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When you read this please finish it.
If you would like the gun then ask me. If you are on my Friends list I will let you have them.When you take them, post them on your About and say " 'Made by FreeRider2IsGr8' ." Thank-You.☻

Heres something of mine that I made in a few minutes.
I call it '☻The Sounds Of Awn☻'
It is slowly dawn.
Slowly mawn.
Dont fawn.
The pain has fawn.
The brain is tawn.
Nerv is sawn.
As dull as cawn.
So basic like lawn.
I try but all I can say is awn.
Im used so much I feel wawn.
What words can be of mine, so I gawn.
Up there, could there be the right A-cawn?
Small enough for me, can it be, even if its rawn?
It was hawn.
My luck was bawn.
Oh how I am glad not to yawn.
OH! It just happend again! Its all gone!
My FR2 Track club:
4 Stages Of Members:
1=King Rider(Leader)
2=Champion Rider(Co-Leader)
3=Free Rider(oldie)
4=Stabliser Rider(newbie)
1) FreeRider2IsGr8-King Rider-Leader
2) flappybob999-Champion-Co-Leader
3) me44-FreeRider-oldie
4) StarScreamer-Newbie
5) oddjob98-Newbie
6) TOXIC-Newbie
7) pc123-Newbie
8) Lilboi3000-Newbie
9) DonkeyKong13-Newbie
10) Stickjesus-Newbie
Help people with tracks.
Be kind to people if they ask for help.
Have fun.
No spam.
Do NOT abuse the club.
One thing wrong and your out.
Contact Me For More Info
*Free Rider 2 Map Posting Area*
Post your maps here if you would like to.
I can rate maps for you.
My Top Five BEST Friends:
Please call me 'Spike' because of my name being so long!

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