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HEY I'M BACK!! Kind of.. I'll be on casually for the most part on my free time such as after work or classes.

Currently working on a secret project/RPG... If anyone knows me they might guess as to what it is :)

See you in the forums ;D

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Pick's Doodle Shark that I asked him for. :D
Also Matt's sketch of my character in Irridia.

Regarding my Armatar
It was a special armatar that was released on a Halloween(I think 09)..

Current Threads I Made:
-Anime and Manga
-Ground Zero (RPG/Tournament) DISCONTINUED/ENDED
-Ultimate Journey (Adventure/Sci-Fi RPG) DISCONTINUED

GZII Kickstarter!!!

RPG's and Contests I'm in:
-Madness: The Most Complicated RPG Ever
-Contained (Test Chamber RPG)


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