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if you want to skip my bio

Well im going to start a football competition, and there needs to be 8 people so there is 1 spot left. Once everybody has signed up, we will "draft" the teams, so to speak.
You get one point for every teams wins.

Skydragon720- Houston Texans, 16th  pick, 17th pick, and 32nd pick.
Killersup10- 2nd Philadelphia Eagles, 15th pick, 18th pick, 31rst pick.
Phantom2289- Cleveland Browns, 14th pick, 19 pick, 30th pick.
Ernie15- Atlanta Falcons, 13th pick, 20th pick, 29th pick.
Jacen96- Arizona Cardinals, 12th pick, 21rst pick, 28th pick.
Skulltivator- Baltimore Ravens, 11th pick, 22nd pick, 27th pick.
Superbobdabest- 7th pick, 10th pick, 23rd pick, 26th pick.


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