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k im not really 28 im just a kid tiring 11 but i do a lot of things (sports) i wrestle play football used to play basketball but i think its stupid but i just mess around like try AND do and stands but i fall after like 5 secounds i can do a kart wheel i can do a front flip twist on trampoline and front flip plus side flip back flip backflip twist to. i have x box just add me its sheerdarkwolf yea i had to send in my xbox but i listen to to much music and whatch to much movies my favorite movie is fighting with channing tutom and terrance howard my secound favorite is gran trino thats what i want for my first car and i want a 1969 nova here also kick but my favorite xbox 360 games are fable2 gears of war devil may cry 4 yea
so my favorite person on this is robot_monkey becuase i know him in real life to i have to best frenids hes one of them the other his name is sam well me and robot monkey did make the wua wua,(who ah who ah) so yea my favoite movies are fighting gran trino x men origens wolverine taken 8 mile
my favorite artists are eminem papa roach escape the the fate green day simple plan ever clear kiss def lepord rat journey lady gaga pink aroe smith guns and roses nickle back fall out boy and thats just a few so yea. plus 1130 points

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