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Danger Zone Alpha V2:

Preferred Vehicle: Mountain Bike
Difficulty: Average

-18 1i 18 1i cg 1i j2 a j2 7g ne 7g ne a 130 a 1bo a 1g4 a 1g4 c6 1fg c6 1fg u,cg 1i cg 26 j2 u,1g4 c6 1mc h6 1lo hq 1fg cq 1g4 c6,1mc h6 1t8 ka 244 ls 28q ls 2i6 ls,1t8 ka 1sk ku 1lo hq,1fg c6 1fg cq,j2 3o jk 3j k6 3a kr 3e la 3s lu 3u mc 3g mr 40 nb 4f,jm 4m jm 50 k0 4m ka 4m ka 50 k0 50 jm 4m,m6 5a ls 5a ls 5k m6 5k mg 5a mg 5k m6 5a,kk 68 ku 68 ku 6i kk 6i ka 68 ka 6i kk 68,-k -5u -k -3o 18 -3o 1i -3o 1i -5u -k -5u,0 -5a 0 -4c u -4c u -5a 0 -5a,26 -5u 26 -3o 2q -3o 2q -4c 3e -4c 3o -3o 4c -3o 42 -4c 3o -50 42 -50 42 -5u 26 -5u,2q -5k 2q -5a 3e -5a 3e -5k 2q -5k,4m -3o 4m -5u 76 -3o 6i -3o 5a -4m,4m -3o 5a -3o 5a -4m,50 -5a 50 -50 5a -50 50 -5a,7g -3o 9m -3o 9m -4c 84 -4c,7g -3o 7g -5u 9m -5u 9m -5a 84 -5a 84 -4c,a0 -5u a0 -3o cg -3o cg -42 cg -4c ak -4c ak -5u a0 -5u,cq -3o cq -5u em -5u em -5a de -5a de -50 em -50 em -4c de -4c de -42 em -42 em -3o cq -3o,-18 -5u -18 -3o -18 -34 fa -34 fu -3o fu -76,fa -34 fa -6i fu -76,fa -6i -18 -6i -k -76 fu -76,-18 -6i -18 -5u,-18 1i -3o 1i -3o -aa v8 -aa v8 -42 v8 -2q v8 -26 v8 -1s 1bo -1s 1fq -1s 1g4 -1s 1mm -1s 1mm c6 2bk c6 2am fa 2ba io 2c8 io 2bu hq 2ci hq 2c8 hg,-3o 1i -3o 26 cg 26,2ba io 2cs gi 2dq ie 2d6 ie 2dg hq 2cs hg 2d6 h6,2dq ie 2f2 fu 2fc cg 2gk 6i 2g0 -a 2ee -4m 2am -8e 278 -bi 2ba -c6 2gk -c6 2lk -ak 2to -5a 32o -34 3as -18 3e0 u 3ek 3e 3e0 5u 3ek 84 3f8 84 3eu 7g 3fi 7g 3f8 6s,3ek 84 3fs 5u 3gq 84 3g6 7q 3gg 7g 3fs 76 3g6 6i,3gq 84 3ho 5u 3he 4c 3gq -a 3f8 -26 3ek -4m 3e0 -6s 3ek -8e 3gg -a0 3ic -68 3sc -26 454 -18 462 -18,1ia -1s 1lo -76 1s0 -7q 1ve -a0 236 -e2 26u -gi 2ga -gs 2lk -fk 30i -8o 37e -92 3d2 -bs 3dc -f0 3bq -hq 39a -ls 39a -r6 3ai -u0 3eu -106 3ju -10g 3oa -vs 3re -ua 3tu -qs 3us -mg 3tk -j2 3r4 -hg 3ok -fa 3m4 -e2 3ks -b8,1mm 2g 1qo u 1uq -34 21u -50 25c -5a 2ba -26 2ci 1s 2ci 5u 2c8 9c 2bk c6,1ji -1s 1kg -18 1l4 -1s 1m2 -18 1mc -1s,1mm -a 1m2 0 1mm k,1mm u 1m2 1i 1mm 2g,3ea -so 3ea -q8 3h4 -q8 3h4 -so 3ea -so,3f8 -s4 3f8 -r6 3gg -r6 3gg -rq 