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  • Yahoo: Yahoo answers team is incompedent, poorly ran
  • XBOX Live: Used to have one but after 3 of them breaking down swiched to ps3, i did like xbox though :)
  • Wii: My family has one but i only like a few of the games
  • PSN: Got an account but dont play much, need a new game


Hello, i need a job but they are hard to find so i might as well play cheesy addictive flash games for the time being Some of the games in my profile are just games that im playing at the moment. Do you like my pick? Please message me if you have found an addictive game or tell me your favorit, thanks Note: this site would be WAY better if netflix did not pop up every time i click somthing, i now hate netfix and they spam in a way, if i dont click the x after a pop up then about 40 of them are on the scroll bar, al advertizing stupid movies, well thanks for letting me vent

My rating opinions, if you care haha:
1: the game was a complete waste of all the time i have
2: The game was not good
3: the game was better then 1 and two but still was not good
4: It was okay, if i am board and its a new experence.
5: It was a little entertaining but i have seen many better games
6: It was a good game and somewhat addictive
7: Addictive, I might play again in a while
8: Addictive and good, ill add it to favorits, also its a new experence
9: Defentily add to favorits and pass the word on to people on here that i know
10: One of my favorits, new experence and long, very entertaining and cant leave my computer

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