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Proud Lieutenant of Armor Games Military Operations Team
- Shall you need help or a friend to chat with, feel free to contact me -
Feel free to add me as a friend, whether you are someone known or a total stranger, I love having friends and chatting!
Also, if you add me please let me know so I can add you as well!
Want to anonymously have a chat with me? Try this link and if I'm online, we can chat!
17 years old, student. Some knowledge in web programming, currently newbie in C# socket programming. League of Legends player.

Note: I do not mean to offend someone in any way with the antisocial picture; it's just for humour!
Favorite lyrics:

And I hold you to me tight, turn your days into night, there is no place you can hide, already lost is this fight. I lacerate your mind, paint your black and white, one day I'll blow off your light - I'm your chaos inside!

Parasite Inc. - Chaos Inside

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