3f8 -s4,3me -so 3me -qi 3ou -qi 3ou -so 3me -so,3n2 -s4 3n2 -r6 3oa -r6 3oa -s4 3n2 -s4,3ea -li 3g6 -i4 3l6 -hq 3nm -k0 3oa -ls,3o0 -ls 3ea -li,3gg -ua 3ic -so 3l6 -so 3nc -u0,3o0 -ls 3oa -ls,3f8 -li 3gg -k0 3i2 -li 3j0 -ka 3l6 -ls 3me -k0 3oa -ls,3he -i4 3i2 -j2 3im -j2 3jk -j2 3ki -hq,3j0 -ie 3j0 -hq,3ho -i4 3he -i4,2fc c6 2pc c6 39a c6 39a 34 3ea 34 3ek 34,2hs ls 2sg ls 30i li 34a kk 37o j2 39k hg 3ce hg 3ce li 3ce om 3dm om 3g6 vs 3lq 17c 3qq 1aq 45o 1ei 4is 1hm 4v2 1j8 5n4 1kq 61e 1iu 672 1ge 6bo 1du 6e8 1aq 6fg 16o 6kg 1ag 6r2 1du 736 1g4 7fc 1h2 7u2 1go 882 1f6 8ja 1es 8ro 1ei 94g 1ge 9d8 1go 9ii 1d0 9jq 1ag 9s8 1dk a1s 1du ae2 1dk ajm 1be am6 18a ao2 122 bcm 122 bcm 12m ao2 12m,2sg ls 2sg mg 23g mg 1sk ku,30i li 30i m6 2sg mg,34a kk 34a l8 30i m6,37o j2 382 jm 34a l8,39k hg 3a8 i4 382 jm,3a8 i4 3ce i4,3dm om 3ce l8 3ea io 3eu j2 3ea k0,3ea io 3ea l8 3g6 io 3fi io 3fi jm 3eu jm 3ek ku,3g6 io 3gg ls 3g6 om 3i2 so 3lg 122 3qg 16e 43i 1ag 4bm 1da 4l2 1es 57g 1go 5mq 1hm 62m 1fq 6a6 1be 6c2 180 6d0 122 6dk rg 6d0 m6 6da jc 6e8 gi 6es gi 6ei hg 6f6 hg 6es ie,6e8 gi 6f6 j2 6g4 fu 6hc hg 6h2 j2 6go kk 6go rg 6g4 13a 6oi 198 71u 1cc 7h8 1du 7rs 1dk 874 1c2 8re 1be 92a 1cc 98i 1dk 9ca 1d0 9e6 1ag 9eq 17c 9eq 148 9bm 10g 99g q8 9gc vi,6go rg 6hc rg 6hc kk,ao2 122 ao2 12m,aom rg ano ka aka e2 aec bi 9ss 8e 9jq 84 9d8 84 97k 9c 91c ak 8r4 au 8lg ak 8gq 8o 89u 4m 82e 0 7va -a 7p2 u 7iq 50 7f2 ak 7d6 cq 786 do 72s c6 702 a0 6ug 5a 6sk 2g 6os -a 6hm -1i 69s -1s 61e -18 5m6 -k 5c6 -a 54m -3e 4tq -4m 4ni -50 438 -50 3ro -6i 3me -8o 3ks -b8,3h4 34 3l6 34 46m 34 46m bi 4gm k0 4ss o2,3ek 68 3ek 5k 3f8 5k 3f8 68 3ek 68,3eu 5u 3eu 68,1lo -4c 1mm -3e 1nk -42 1n0 -4m,1lo -4c 1mm -50 1n0 -4m,1mm -4c 1m2 -42,1mm -4c 1mc -3o,2ba fu 2bu fu 2bu fa 2ba fa 2ba fu,2bk fu 2bk fk,3fi kk 3g6 ku 3fs li 3f8 l8 3fi kk,3fi l8 3fs ku,3h4 hg 3o0 hg 3qq hg 42k hg 4ii oc 4si rq 542 se 5d4 so 5no se 5uu rg 630 pu 65g no 672 ka 6a6 ka 6a6 rg 6dk rg,42k hg 42k i4 3h4 i4,4ii oc 4i8 om 42k i4,4si rq 4s8 se 4i8 om,542 se 542 t2 4s8 se,5d4 so 5d4 tc 542 t2,5no se 5no t2 5d4 tc,5uu rg 