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second map by me and bones777

-18 1i 18 1i,18 1j 3i 1l,3k 1n 45 28 51 2v 64 3s 78 4p 8h 5r 9k 6n aq 7m c1 8m d3 9m e2 ai f1 bg g2 cf h6 dg ib eh ji fi kp gd lr h2 n1 hj og hs pq hv r6 hv sl hs u6 hm vo hc 11b gv 12v gf 14k ft 169 f9 17v ek 19l dt 1bb d3 1d1 c8 1eo bc 1gf af,21n 8d 2mj 83 2m1 16q 2mb 16q,2m1 16l 1t9 16d 21r 81,246 aq 23b k5 2an k5 2a6 at 243 aj,2hf aq 2gs jk 2l3 jc 2mc 90,2i3 b4 2mt 93,2jl f3 2jl hq,2l5 fd 2kb i4,2ml -a 2mf -hg 1uj -he 1u7 -s 2mp -d,360 lv 35v 16m 3n6 16n,35q mt 371 16i,35u pr 38c 16s,361 ti 39l 16l,35n vu 3b3 16l,35s 12b 3cv 16l,35n 145 3f6 16l,35u 15n 3hf 16n,3vp 2v4 402 3bn 4f7 3bt,3vv 30m 41b 3bq,3vg 34k 42n 3c0,3vm 37v 44j 3bt,3vp 3a1 47u 3bt,4pf 5l7 4ph 622 5fi 636,4pg 5n1 4r8 61v,4p9 5qk 4sp 629,4p9 5t9 4ut 622,4pd 5va 52q 62p,4pg 60h 57d 62t,5fp 636 6pt 63l,6q0 63j 7e0 63t,81k 5tt 8nb 5v7,8n4 5v7 975 5q1,96t 5pq 97m 5pg 98n 5p7 99u 5ov 9ba 5oq 9cu 5oo 9ec 5ou 9ft 5p8 9hh 5po 9j7 5q8 9ku 5s1 9m9 5tu 9nm 5vs 9p3 61s 9qi 63r 9s0 65p 9tg 67m 9uv 69j a0g 6be a21 6d8 a3i 6f2 a53 6gr a6l 6ik a86 6kc a9o 6m4 aba 6ns acs 6pj aee 6ra ag1 6t1 ahj 6uo aj6 70f akr 724 amj 73n aof 758 aqd 76n asf 782 auk 79a b0p 7ai b2t 7bp b51 7ct b77 7ds b9h 7em bbs 7fe be7 7g1 bgh 7gh bis 7gt bla 7h6 bno 7hd bq7 7hf bsp 7hb bvd 7h1,bvd 7h1 c21 7gi c4k 7g2 c76 7fj cm8 7a9,cn4 7be cn1 7c5,ckk 7bt dsm 7cn,cqp 7c1 *** 7a5 cvk 7c8,cvn 7c1 d1o 7a5 d2o 7c6,d30 7c1 d43 7aa d69 7cn d7r 7aa d9d 7cs,d9f 7cd db1 7am,db4 7am dd2 7cs,dd2 7cl de3 7ah,de5 7ah dg1 7dg,dg1 7cq dif 7a7,dic 7a7 djk 7d6,djk 7cn dle 7ak,dle 7ah dn5 7cl,dsu 7ci dt0 7cb,dsm 7ci et6 7ci,etg 7ci g3a 7ci hc8 7ci,hc8 7am g7m 7am,7e4 63u 7oo 5uu,i40 7oe iea 7oe,-18 1i -tc 2ng,-156 10n6 -1be 1jj8,-18u 33m -18u 340,-1d0 37o se 47a,-ak 39k 21u 46c,se 47k 2lu 4m0 332 4m0,2am 4lc 2am 4l2,31q 4qm 500 4qc,5ne 4qc hsq 4o6 im4 7ci,ire 7dq iea 7oe,k68 8eu jo6 al8,imo b48 dvg ao2,568 4qc 5no 4q2,hgk b06 hgu avi#66j 5iv 67g 5pq,677 5pq 6bd 5lu,6b6 5lu 66t 5j9,6c0 5jm 6c7 5p0 6f2 5p0 6el 5jt 6cq 5kq,6gd 5ph 6g0 5il 6ir 5pq 6jv 5gu,6nb 5h4 6mh 5r5,6p9 5l7 6ld 5l7,66j 5rb 666 627,66c 61p 6b3 613,6b0 60p 69l 5qb 65s 5s9,6do 5sf 6d8 60p,6e5 5q7 6e5 5qo,6fp 5qe 6g0 613 6k9 5vo,6f9 5ua 6jv 5sc,6fp 5ql 6jf 5pd,71m 5vv 71r 603,7gi 61g 7gf 5vd,7gc 5vb 7f5 5tl,7f4 5tl 7di 5t0 7c3 5t0,7bv 5t0 7ak 5tf,7ah 5ti 79s 5uc 79n 5v9,79m 5vj 79m 608,79m 60f 79v 613,7a1 61a 7au 620 7ce 