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  • AIM: Not much. Continue being alive.
  • MSN: Is impossible to pronounce
  • Yahoo: Is what i will say when i jump off a building
  • XBOX Live: Where does Xbox live?
  • Wii: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieiiii
  • PSN: Also impossible to pronounce


Forever young i want to be forever young, do you really want to live forever. I DO I DO I WANT TO LIVE FOREVER!! Music i like like Aimee mann, Eurythmics, Michael penn, wang chung, the heavy, radiohead, benjamin gibbard, ac/dc... tons more but can't be bothered to type. T.V. programs i like dad's army, it a"int half hot mum, rising damp, allo allo, monty python's flying circus, father ted, only fools and horses... got more, but you get the general idea. hate everything else. Felt my "page" was lacking a bit and i have decide to fill it with meaningless drivel. Today i found a big sock… like really big… like bigger than my foot… the left one not the right one… it actually fits the right one… isn’t that weird? Did you know that pi is infinite? Wouldn't it be great if you had an infinite pie. TBH, ROFL, LAWL, WTC, LMAO, IDC, IDK, just thought i would name a few of the abbreviations that i don't understand. "Should i continue" i inquired "No stop before they realize you are insane" said the voice in my head "Don't stop otherwise your page will look really weird" whispered the third voice in my head

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