5v8 s4 5no t2,630 pu 63a qi 5v8 s4,65g no 664 oc 63a qi,664 oc 67m ku 672 ka,67m ku 6a6 ku,3h4 hg 3h4 om 3g6 om,39a -76 340 -5u 3bq -3o 39a -76,4si o2 5kk oc 60g oc 60g f0 60g 5u 6lo 5u,6hc ku 6hc ka 6iu ka 6js pk 6mc vi 6pq 12m 6ug 156 73q 16o 7am 17m 7i6 17m 7l0 17c 7nq 16e 7q0 156 7ri 13a 7s6 11o 840 11o 840 10q,6iu ka 6ia ku 6hc ku,6js pk 6j8 pk 6ia ku,6mc vi 6lo vs 6j8 pk,6pq 12m 6p6 13a 6lo vs,6ug 156 6u6 15q 6p6 13a,73q 16o 73g 17c 6u6 15q,7nq 16e 7o4 172 7l0 180 7l0 17c,7q0 156 7qa 15q 7o4 172,7ri 13a 7s6 13k 7qa 15q,7s6 13k 7sq 12c 840 12c 840 11o,7s6 11o 7sq 12c,99g q8 9a4 106 9bm 12m 9eq 148,99g q8 9ao pk 9b2 rg 9ck rg 9d8 t2 9eq t2 9eq uk,6g4 hg 6g4 i4 6go i4 6go hg 6g4 hg,6ge hg 6ge hq,6fq h6 6es g8 6g4 fu,6ts ku 6ts 114 76a 114 7hs 114 7oo 114 7oo li 7oo fu 8fi fu 8p8 fu,-u -6s fk -6s fk -3e,6ts ku 6na ku 6na 5u 6le 5u,840 ne 840 10q,840 ne 8g6 q8 8ps q8 8vq q8 970 q8 988 q8 99g q8,8g6 q8 8g6 qs 840 o2,8g6 qs 99g qs,8vq l8 91c l8 904 gi 904 ec 8qg e2 8ki de 8bq 9m 80s 3e 7rs 3o 7n6 5u 7k2 9m 7gu fu 7a2 ie 73g hg 70c fa 6t8 bs 6s0 8o 6qo 5k 6na 34 6hc 1i 672 1i 5pk 2q 5cg 34,91c l8 920 o2 92u m6 946 o2 93i o2 93i n4 92u n4 92u m6,946 o2 94q mg 94g l8 970 l8,94g l8 938 fu,988 o2 988 l8 9vm l8 ade l8 ade m6 ade u0 akk u0 aku u0 als u0 als rg apk rg bcm rg bcm cg bcm 5a c1a 5a ch8 5a dfi 5a dfi c6 e5e c6 e5e ls eog ls eog uu fhq uu g64 uu g64 ak g64 50 gfg 50 gfg 9c gda cg gc2 fk gcc mq gjs 9c gqo m6 grm i4 gt8 e2 gsa cg gpq bi gna 92 gnu 26,988 l8 970 l8,988 n4 99g n4 99g o2,9lc uk 9lc 12c 9lc 148 9pe 148 a4m 148 ade 148 ah6 130 aka 11e,9lc 148 9lc 14s ade 14s ade 148,ah6 130 ahg 13k ade 14s,ahg 13k aka 122 aka 11e,aka 122 ao2 122,bcm 122 boi 122 boi cq boi cg c1a cg chi cg cqk d4 d4a em dek h6 dnc ka dvq o2 e96 tc eii 122 eqm 156 f3o 172 fe2 17m fpk 17m fv8 17c g48 164 g7m 14i ga6 12c gbe vi,cqk d4 cqk do chi d4 chi cg,9lc 148 9l2 16e 9s8 19s a84 1a6 af0 18u aka 122,aku qi aj2 jm ae2 fk a42 do 9p4 bi 9is b8 9ck bi 96c cg 946 do 93i em 938 fu,8vq l8 8vq ne 8p8 ne 8p8 fu,9lc uk 9l2 s4 9hu p0 9gm pu 9ha rg 9g2 so 9gm u0,9hu p0 9gc