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Note: I officially Quit. Hello! I'm a kind of sensitive guy and can get mad very easily. So, be careful about what you say! I'm American/Philipino. I have lots of pets such as chickens, dogs, birds, fish, and others. I'm very active in the Forum Games too. I have PS2, DS, and PSX. I'm very superstitious and curious. My hobbies are writing, using the computer, reading, and watching T.V. I will be on AG about almost everyday. I like fuzzy things, chocolate, RPGs, animals, and P.E.
I dislike my sister, animal cruelty, murder, myself dying, and Oobleck. Some people call me an artist or cool. Some people call me weird or retarded. I get scared easily too. I believe in myths, prophecies and other things that have to do with mythology. I wish to be a paleontologist, scientist or an astronomer. I do research every time I want to know something. My goals on AG:
Have at least 1 merit.
To be a King.
To be in the top 1,000.

Sometimes I feel the world is ending.
Here's a fact: When the sun is aligned between two slanted lines, the sun will be blocked and a catastrophic event may happen. That means floods with waves more than 1,000 feet tall, giant fires, 13.7 magnitude earthquakes, darkness, giant fire waves that can travel 1,000,000 miles per millisecond. So, that might happen in 3 years so be prepared.
Some shows I watch are Jockeys, Weird True and Freaky, Batman the Brave and the Bold, and Killer Asteroids.
I'm very competitive if I'm motivated. I believe segregation was wrong until 1861-1865 the Civil war came and stopped segregation. I'm interested in joining your forum game if you have any. My weird talking (some may call it)
Because they are cowards, they flee. Happen cataclysmic events, they or they are. Hurtful, discrimination it is. Battle, you are focused on. Rush, do not. Only in the mind, fear is. Fear, is the only fear. Weird, do not call me. As commanded, wish you do. You, I thank, listening you were, as well reading. Can you understand all that? Also my OWN language, Ramporgian is very hard to understand.

My weird talking again.

Reading, my is your pleasure. Say hurtful, no to any. Believe in it, in asked mythology, myths such and as. Tiny, minuscule it is, but not it is, no. Me, you understand, or nothing to blank. No where, hiding you are, killed, still fear inside. Cope it with, Armageddon, world ends. Cataclysmic, two, twelve, twenty one are lucky not. Eleven, two it end with is us. - The End
Hey guys, you all know how it feels when you're talking to some one
online, and your mom is standing right behind you, reading every word that
appears on the screen.
Then, of course, the person might swear or talks about how much they love
you, or they're your crush or something and your mom reads it and tells you
to get offline that instant and not talk to that person anymore.
Well, what can we do about that?
To solve this problem, we have now started the 'code 9' system.
In code 9, you simply type the number '9' when your parent or sibling is
watching over your shoulder as you type.
The person you're talking to will know what you're talking about, and start
a conversation on homework or something.
When your parent or sibling leaves, type '99' to let the person know that
they are gone, so you can begin a normal conversation again.
Please send this to everyone you know so that code 9 can go into effect.
PLEASE: Copy and paste this. Its so much easier this way. WHAT ARE YOU
A----- You know you live in 2008 when... -----

1.) You accidentally enter your password on a microwave.

2.) You haven't played solitaire with real cards for years

3.) The reason for not staying in touch with your friends is they don't have a screen name or my space

4.) You'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the buttons on the TV

6.) Your boss doesn't even have the ability to do your job.

7.) As you read this list you keep nodding and smiling.

8.) As you read this list you think about sending it to all your friends.

9.) And you were too busy to notice number 5.

10.) You scrolled back up to see if there was a number 5.

11.) Now you are laughing at yourself stupidly.

12.) Put this in your profile if you fell for that, as I know you did....

_ _
\`\ /`/
\ V /
/. .\
=\ T /=
/ ^ \
{}/\\ //\
__\ " " /__
Name: Little G
Permanent Age: 3 Months Old

Little G is awesome and is a cool bunny. I went hiking on 3/11/09 and found rabbits, squirrels, lizards, snakes, and a dead dog on my hike to the mountains.

More art!
_______*/• .|________
______*(.•_ )________
_______ .|¯|_________
_______ .|=|_________
_______ .|=|_________
_______ .|=|_________
_______ .|=|_________
____\ ######### //____

______'$$$$O$____$$____$$___$$ ____o$$$
Jack Skellington from the movie " The Night Before Christmas" or something like that.

(\\__/) This is bunny. Copy and paste
(+'.'+) bunny onto your page to help
(")_(") him gain world domination!

I'll be darned to risk my life to save someone. If I could, then I would.

All my about me is not rubbish. I just like to put pictures and more stuff about me and what I like about the pictures.

My list of things.

1. Never brag because I'll think your stupid.

2. Don't disappoint me because I'll kill you, man!

3.Never put spoons, knives, or forks in the microwave.

4.Don't step on a grave.

5.Always go pee or poo when you have the chance.

6.This ain't rubbish.

8.Are laughing right now or no?

9.I'd say no.

10.Did you notice I put nothing in 7.

11.That was stupid of me.

12.I'm done listing things.

