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all answers. I AM GOD!!!!!
here are my life lessons for all to follow

A cemetery never refuses a corpse.
A clear conscience shines not only in the eyes.
A dog will always be a dog, even if he is raised by lions.
A donkey is a donkey though it may carry the Sultans treasure.
A dressed up lie is worth more than a badly told truth.
Salt will never be worm-eaten.
Search knowledge though it be in China.
Seek counsel of him who makes you weep, and not of him who makes you laugh.
Seven trades but no luck.
Shall the gosling teach the goose to swim?
Silence is the best answer to the stupid. The fool has his answer on the tip of his tongue.
Never be content with your lot. Try for a lot more.
Never miss a good chance to shut up.
Never say die.
Never swap horses crossing a stream.
Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.
Of two evils, it is always best to vote for the less hypocritical.
Old age is ripeness.
Once bitten, twice shy.
Give a man some cloth and he'll ask for some lining.
He fasted for a whole year and then broke his fast with an onion.
He who peeps at the neighbors window may chance to lose his eyes.
He who plants thorns must never expect to gather roses.
A mad parish, a mad priest.
A mans own opinion is never wrong.
A man of straw needs a woman of gold.
A man of words and not of deeds Is like a garden full of weeds.
A man should learn to sail in all winds.
A market is three women and a goose.
A married man is a caged bird.
A man comes from the dust and in the dust he will end and in the meantime it is good to drink a sip of vodka.
You eat an egg, but you dont understand how painful it was for the chicken

dont comment on my page. unless it is about my maps or forum posts

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