vi,9ii so 9ii uk 9k4 uk 9k4 so 9ii rq 9ii t2,9jg se 9jg tc 9j6 tc 9is s4,93s m6 93s mg 946 mg 946 m6 93s mg,946 m6 93s m6,92a ne 92u o2 920 o2,45e -18 4a4 -18 4uo -1i 55a k 59m 2q 5cq 34,ne u 1g4 u,28g ls 27s ls,244 ls 23g mg,7ac 17m 7a2 18a 73g 17c,7ig 17m 7ig 18a 7a2 18a,7ig 18a 7l0 180,aku qi aku u0,bcm 12m boi 12m boi 122,d4a em d4a fa cqk do,dek h6 dea hq d4a fa,dea hq dn2 ku,dnc ka dn2 ku,dvq o2 dvg om dn2 ku,e96 tc e8s u0 dvg om,eii 122 ei8 12m e8s u0,eqm 156 eqc 15q ei8 12m,f3o 172 f3e 17m eqc 15q,fe2 17m fe2 18a f3e 17m,fpk 17m fpk 18a fe2 18a,fv8 17c fv8 180 fpk 18a,g48 164 g48 16o fv8 180,g7m 14i g80 156 g48 16o,ga6 12c gaq 12m g80 156,gaq 12m gc2 vs gc2 1a6 gle 1a6 gle 13u h44 1a6 hoe 1a6 hq0 18a hr8 18u hs6 17c hu2 17m,gc2 vs gbe vi,boi d4 chi d4,gnk 50 gv4 50 gv4 p0 gv4 11o hnq 11o hrs 11e huc 106 i08 10q i1g 12c i4k 13k i8m 13u iai 12m ib6 10g ias u0 i9u se ic4 t2 idc uk idm 122 idc 148 id2 15g igg 156 igg 180 ic4 172 i9k 180 ico 19s i8m 1cm i5s 18a,grc d4 gqe do grc f0 gs0 do grc d4,giu b8 gj8 d4 gik ec gkg d4 gk6 bi gk6 a0,hoe 1a6 i24 15q hnq 11o,hoe 1a6 i16 198 i5s 18a,i8c 1a6 i9u 1c2,ib6 1b4 i9k 198,igg 15q idm 164,igg 172 ie0 16o,hu2 114 hu2 12c hvk 12c hvk 114 hu2 114,hu2 11e hv0 11e hv0 122 hu2 122,hu2 11o hum 11o,ho4 11o hoo 13k hqa 12m hr8 148 hsg 13k,i0i 156 hum 164 hu2 172 hv0 16e i1g 164,gle 14i h44 1aq hoe 1aq hoe 1a6,h44 1aq h44 1a6#-18 -2q -18 -1s -u -1s -k -26 -k -2g -u -2q -18 -2q,-a -1s -a -2g a -2g a -1s -a -1s,a -26 k -1s,u -1s u -2g 1i -2g 1i -1s,1s -2g 2g -2g 2g -1s 2g -18 1s -18,2g -1s 1s -1s 1s -2g,2q -1s 2q -2g 3e -2g 3e -26 34 -26 2q -26,2q -1s 3e -1s,3o -1s 3o -2g,3o -26 42 -2g 4c -2g,50 -2q 5k -2q 50 -1s 5k -1s,5u -1s 5u -2g 6i -2g 6i -1s 5u -1s,6s -1s 6s -2g 7g -2g 7g -1s,7q -1s 7q -2g 8e -2g 8e -26 7q -26,7q -1s 8e -1s,92 -1s 92 -2q a0 -1s,92 -26 9m -26,aa -1s aa -2q,ak -1s ak -2g b8 -2g b8 -1s ak -1s ak -18,bi -2q bi -1s,bi -26 c6 -26 c6 -1s,cg -1s cg -2g d4 -2g d4 -1s cg -1s,d4 -26 de -1s,-18 -5u fa -5u,-18 -5a fa -5a,-18 -4m fa -4m,-18 -42 fa -42,-18 -3e fa -3e,-18 -68 fa -68,-18 -5k fa -5k,-18 -50 