62n,7fc 63r 7gv 63r,7hg 63r 7jv 63r,d0u 6ve cv5 6vv cvk 717 d11 70t d03 72k,d24 6v4 d21 71a,d29 6us d39 6vq d1n 70t,d32 70h d32 71p,d3e 6ui d3e 6v6,d50 6uv d4f 710,d5d 6vg d4p 704 d5a 70r,d5n 6uv d6l 71f d76 70c,d66 707 d6n 6un,d5k 6v1 d63 6u3,d8e 715 d9r 709 d7q 6vg d9c 6ug,ddr 6us dea 733 dhj 715 dfu 6u8 ddt 6v6,dhq 6u1 dk0 70r,dht 6ud dkp 6t0,dj0 6uv dl3 6ts,d4k 757 d55 783,d4f 752 d7g 765,d7e 767 d5f 786,d8j 74t d9f 77n,d9h 77k dbi 775,d8o 76c dan 74q,d8j 752 dbd 738,dbn 775 ddj 73d,ddj 73i dea 77n,def 76c dc1 76c,deu 741 der 77k,ddr 75o dh4 767,dgg 73g dgb 77p,dgq 759 dj0 75c,dit 75c dim 78q,i40 7oe hc8 7ci,hjo 7ri hjo 8mo,hqa 8fi hsg 8ja i08 8fi,hs6 8ja ht4 8o0,i08 8f8 hum 8lq i1q 8lq,i24 8lg i32 8eu hvk 8g6,i4k 8f8 i40 8lq i7o 8lq,i74 8lg i7e 8fs,hoo 8nm hn6 90e,hpc 8o0 hq0 8ui hng 904,hrs 8tk hri 8v6,hrs 8ro hsq 8sc,huc 8re hum 904 i1g 8vg,hv0 8u8 i16 8sc,hu2 8ro i1q 8re,i4u 8q6 i4u 8vq,i4k 91c i4a 93s,-d4 3bq -92 3ho,-114 33c -11e 33c,-au 3ai -2q 31g,-34 31g -34 39k,-34 35i -6i 35i,-18 3c4 -1i 324,-1i 31q 1i 3ce 26 32e,19i 404 13k 420 148 462 1ag 446,1aq 454 1cc 41m 1du 47a,1da 44g 1bo 446,1es 42k 1g4 48i 1js 42k,1kq 44g 1kg 4b2,1kq 4b2 1rm 4b2,1kq 48s 1rm 47u,1ji 45e 210 47a,332 4m0 382 4m0,4ns 4m0 4ns 4ns 4qc 4ns,4q2 4ns 4po 4lm 4mu 4m0,4ru 4lm 4ru 4ns,4r0 4ma 4t6 4ma,4tq 4m0 4u4 4ni,4tq 4mk 4v2 4mu 4v2 4ni,50a 4m0 50a 4og,50a 4o6 51s 4o6,50k 4ni 51s 4n8,50a 4ma 52g 4ma,534 4ma 53e 4og,534 4n8 54m 4ma,584 4m0 56s 4n8 57g 4oq,58o 4og 5a0 4mk 5ak 4p4,59m 4o6 5ak 4og,5au 4mk 5bi 4pe 5c6 4mu,5de 4mk 5de 4pe 5f0 4p4,5do 4ns 5f0 4ns,5do 4mk 5g8 4mk,50a 4ue 50u 4u4,500 4qc 55u 4qc#O hkc 96c,O hn6 96m,O hr8 96m,O hsq 96m,O i16 962,O i24 95o,O i2e 954,O i4a 954,O i4k 96c,O i1q 96c,O i1q 95o,O i24 94q,O i0s 94q,O i08 95o,O hq0 962,O hhi 94g,O heo 93s,O hf2 93s,O hga 95e,O hgk 95o,O hiq 95e,O hk2 95o,O hms 954,O hn6 95e,O hnq 95o,O hqk 962,O hl0 954,O hoo 96m,O hp2 96m,O hlu 954,O hmi 954,O hp2 954,O hsg 95e,O huc 954,O hva 954,O i16 95e,O i0s 95o,O hvk 95o,O hs6 954,O hri 95e,O hq0 95o,O hk2 94q,O hh8 94g,O hga 94g,T i4a 7n6


