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well.....i am Sepihroth...and --------->

I Like-
-playing video games i like such as kingdom hearts and final fantasy...
-family guy :)
-cool anime shows i like deathnote,bleach,naruto shippuden,code geass etc.
-people who understands me...

I Dont Like-
-People who think they know everything
-Strict teacher.LOL
-gettin' super bored
-hot places
-people who think they are cool but they're actually not cool.....
-people who always lie
-people who is always insulting others but when someone insult them they get mad easily

Talents i wish i have :)
-being able to play the guitar...PROFESIONALLY.....LOL
-being able to cook yummy food
-being able to draw/paint amazingly....
-being able to speak many different languages...

Heres My Punk o Matic if you wanna hear it.... :)


Favorite Quotations

Imagination is better than knowledge.
-Albert Einstein

"By trying too hard, we put ourselves at a greater risk. Don’t you think so?"
- L Lawliet

"The light at the end of a's usually a train."

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