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hazanator is awesome and the leader of me and soon the world i was created on the birthday 91 years

records on games faved
obey the game 9.9xspeed (hazanator)
multitask (easy)50 by hazanator(challenge)29 hazanator

momentum master 425seconds by (hazanator)

epic combo 2:53 by hazanator

four second frenzy endurance mode 123 seconds! by josh90909

red 438 seconds josh 90909

if you've beat the record and you're in the clan you tell me if your not in the clan please join

we must vote for armatar only clan members can

jobs are
commander: hazanator (100,500 Rp)
co-leader: auggy 2627liveca (10,000Rp)
third generals: Josh 90909 (6500Rp)
guard rabbit;you guessed it its a rabbit, RobotRabbit3000(3000Rp)
other people at the moment have no job
JohnGarell (3000Rp)
if i spelt ya name wrong sorry but im really busy just say so

Rp= rank points get 500 if you beat a record 100ap= 20Rp submit a game 100Rp 500Rp if its good up too 5000 from competions

{Swagger crew

if your in the clan you have to put this on (every thing in brackets on this page) http://armorgames.com/user/swagger_crew

reveiw of spriting competition 0 entries so if you enter auto win

weekend only comp make a competition competition

also get the code and you win 1000Rp
hey do you know how to speek code
a long time ago in a galaxy far away
'z's as they called them are happy
and ate too much pie they never said
no coz they were goody goodys
and a evil witch said please eat my
turkish pie they couldn't say no so
olives is what they said its pretty
rigged up yes okay more code
wiggly pie dance
a wiggly a wiggly
silly side order
hilarious a
elephant ate pi

Next sunday a competition closes it is whatever competition they come up with

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