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If you have the time, check out my NeonRider World maps: Yeah, don't even try to play "Tron Legacy Adventure" until you have first seen the Tron Legacy VFX Concept Test trailer. All I did was try to copy the racing sequence. "Racing Adventure" is a race where you find yourself on a track with three colors: red, green, and yellow. You must change colors in order to avoid the cars in your path. In "Laboratory Adventure", you are the test driver of an experimental all-terrain vehicle. Can you survive the wheel snagging blades of grass, the trapping crevices of the boulders, and the health stealing volcano? "Jungle Adventure" is just for fun, has lots of background detail, and two different end paths that lead to a win. Do you prefer the cave or tree house? "Secret Agent Adventure" is probably my toughest course yet. You passed the lab tests with flying colors. Now it's time to go on your first mission. Steal the documents, plant the bomb, and escape the hideout. Features three different hideout break-in paths and one bonus room. Are you skilled enough to pass this level? Tron Legacy Adventure: Racing Adventure: Laboratory Adventure: Jungle Adventure: Secret Agent Adventure:

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