,a0 7q a0 84 aa 84 a0 8e,aa 84 aa 8e ak 8e aa 8o,ak 8e ak 8o au 8o ak 92,3e 1i 3o 1s,au 8o au 92 b8 92 au 9c b8 9c b8 9m bi 9m bi a0 bs a0 bs aa c6 aa c6 ak cg ak cg au cq au cq b8 d4 b8 d4 bi de bi de bs do bs e2 bs do c6 e2 c6 ec cg em cq f0 d4 fa de fk do fu e2 g8 ec gs f0 hg fk,b8 92 b8 9c bi 9c b8 9m,bi 9c bi 9m bs 9m bi a0,bs 9m bs a0 c6 a0 bs aa,c6 a0 c6 aa cg aa c6 ak,cg aa cg ak cq ak cg au,cq ak cq au d4 au cq b8,d4 au d4 b8 de b8 d4 bi,de b8 de bi do bi de bs,do bi do bs e2 c6 e2 cg ec cg ec cq em cq em d4 f0 d4 f0 de fa de fa do fk do fk e2 fu e2 fu ec g8 ec,do bs do c6,e2 c6 ec c6 e2 cg,ec c6 ec cg em cg ec cq,em cg em cq f0 cq em d4,f0 cq f0 d4 fa d4 f0 de,fa d4 fa de fk de fa do,fk de fk do fu do fk e2,fu do fu e2 g8 e2 fu ec,g8 e2 g8 ec,13p gd 15f fs 177 eo 18b dd 19b bp 19q a1 19v 8r 1a1 8i,19v 8r 19m e9 1au eb 1at 8s 1b5 ac 1bb c7 1c4 ef,-18 -2g -18 1i,-18 -2g 1s -2g,5u 3o 5k 42,do bs 42 26,e2 bs e2 c6,1pq l7 1r4 l9,1au 8v 1ar 8l 1ar 95,1r4 l8 2gc l1,294 au 294 em 294 fa,2i6 fa 2i6 b8 2i6 au,294 au 2i6 au,2ga ku 2kc ku,30i ku 3fi ku 40e ka 4hk ka 500 k0 56i k0 56i uu 5se q8,56i uu 5se no,56i uu 5se oc,294 au 2ac 9m 2hi 9m 2i6 au,2t2 f6 2sh e0 2so cg 2t8 b0 2u5 9e 2vo 83 31n 78 33c 70 350 6v 372 74 395 7j 3ao 81 3ca 8f 3dr 91 3fa 9r 3gh av 3hl c5 3i9 du,2t1 f3 355 fd,2rm pq 2qs qj 2q7 re 2pr sj 2pu to 2qm v0 2rq 104 2t8 116 2v4 122 30v 12j 32t 132 350 13b 375 13d 39c 136 3bg 12m 3dd 122 3eu 114 3gg vr 3ho ui 3io tb 3jb s2 3jn qq 3jn pb 3jk nu,30s 92 30s ak 324 ak 324 92 30s 92,316 9m 316 a0 31g a0 31g 9m 316 9m,2rs pu 35s ne 366 n4,34u fa 39k gs,4a4 b8 4hk b8,4hk ls 496 ls,49g b8 4ao b8,4b2 cq 4b2 do 4c0 do 4c0 cq 4bc cq,4bc d4 4bm de 4bc de 4bm d4,4e6 cq 4e6 ec 4fe ec 4fe cq 4eg cq,4eq d4 4eq do,4eg de 4f4 de,49g b8 49g de,49g ls 496 ka,4hk bi 4hk e2,5so uk 5se ka 680 k0 69s k0 680 li 680 k0 69s li 680 li,5se ka 56i ka,69s k0 69s li,56i uu 5so uu 5so ua,56i uu 576 ka 576 uu,56i uu 57g ka 57g uu,56i uu 57q ka 57q uu,56i uu 584 ka 584 uu,56i uu 58e ka 58e uu,56i uu 56s ka 56s uu 5se no,56s uu 5so q8,56s uu 5p0 ka,56i uu 58o ka 58o uu,56i uu 592 ka 592 uu,56i uu 59c ka 59c uu,56i uu 59m ka 59m uu,56i uu 5a0 ka 5a0 uu,56i uu 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enjoy, i love all these lvls, try um out and comment my profile and stuff.

also i like wwe wrestling, awesome entertainment.
i like 2 watch mad t.v. . hilarious on youtube

and yeah...thats all for now!! peace!

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