I wonder why people make these clubs about stuff. Is it AGs approval? Or can we just make it up?
Anyone like RPGs? I like 'em too. If you said yes. I get bored easily and love wildlife. Though, I've only been to the zoo 2 times. I know hybrids of animals such as Liger, Tigon, Jackalope, Rish, Fion, Crippo, Bered, and Delephant. These are fake but have been posted on Google Images. Pox Nora is kinda boring. It seems cool at first, but it gets boring. I've always wanted to travel around NY. I try my best for school work if it's easy.

Also Pi= 3.43479689! Well it goes on and on. Pi is a big number. Higher than infinite! Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter books are my favorite.
When you see something that I said already on my About, just tell me so I can fix it. I would love to be your friend if you're looking for one!

I put this whenever I forget.
Armor Points (AP) are earned by interacting with different parts of the site. While we are always on the hunt for the perfect points formula, the website will reward you with the following AP rewards for these different actions:

Rate a Game: 2 AP per Game
Comment on a Game:2 AP per Comment
Make a Post in the Forum: 1 AP per Post
Submit a Game: 20 AP per Title
Earn a Merit: 25 AP per Merit

Yay! I can never forget it because it's in my About!

Serf 10 AP
Squire 225 AP
Knight 1200 AP
Lord / Lady 3000 AP
Duke / Duchess 4500 AP
Prince / Princess 7250 AP
King / Queen 12000 AP

Usually when I make an RPG it takes about 2 days to get at least 1 person to play it! This guy steals my game ideas but I don't who he is.
Riou1231 is my friend that's been most active on my friends list when I'm online to notice. :P

Q: The Games are Not Appearing for Me!
A: To run the games, you must have the Flash Player plugin. If you do not have this plugin, or a game is not appearing correctly, you should install the Flash Plugin, available here. If you Flash plugin is current and the games are still not working, make sure you do not have a firewall or spyware programming blocking the site. Also try using another browser such as Firefox, Safari, or IE. You can get additional help in the Support and Suggestions forum.

Q: Why do some games load faster than others?
A: Games are all different sizes, which means that it may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to load a game. For example, a game like Fancy Pants Adventures World 2 may take several minutes while a smaller game like Retron will take only a few seconds. It also depends on the time of day and your connection.

Q: I found a bug in one of the games, what should I do?
A: Leave a comment in the author's profile page or in the game, clearly explaining what happened. Authors love reading user comments, and you'll earn points in the meantime!

Q: I've lost points! What happened to them?
A: There could be three possibilities as to why you have lost points. We have either dropped the Rank curve and your points haven't really dropped (just your rank), we have adjusted how many points you get for doing tasks on the website, or we could have removed some of your content due to abuse. Don't worry though! You have plenty of chances to collect more points.

Q: The website is not letting me post and is blocking me!
A: We have blocks on the site that will prevent users from posting multiple times in a short time frame. Just make sure you leave a bit of time between posts, and that you push the "submit" button only once! Or, if alerted to being banned, you have been banned for being too abusive on the site.

Q: I would like a specific game on the site that I played on another site, but it's not here. How can I request it?
A: Drop us an email on the Contact page. If we get enough requests, we'll try to get in contact the with the developer of the game.

Q: Did you ask permission to have all these games?
A: We do not steal from Flash developers, because we feel like they should get the proper credit and dignity to have their work on the sites they want. We will usually ask developers to upload their own content, or have arranged with other Flash websites to host their content.

Q: How do you make a Flash game?
A: We use the product Adobe Flash CS3, and so can you! They have a 30 day free trial on their website, and you can try making a game. Plenty of tutorials are scattered across the web, or you can get help in the programming forum.

Q: Can I download the Flash files for my own website?
A: Sure you can! All the game are available on the Free Website Games page. You can either host the content yourself or use the provided embed code to get a direct link to our content. If there is a game not on this page, please get in contact with us.

Q: What is the Digg icon and number? What about all those other little icons?
A: Digg is a content portal that allows users to choose what news or websites they want to promote to the front page. By Click the "Digg" button on any game page, your are either submitting or sending in your digg to help promote an Amor Games title to Digg. You can learn more about Digg on their help site. The other icons are for other social networking or bookmarking sites as well. Visit each one to find out more!

Q: How can we get in contact with you the quickest?
A: Email us using the Contact page. Leaving comments or feedback on our games or user profile pages may not be seen! You can also visit the Support and Suggestions forum for more specific questions that other users can answer.

Q: What is John's Cat's Name?
A: Muffin.

This is Q&A just in case I forget the things.

The 2nd Rank List
Wood Serf: 10 AP (D)
Silver Serf: 25 AP (D)
Gold Serf: 100 AP (D)
Wood Squire: 225 AP (D)
Silver Squire: 400 AP
Gold Squire: 625 AP
Wood Knight: 1200 AP
Silver Knight: 1750 AP
Gold Knight: 2250 AP
Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 AP
Silver Lord/Lady: 3500 AP
Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 AP
Wood Duke/Duchess: 4500 AP
Silver Duke/Duchess: 5200 AP
Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP
Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 AP
Silver Prince/Princess: 8500 AP
Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 AP
Wood King/Queen: 12000 AP
Silver King/Queen: 14500 AP
Gold King/Queen: 17500 Ap

I'm learning how to speak Mayan.
But please, don't think of it as spam. is cool. It's easy to level up in there. My 1st account was a level 49, 2nd was 24, and 3rd was 11. You can register too! Also is cool.

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