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<font size="5" face="ariel" color="black">Currently:Offfline.</font> Do you hate scrolling?!?! do you hate having to scroll down giant pages??? Well not anymore!!! hi, my name is superbob111 creator of the page jump (not really).Now you can save time just at the click of a button. Just click and you'll be at my messages instantly. No more scrolling anymore. Most places will make you pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars but well give you that offer for only 5 payments of $19.99. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!! get 2 packages for the price of 1. Just pay shipping and handling. Thats right 2 for the price of 1. BUT WAIT THERE'S EVEN MORE get 3 sets of the page jump; absolutle free (just pay an extra $50). Thats right 3 page jump's for the price of 1. To get a page jump call 1-800-555- 6189. Thats 1-800- 555-1731. No more scrolling. No more waiting. No more depression only for 5 payments of 19.99...Or just click HERE. <marquee>GO TEXANS!!!</marquee> Hi. My name is Bob. I am Lvl. 49 on Last Castle. Even though I love watching football my favorite sport is basketball. I like the San Jose Sharks for Ice hockey and I LOVE the Houston Texans for football. I also like the San Fransico Giants in Baseball. I like to rude for the Sacramento Kings and the Oklahoma City Thunder for basketball. I like to play on the computer, watch sports on my TV and tell jokes. This is my older AG brother, younger AG brother, and AG cousin These are the clubs I am in : The Last Castle Club, DaClub, The Viper Clan, and I am the mailman for the AG3 clan. Oh and here are some adjectives to decribe me: <a href=""><img src="" width=80 height=28 border=0></a> <marquee><font size="4" face="ariel" color="black">My football competion section :</font></marquee> omarzocco and masterperson -Browns, Broncos, Cardinals, Bears. superbob111-Texans, 49ers, Colts, Saints. 1zth-Buccaneers, Patriots, Jets, Redskins. -Needs to respond to stay in. JeffK3-Giants, Cowboys, Seahawks, Vikings. -Needs to respond to stay in. icie and matrixdiscoking-Steelers, Ravens, Dolphins, Rams. AJtheConquerer and AngelofDemon-Packers, Lions, Bengals, Chargers. TheSuperSaiyan1-Eagles, Falcons, Panthers, Jaguars. -Needs to respond to stay in. Teams that can be traded: Cheifs, Titans, Bills, Raiders. This is how to play: Ok so basicly every win one of your teams get is a point. I will add up the scores and the person with the most points wins. Say during the season you have a team that is doing bad; you can trade it for your team that is doing bad. Another thing you can do is trade teams with another person. If you would like to do one of these come to my profile and I will change it. Remeber everyone this is a friendly competion so its ok to be agressive but be nice. omarzocco and masterperson- 0 total points. Browns- 0 pts. Broncos- 0 pts. Cardnials- 0 pts. Bears- 0 pts. superbob111- -5 total pts. Texans- 0 pts. 49ers- 0 pts. Colts- 0 pts. Saints- 0 pts. icie and matrixdiscoking- 0 total pts. Steelers- 0 pts. Ravens- 0 pts. Dolphins- 0 pts. Rams- 0 pts. AJtheConquerer- 0 pts. Packers- 0 pts. Lions- 0 pts. Bengals- 0 pts. Chargers- 0 pts. <font size="3" face="ariel" color="black">People on standby: </font> 1. AceofSky 2. vinster132 3. Chris707 <font size="5" face="ariel" color="black">Trades:</font> superbob111 is offering to give you the saints for 10 weeks in return for your 3 or 4th round pick. After week 10 you will give the Saints and a first or second round pick back to superbob111 and you will get the colts and the team you gave me at week 1. *If you wanna add a deal here just tell me. <a href=""><img src="" width=200 height=150 border=0></a><br><a href="" target=_blank></a> GO TEXANS!!!!

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