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My Mini Heroes Family! (Updated)
Steve1357 (Me) (Type: Human) Level: 29
Taraja (Sister) (Type: Elf) Level: 40
Reachdefender (Brother) (Type: Reaper) Level: 33
Leonelian_ibalobor (Cousin) (Type: Elf) Level: 36
Flameice (Cousin) (Type: Warlock) Level: 40
0ppy (Cousin) (Type: Wizard) Level: ??
Derp97531 (Father) (Type: Derp) Level: 25
Ahkhang (Grandfather) (Type: Demon) Level: 30
LoveLily: (Grandmother) (Type: Fairy) Level: 40
ArkiaHiro (Family Pet) (Type: Dragon Wolf) Level: 28
Dinojac (Family Pet) (Type: Dinosour) Level: 12
Koons (Family Pet) (Type: Demon Werewolf) Level: 16

Our Family is always looking for new members!!! Level 10 Req!!!

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