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k if your reading this your probably bored. like i was when i wrote this. But anyways i like games that fall under the strategy/action/adventure/arcade catagory. 'cause those games are the best. sometimes you can catch me in a chat room but usually im playing games.


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free rider 2 map
-18 1i 18 1i,16 1k 1p7 1b7,1ok 1cd 2gf 23m,2gf 23l 2ha 250 2hu 256,2i1 256 2jd 24u,2je 24u 2l1 250,2l2 252 2m1 269,2mi 28a 2m0 268,2mi 287 2n3 2bp,2n3 2bq 2nh 2cn,2nj 2cp 2o3 2d6,2o4 2d4 2op 2dc 2pu 2dl,2q0 2dl 2rl 2dj,2rn 2di 2tb 2dh,2ta 2dg 48k 2k3,48i 2ju 58f 30f,58f 30d 5a8 2uo 5ei 2uc,5ek 2ua 5g7 311 5ih 2vn,5j3 32e 5im 2vn,5j6 32b 5r7 393,5r7 392 642 39a,644 39c 6fc 3ab,6fa 3a8 6nv 37j 6t4 34s,6t4 34u 7ad 34d,76g 37t 76i 37q,6vf 36d 6vc 39s,73h 364 73f 39m,6rl 38t 6v8 3cv 72r 3ct 795 38a,7aa 34a 7nm 3a3,7np 3a6 87h 3f8,8a6 3gj 87e 3f9,8a5 3gk 8t7 3kq 92l 3ib,92l 3i9 9ad 3ms,9am 3mn 9g0 3gp,9g5 3gr 9mi 3l8,9n6 3mb 9ml 3l7,9n6 3m7 9sb 3gv 9vt 3f4,5f 4u eb dn,9vv 3f0 a3l 3dc,a3j 3db a7f 3bv,a7f 3c1 a8s 3b8,a8q 3b6 a9s 396,a9r 394 abu 38f,abv 38f ae4 3av,ae5 3at af8 3db,af8 3d8 aj6 3fb ann 3e5,anp 3e4 ar9 3fv,ar7 3ft avh 3gc b1o 3in,b1p 3il b2d 3jc,b2f 3jc b34 3jp,b35 3jp b3o 3jr b4j 3jq,b4j 3jp b52 3jp,b59 3jo b5l 3jh,b5n 3jg b5t 3jc,b5v 3jb b68 3j6,b69 3j5 b6h 3j0,b6i 3iv b6k 3is,b6m 3ir b6r 3in,b6t 3im b72 3ii,b4v 3jp b59 3jl,b74 3ik b7e 3if,b7f 3ie b7j 3ic,b7o 3i8 b7u 3i5 b8c 3i1 b8m 3i0,b8o 3hv b8v 3hv b95 3hv,b97 3hv b9g 3i1 b9l 3i4 b9r 3ia,b9t 3ic b9u 3ig,b9u 3ij ba1 3io ba6 3j2,ba7 3j6 bae 3jj bak 3jr,bal 3jt bao 3k4,bar 3k7 bb2 3kd,bb4 3ke bba 3ki,bbc 3ki bbm 3km,bbn 3km bc0 3ko bc9 3ks,bca 3ks bck 3ku,bcm 3ku bcs 3kt,bcu 3kv bd2 3l5,bd4 3l8 bda 3lj,bdb 3ln bde 3ls,bdf 3lv bdi 3m7 bdl 3mf c3f 518 c5q 53k c63 53m,c64 53m c6c 53q c6j 53s,c6k 53s c6u 53v,c70 53v c7d 542 c7u 543 c87 543,c8b 543 c8j 543,c8k 543 c8t 543,c8s 543 eb1 50r#-5e -5h 13 -5l,-59 -5g -58 14,-56 12 4r -58,v -5l -2p -2g,-2r -2g 4p -5a,av 51 j8 -3,j8 -5 i7 7c,i5 7c av 4u,da 3d 9p -2c du -43 go 17,ij 9b ii 98,12h jf 18p o3 13k nh,18o o0 17t js,3nm 1vo 3ak 1v5 3ah 24e 3n6 25c 3n4 29j,3n1 29o 3a8 28o,3r9 21l 3r9 2bq 459 2bp 45e 21k,4bg 247 4b4 2hd,4be 245 4lu 23e,4ls 23b 4lu 28i 4bd 299#T ed6 508,S 78 4q,S 57 3l,S 3q 2f,S 34 1u
small but hard

Favorite stuff
Food-crab legs from Bob Chin's Crab House
Linkin Park
Led Zeppelin
Bullet For My Valentine
Drowning Pool
(not in any order)
Music Vidoe-Land of Confusion by Disturbed
Sport-Basketball GO BULLS
TV show-lost

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