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GhostOfDeath is my second alternate account. This is my main account.

The one thing I really like whether its tv shows, movies, or videogames is a good story line. I mostly play electric guitar and sketch things.
I'm barely known for my guitar skills because I don't talk about it much.
I'm mostly known for my artistic skills and my knowledge of science.
I'm usually in a good and I like talking to people.
Favourite songs: Nothing to say by slash
Nightmare: avenged sevenfold
Four horsemen: metallica

favourite colours orange, black and white

My favourite guitarists are Michael Angelo Batio, Slash, and Kirk Hammet

video topics most watched on youtube are the annoying orange, spawn, and favourite songs

some of my favourite tv shows are Spawn, Supernatural, and Chuck.

I love playing PS3. The god of war series is the best. You can't hate Kratos.

Uncharted 2 was another good game that I played. Full of action and adventure. plus the end it barely seems like the beginning

The one thing about me that I like is that I can find scientific explanation for almost anything. No matter how crazy it sounds. I don't believe that anything can just plainly be considered paranormal without any science behind it.

I also believe that with a good understanding of science and technology alot of science fictional things can be possible.

Hey everyone check this story out and let me know what you think of my story on the forum.

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