-18 1i 18 1i,1a 1h 6q 1h,6s 1i e2 1i e9 27 ek 31 fb 3r gc 4m hd 5f ik 6b jv 77 l3 7v ma 8o nh 9h or ab q6 b4 rj bt t4 ck up d6 10e dk 124 du 13p e3 156 e1 16k dp 184 d5 19f cf 1as bn 1ca b0 1dr a7 1fd 9e 1gv 8k,1q4 oc 1q4 42 29o 42 2a2 oc 1q4 oc,20c oc 20c h6 252 h6 25c oc,236 jm 236 ku 244 ku 244 jc 236 jc 236 ka,1rc au 1rc 5u 20c 5u 20c au 1rm au,23q 5u 23q au 28q au 28q 68,28g 68 23q 68,286 92 26u ak,286 7q 25m ak,2pc mg 2p2 cq,2pc m6 3u8 mg 3up na 3v5 o3 3vk ou 40f pq 41e qn 42h rm 43r sf 453 t0 46k t9 489 tg 49v tn 4bm ts 4df u4 4f8 ug 4h2 va 4is 108 4kn 118 4mj 12b 4o0 136 4pd 143 4qq 152 4s7 160 4tl 16t 4v2 17m 50r 18b 52i 18l 549 18h 561 187 57o 17n 59d 174 5b5 16c 5d1 15f 5ev 14i 5gs 13j 5iq 12k 5k8 11s 5lm 114 5n5 10b 5oj vj 5q1 uq 5rg u1,2p2 do 2qa l8 2qa m6,2p2 g8 2rs m6,2p2 io 2te m6,2p2 l8 2vk m6,198 5ls 1v4 5pu,65g tc 63a v8 63a 16e 63a 19s 63a 1dk 672 1dk 672 1a6 672 164,65g tc 672 vi 63a v8,63a 16e 60q 16e 60q 19s 63a 19s,672 1a6 69s 1a6 69s 164 67c 164 672 vi,65g tc 64s 1da,6ia se 6i0 1e8 75c 1du 7qk 1dk 8ps 1dk 95o 1dk 9j6 1dk 9j6 172,74e do 744 de,6ia se 74e rg 75c 1du,74e rg 75c 1dk,6ji u0 6ji 13u 72s 13k 72s tm 6ji ua,70m uk 6pg 130,710 10g 6ti 130,74e s4 76a 1du,74o v8 77i 1dk,74o 148 74o 11e,74o 114 794 1dk,74o 148 7b0 1dk,752 17c 7dg 1du,75c 19s 7fm 1du,752 1cc 7jo 1dk,97k 1dk 8vg 1dk,94g 1dk 9j6 172,9eq 1a6 9eq 1be,9gc 1a6 9gc 1be,9e6 1b4 9e6 1cc 9ha 1cc 9ha 1b4,9k4 1dk 9uo 1du 9ue 13a a7q 1e8 ai4 13k avs 1h2 bag 122 bb4 1hm buq 1hm buq 1p6 cfc 1p6 cee 1ik,9uo 13a 9k4 1dk,a7q 1e8 9uo 1du,ai4 13k aie 1fq avs 1h2,aie 1fq a84 1e8,aie 1a6 ai4 13k,bb4 1hm avs 1h2,b64 1e8 b8u 16e,b7c 1ei ba6 172,b48 1g4 b56 1ei b7c 1fg b6o 1go,ba6 14i ba6 130,5mq 12m 67m 1ji bbo 1ik,buq 1hm bug 1a6 ceo 19s ceo 1ik buq 1hm,c4o 16e c1k 17c,bvo 1be bvo 1du c10 1da bvo 1cm c1a 1c2 bvo 1bo,c1k 1bo c1k 1dk c2i 1dk c2i 1c2 c1k 1c2,c36 1dk c36 1bo c44 1dk,c44 1du c44 1bo,c4o 1bo c4o 1du c60 1du,c4o 1cm c60 1cm,c4e 1c2 c6a 1c2,c6u 1e8 c86 1e8 c7s 1cm c6a 1cm c7i 1bo,c9e 1bo ca2 1b4 cac 1d0 c8q 1ei,cb0 1c2 cc8 1bo cc8 1d0 c9e 1es,cd6 1c2 cee 1c2,ce4 1c2 cdg 1du ca2 1f6,c5m 1es c5m 1ge c52 1g4 c6u 1g4,bvo 1k6 c0m 1k6 c0m 1js bvo 1js bvo 1iu c10 1iu,c1k 1iu c1k 1kq,c2i 1j8 c1k 1k6 c2i 1l4,c36 1l4 c5c 1l4 c5c 1ik c2s 1ik c36 1l4,c36 1k6 c52 1k6,c6u 1ik c6a 1l4 c78 1le,c6k 1js c7s 1kg,c78 1iu c86 1ji,ca2 1ji ca2 1kq cci 1kg,cbk 1j8 cbk 1l4,c0c 1m2 c10 1oi c36 1oi,c10 1na c2i 1mm,bvo 1mc c28 1m2,c36 1os c60 1mm c4e 1p6,c4o 1p6 c78 1nk,c94 1na c8g 1oi c7i 1oi,c8g 1mc c8g 1n0,c8q 1n0 c9o 1n0 c94 1m2,c94 1lo c8g 1mm,cam 1n0 cac 1oi cci 1os cci 1mm cam 1mm cac 1nk,ce4 1mm ce4 1pq,cdg 1le cd6 1lo,cdg 1m2 cee 1mc,cee 1m2 cee 1le cdg 1le##T bts 1h2,B 5pu u0 1d,T bbe 114,B 1ei 92 1l

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