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In life you meet many people. If you go online and play games that have multi-player features, you play games against a lot of people. Sometimes you get a community of people that play the same game. You get to know some of these players. Talk to them through chat, and play together often. Then suddenly one of them decides to leave. Some people just let them go, and don't really even realize their gone. Completely forgotten. Others it takes longer to forget. I just want to say to everyone that has ever played Exit Path with me, I have enjoyed it. I miss the people who have left, i enjoyed getting destroyed by the legends of EP, and have fun playing with the current players of EP. So goodbye retired players, and welcome new players. Happy pictures Jackoo1 Double W Jump Over Marathon Fast Quint Tubes Stick(i was afk for 50 minutes) Back to start on Death Wall Maze Stick Top of the annoying level Long Time In a Level Finally start in crossroads (funny that the url is ep-egg) Crossroads Sticky I think is fun to do Teleporter was in the start Now we can dream Kriss's Favourite V.2

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