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My alternate account for displaying information about the clans I am in.


-- The Galaxy Ghost Clan --

You should join!

Members of the Galaxy Ghost Clan
EmperorPalpatine [Runner]
wwedfan1 [Runner]
snowguy13 [Runner]
CalvinKidd137 [Runner]
xcalibur45 [Runner]
PinkNGray [Runner]
daleks [Runner]
VinceNeille [Runner]
dumbbutdeadly2189 [Runner]
watupdaug [Runner]
Samz12 [Runner]
ActivisionBlizzard [Runner]
zombiefreak77 [Runner]
Timmy33 [Runner]
ninjagod99 [Runner]
divy1324 [Runner]
daniel5533 [Runner]
bigfatkitty [Runner]
jayjay9 [Runner]
MassiveTomboy [Retired]
TheFinalPhoenix [Retired]

Requirements and rules to be a Galaxy Ghost:
-Be active about every other day. If you can, at least once a week
-Anyone can join except hackers and spammers
-Don't spam or deride other users, even if they are enemies
-Check the list of members to ensure that you're not attacking a member of the clan by accident
-Put GC at the end of your posts in battle to denote yourself as a Galaxy Ghost member to further avoid accidental attacks

Benefits of Joining
-Make new close friends
-You can use any Armatar
-We'll add a link to your profile
-We listen to you and your opinions for improving the clan
-We're much more active than most members of other clans
-Have fun!

Just ask to sign up!

Join the fray here in the Clan Friendly Armatar War!
Here are the war's rules.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
- Gandhi


-- The Red X Clan --

Red X was started on July 8, 2011 by the user swagman.
It was created for one purpose: to show that everyone on Armor Games is the same (barring age), no matter where you are or if you're in the lifetime leadorboard or not. This clan basically shows that everyone is a part of one big circle; in this case an "X".

If you wish to join the Red X Clan, ask swagman!

swagman (Founder)
Circuitstar (First Member)
snowguy13 (Link Master)


-- Shell Shock Live Clan --
Join the Shell Shockers' clan! This clan is made for the people who love Shell Shock Live and love having fun playing the game, too!

Members - In order of ranking. Bolded rank means a recent rank-up.

^[CC] Roger721 (Bolt Blaster, 43 SP)
[CC] snowguy13 (Shell Brigadier, 32 SP)
daleks (Shell Brigadier, 29 SP)
[CC] bicola1 (Shell Brigadier, 24 SP)
Jefferysinspiration (Shell Shocker, 12 SP)
^AngelOfFast (Shell Shocker, 10 SP)
^Giorgos619 (Shell Shocker, 4 SP)
^Princevladlin (Shell Shocker, 2 SP)
^MrTrippy (Shell Shocker, 2 SP)
vctrcool (Shell Shocker, 1 SP)
Josh90909 (Shell Shocker, 1 SP)
MagicTree (Shell Shocker, 1 SP)
Dregus2 (Shell Shocker, 1 SP)
swagman (Shell Shocker, 1 SP)
circuitstar (Shell Shocker, 1 SP)
jayjay9 (Shell Shocker, 1 SP)
aamer13 (Shell Shocker, 1 SP)
godandd (Shell Shocker, 1 SP)
MattEmAngel (Shell Shocker, 0 SP)
Turtelman1234 (Retired temporarily, 1 SP)

Our clan signature or insignia is "SK". For more information, leave me a comment.

Scheduled Matches
Scheduled matches are at different times, and are usually every day. Since everyone lives in different places, we will be using a universal time known to AG, called AG time. AG time is the same as Eastern Standard/Daylight Time (EST/EDT). To calculate it, go to somewhere you can post (such as the forums, or someone's messenger) and post something (be sure not to spam someone's profile or forum). Then look carefully at your post, and you will see a time "posted at whatever time". Compare this time and the current time wherever you live, and calculate the difference.
For example, if you make a post a 7:30pm your time, and the AG time says 2:30pm, you are five hours ahead of AG time. So, when a game is announced at, say, 3pm AG time, you know that it will be 8pm your time.

SP, otherwise known as Shock Points, are awarded for winning a game of Shell Shock Live or doing something unique. SP is awarded for playing the game, like this:

Loss: 0 SP gain
Win: 1 SP gain
Win, decisive: 3 SP
Win, domination: 5 SP

You can also win SP by firing great shots in game, and for that you can win up to 3 SP! However, you can also loose SP. If the game host catches you swearing in game, you will loose 3 SP. The second time, you will loose 5 SP. if you get caught swearing for the third time, you will get kicked from the clan altogether.

Hosts have a complicated job. They have to monitor the game, everyone from the clan who's playing, and they have to write down and post to bicola1 all of the people who won, lost, and the people who did awesome shots in game. They might have to deal with swearing as well. The hosts monitor each game involving the clan members, and they are in charge of the people who in their game. Hosts need to be reliable, honest, and they are there to make sure that each player gets the right amount of SP. Think of them as in game mods.

Current Hosts:

CC status
The CC (Collaborative Creator) status is for the people who have created the clan, and MUST be listened to, even though a member might have more SP than a CC status member.


***Shell General: 300 SP
**Shell Commander: 165 SP
*Shell Master: 125 SP
Shock Sniper: 90 SP
Shell Trainer: 60 SP
Bolt blaster: 35 SP
Shock Brigadier: 15 SP
Shell Grenadier: 10 SP
Shell Shocker: 0 SP (start)

Promotions are made when * rankings (the top 3), or CC status members promote someone by giving them the proper SP to get to the next rank. They would do this if a person has done something extraordinary for the clan or if they just deserve it. For example:

-You must show your love for Shell Shock Live by putting it on your favorited games list!
-You cannot not swear in-game.
-You should have fun while playing!
-You must be at least a silver serf, and must be active on Shell Shock Live and on Armor Games.
-You should try to check the News section frequently. It will include the next game times and member-host organizations.

For the latest news, see bicola1's page!


-- AG Wildlife Clan! --

-> Our Objectives:
* Show unity on AG Community
* Call attention to the world's wildlife and to AG's wildlife by using the animal Armatars!

-> Our requirements:
* Must love AG (everybody does, right?)
* Must use an armatar with a living animal/insect. (exception being snowguy13 with his iconic purple shield :P). A kind of "kick" will be issued to you if you don't follow this rule.
* Must choose an attribute for your armatar (by example, "Roger721, the wise panda" or something)

-> Members:
Roger721, the Wise Panda [co-founder]
snowguy13, the Mystical Hylian Shield [co-founder]
Jefferysinspiration, the Fierce Tiger
RainbowGoGangster3, the Fast and Furious Cheetah
idontsuckthatmuch, a.k.a. Bunneh
W5, the Jumper Bunny
jayjay9, the Brave Penguin
glaceonex23, the Bucktooth Bunny
bicola1, the Mythical Beast
d_dude, the Reckless Gecko
bielporto, the Fast Fox
AceofSky, the Awesome Bunneh
Patrick2011, the Ninjaphant
KrissKhan, the Lazy Leopard
MattEmAngel, the Night Wolf
MachineOfLight, the Powerful Penguin

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