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The meaning of life is very important for humans . He is born , the child becomes a teenager , then an adult. - That's when he thought he had found the meaning of life . The meaning of life may be all that is very important for a person : family, career , etc. He lives for this . If the purpose of life is a child, a man tries to make your child the best of everything to fulfill his requests to buy the right things , give your love , whether it is the father or mother . But some people live , do not know that this is their most important sense of life. People live for the sake of career and think that is all , but when they become more years , they find another meaning of life, only then will they realize how were wrong. Each is important to the meaning of life - his . Only need to find exactly the meaning of life, which is really very important. Find and never lose ! lol? I love flash games, it's all.

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