fa -50,-18 -4c fa -4c,-18 -3o fa -3o,988 o2 988 q8,99g q8 99g o2,988 o2 99g o2,98i pa 996 pa 98s pk,98s p0 996 pa,98i pa 988 pa,e2 -2q ec -1s em -2q,f0 -2q fk -2q fk -26 f0 -26 f0 -1s fk -1s#O ht4 16e,O hte 14s,O hto 16o,O hte 15q,O huc 156,T hri 15q,O gkg 156,O gd0 18u,O gdu 14i,O gd0 156,O gda 17m,O ge8 18a,O gei 18u,O gfq 198,O gge 198,O ghm 198,O gkq 18a,O gji 17c,O gjs 18a,O gkg 16o,O gji 15g,O gia 14s,O gi0 16e,O gik 18a,O giu 16e,O ghm 14i,O gge 14i,O gg4 15g,O gh2 16e,O gh2 17c,O gfg 17c,O ge8 164,O gf6 14s,O ges 13a,O gdk 13a,B bo8 7q 4i,B br2 7q 5k,B bkv 8i 3f,B bj5 99 3f,T abi 12c,B 1l4 26 u3,B 1kq a uu,B 1ia -18 si,G bfg 11e mg,G bji 11o mg,G bna 11e mg,B bl4 106 jm,B bfg bi dn,B bjs c6 dk,G bnk 92 gs,B blo 76 ge,B boi 6s fq,B bik do gs,B bm2 au e2,G bq4 76 gs,G bsk 6s gs,B brc 6s gs

Danger Zone Beta

Preferred Vehicle: Mountain Bike
Difficult: Hard

-18 1i 18 1i 6s 1i ie 5k pk 5k 172 5k 1kq 5k 1kq -6s 2f2 -6s 2pm -6s 2q0 -6s 2q0 -i4,-18 1i -18 -50 -18 -9c ie -9c n4 -2q,0 -76 0 -3o gi -3o h6 -4c h6 -7q,k -6i k -4c,k -6i 2q -6i 2q -4c k -4c,18 -5u 26 -5u 26 -50 18 -50 18 -5u,3e -6i 3e -4c 42 -4c 42 -50 4m -50 50 -4c,3e -6i 5a -6i 5a -5k 50 -5k 5k -4c 50 -4c,42 -68 42 -5u 4m -5u 4m -68 42 -68,5u -6i 5u -4c 6i -4c 6i -5a 7q -4c,8e -4c 5u -6i,8e -4c 7q -4c,6i -5k 68 -5k 68 -5u 6i -5k,8o -4c 8o -6i au -6i au -5u 9c -5u,8o -4c au -4c au -50 9c -50 9c -5u,b8 -6i b8 -4c do -4c do -50 bs -50 bs -6i b8 -6i,e2 -4c e2 -6i fu -6i fu -68 em -68 em -5k fu -5k fu -5a em -5a em -4m fu -4m fu -4c e2 -4c,gi -3o gi -76 h6 -7q,0 -76 gi -76,0 -76 k -7q h6 -7q,a -7g gs -7g gs -42,0 -3e 0 -1s k -1s u -26 u -2g,k -3e 0 -3e,k -3e u -34 u -2g,18 -1s 18 -2g 1s -2g 26 -1s,1s -2g 1s -1s 18 -1s,2g -1s 2g -2g 34 -2g 34 -1s,3e -2g 3e -1s 42 -1s 42 -u 3e -u,42 -1s 42 -2g 3e -2g,4c -26 4c -1s 50 -1s,4c -26 4c -2g 50 -2g 50 -26 4c -26,5a -1s 5a -2g 5k -2g,68 -3e 76 -3e 68 -1s 76 -1s,7g -1s 7g -2g 84 -2g 84 -1s 7g -1s,8e -1s 8e -2g 92 -2g 92 -1s,9c -26 a0 -26 a0 -2g 9c -2g 9c -1s a0 -1s,ak -1s ak -3e b8 -3e bi -34 bi -2q b8 -2g bi -26 bi -1s ak -1s,b8 -2g ak -2g,bs -26 cg -26 cg -2g bs -2g bs -1s cg -1s,d4 -3e d4 -1s,cq -2q de -2q,do -1s do -2g ec -2g em -1s,ec -2g ec -1s do -1s,ie -9c ie 18 ie 1i pk 1i 12m 1i 12m -2q n4 -2q,pk 5k u0 5a 11o 4c 14s 2q 172 k 172 4c,172 42 172 5k,12m -6s 1kq -6s,12m -6s v8 -92 se -b8 pu -cq om -do kk -fu 122 -fu 1ag -fu,68 -au -6i -au,-6i -fk -4m -de -26 -c6 2q -au,6i -au 9c -b8 bs -cg ec -ec ec -au ie -9c,kk -ne -6s -ne -6s -au -6i -au,-6i -fk -6s -gi,-1s -ne -42 -m6 -5u -ka -6s -i4,68 -au 6i -au ec -au,kk -ne 11o -ne 16e -ne 16e -s4 1kg -s4 24e -i4 24e -cg 2f2 -cg 2f2 -ne 2f2 -rg 2a2 -rg 24e -rg 24e -16o 340 -16o 39k -16o 39k -vs 3im -vs 3nc -vs 3nc -156 3nc -18k 4cu -18k 4ue -18k 4ue -t2,14s -6s 172 -84 19i -au 1ag -em 1ag -hg 1dk -hg 1dk -em 1e8 -cq 1es -bi 1hc -9m 1kq -6s,1b4 -ie 1b4 -i4 1be -i4 1be -ie 1b4 -ie,1bo -io 1c2 -ie 1cc -io 1c2 -j2 1bo -io 1be -jm 1b4 -ka,1cm -hq 1cm -ie 1d0 -jc 1da -jm,1bo -i4 1bo -io,1cc -jc 1cm -kk,130 -fu 15g -gs 17m -i4 18u -jc 18u -fu,1dk -g8 1g4 -ec 1kg -c6 1rc -9c 228 -6s,2f2 -6s 2je -7g 2mi -8o 2o4 -aa 2pm -d4 2q0 -fu 2q0 -io 2q0 -rg 2q0 -t2 3a8 -t2 3im -t2 3ta -t2 4b2 -t2 4ds -t2 4qc -t2 4ue -t2,2f2 -rg 2jo -rg 2lu -se 2mi -t2 2mi -rg 2k2 -rg,2kc -rg 2je -rg,3im -t2 3n2 -tc 3r4 -ua 3ta -vi 3ta -tc,3ta -t2 3ta -u0,4ma -tc 4qc -t2,4e6 -t2 4e6 -vs 4hu -ua 4ma -tc#0 -6s gi -6s,0 -6i gi -6i,0 -68 gi -68,0 -5u gi -5u,0 -5k gi -5k,0 -5a gi -5a,0 -50 gi -50,0 -4m gi -4m,0 -4c gi -4c,0 -42 gi -42#O 41c -u0,O 4d8 -uu,O 4cu -tm,O 4c0 -ua,O 4b2 -uk,O 488 -u0,O 47u -uu,O 4ae -ua,O 49q -tm,O 470 -u0,O 45o -ua,O 454 -tm,O 438 -u0,O 42a -ua,O 40o -u0,O 3v6 -ua,O 3tu -ua,T 4tg -tm,B 25c -v8 2q,B 252 -s4 2q,B 2m8 -156 6m,B 2oe -13a 8e,B 2o4 -bs i,B 2j4 -8e 28,B 2f2 -7q 2c,O 1dk -io,O 1d0 -k0,O 1c2 -jm,O 1ag -io,O 1a6 -hq,O 19s -j2,G -5k -j2 5k,O 1c2 3e,O 1bo 2q,O 1a6 1s,O 18u 26,O 1ag 2g,O 1d0 2g,O 1du 26,O 1es 1s,O 1f6 1s,O 1hm 2g,O 1ji 2g,O 1ji 18,O 1j8 18,O 1i0 18,O 1h2 18,O 1g4 18,O 1f6 18,O 1e8 u,O 1d0 18,O 1c2 18,O 1b4 18,O 19s 18,O 18k 18,B 1hc -68 8e,B 1ji -68 8e,G 1ei -50 b8,G 1ik -5a b8

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