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During my research of mindlessly browsing the internet,i came across a hoard of anime.I watched it all,and seriuosly reccomend checking most of it out.Heres only a few of the shows i found:

Paranoia Agent
The Animatrix
Ghost in the Shell
Code Geass
Trinity Blood
Fire Emblem
Fooly Cooly(Japanese ver.)
(Originalley called "Furry Curry")
Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex
Cowboy Bebop
Tenjio Tenge
Ergo Proxy
I found most of this at Feel free to go on it yourselves.

Hey,anyone who is reading this,I found some pretty cool websites.You can go on it if you want,but you dont have to.
Home of the Goal sheet.Everyone is copy/pasting MY goal sheet,so i thought i should just exploit it!Remember,if you didnt get it from here,you are a poseur!
Rate 300 games(X)
Rate 500 games(X)
Rate 800 games()
Rate over 1000 games(its possible)()
(peak goal)

Make 50 forum posts(X)
Make 100 forum post(X)
Make 250 forum posts()
Make 500 forum posts()
Make 1000 forum posts()
Make 1500 forum posts()
Make over 2000 forum posts()
(peak goal)

Post 300 comments(X)
Post 500 comments(X)
Pst 1000 comments(X)
Post 1500 comments()
Post 2000 comments()
Post 3000 comments()
Post 4500 comments()
Post over 5000 comments()
(peak goal)

The reason I left out Merits is because they take too much time to get.

Rank 2500(X)
Rank 1000(X)
Rank 500(X)
Rank 250(X)
Rank 175(X)
Rank 150(X)
Rank 100(X)
Rank 50()
Rank 25()
Rank 10()
Rank 5()
Rank #1()

Last weeks philosophy on life:
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

This weeks philosophy on life:
With Man,there can be no Peace

(if anyone was wondering,i change these every Saturday.)
Suhsi's current status:

Is back! But wnt be on much. Mostly, im on another good flash site, called . Its amazing. Of course, my name there is 'sushihair', and u can just use kongregates search engine and type in meh name. Also, i has myspace, just ask for it, and you will receive!! Also, tell me if your gonna add my kongregate profile, so i can add ya's back!

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