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to the messenger

Music is my life!:Weey-Yezzir
It's me...the rapper eater...feed me feed me feed me! No homo.
One time for me, one time for the DJ
He be Khaled, I be Lil' Weezy
Baby if you ask me if you're nasty
Creative gifted *******
Spit sporadic
I'm so diplomatic democratic
Touch it, Bring it, Push it systematic
**** right I kissed my daddy
I think they pissed at how rich my daddy is
And I'm his kid I stunt with my daddy
Call Mrs. Lee, she's with my daddy
So diss me and dont diss my daddy
Cause who was there when no one wasn't? Just my daddy
Who was there when I needed money? Just my daddy
So who'll be there when I see the money? Just my daddy
Who said that I be the one?
Just my daddy!
Hello Hip Hop I'm home,
Its Your Daddy
When I say D's, I don't mean the caddy I mean 'deez nuts'
Akon's and Khaleds, Rick Ross, TIP, Stunna and Fat Joe
And I can't, can't, can't forget Brisco
& Yeah I done squashed the bull**** it's rizo
It's a bakery here just trying to get dough
Shout to my Dreads, my Haitians and Chicos
You're lookin for me hoe?
I'm in the 3-0...Five,
I'm the best rapper alive
Homeboy got a mind, that a map couldnt find

Homeboy got a 9, that a cop couldnt find
I could get to it even if I was blind
Scary movie be screaming when I rhyme
I'ma 'King' you can ask 'Steven' if I'm lying
I'ma Prince too demanding like my mom
Too bold too cold like wet Sa-lam-Me!
Me! It's all about me!
If a girl gotta voice then she talking about me!
He say, she say, I say me!
Will be in the M.I.A. me!
With me! And T! And Big Ronnie!
And the homie Street probably somewhere on the beach
And Tez and E probably somewhere in the jeep
And Marl in the Phantom with Mr. G
And me! Me! It's all about me!
Play with me and it's all out beef
Beef! Yes! Chest! Feet!,
Tag! Bag! Blood! Sheets!
Yikes! Yeeks! Great! Scott!
Storch! Can I borrow your yacht?
Watch me and my click go all out
Like the ball in the stands we balls out
Boy I don't know what y'all 'bout
But I just spit like a dog mouth
Pink ice just looking like a hog mouth
VRRRMMM ...I had to bring the hog out
Light dem trees bring the log out
Everyday Christmas I'm egged nogged out
& Hip Hop Is My New Bought House
My flow just grew legs and walked out
[Lil Wayne:]
We Are Not The Same
I Am A Martian
It's Young Weezy F Baby No Abortion
I Have Foursomes
I Don't Have To Force Em
They Just Do What I Say Jack
Like Wheel Of Fortune
Im Heartless And Iced Out, See...
I Got An Icebox Where My Heart Use To Be
Young Money Baby You Know Who We Are
And I Can Play With That ***** Like I Play That Guitar

[Chorus (Lil Wayne)]
Party Like A Rock
Party Like A Rockstar...remix Baby [x4]
Party Like A Rockstar
T-T-T-Totally Dude

[Shop Boys:]
I Am A Shop Boy
Something Like A Rockstar
I Make Em Party Hard
Now They Using Guitars
The Bass Rock Drum
Make The Crowd Act A Fool
I Got That Gansta, Hood Stars, Pop Stars, Screamin:
Totally Dude

Make Clubs Rock Rock
They Know That I Rock
I Ride In Fast Cars
And Plus My Chick's Hot
Diamonds In My Skull Belt
They Know That Im The Hottest
Black Shades Around My Face Lookin Rockstarish

Party Like A Rock
Party Like A Rockstar...remix Baby [x4]
T-T-T-Totally Dude

[Jim Jones:]
Who Started This
Ya Boy Jim Jones On That Rockstar **** (Say What)
Now Who Car Is This?
300 Grand For That Drop Top Benz (Ballin)
A Young Tommy Lee (Who's That)
Big House On Cani Vee's
Get Two Broads...a Dime A Piece
Them White Girls Sniffin All On They Knees

Do It Like Ozzy
Blue Mazzi
On Patrine Like I Was On Kamikazes (Go Crazy)
Keep A Whip And A Biscuit
Rockstar Eatin Kizzle And Biscuit (And What)
Keep The Red Swear
New Pair Of Kicks
So You Can Walk This Way Like Aero Smith
And You Can Run Dmc In A Flair Clips, Say:

Party Like A Rock
Party Like A Rockstar...remix Baby [x4]
Party Like A Rockstar
T-T-T-Totally Dude

[Shop Boys:]
Yeah We The Shop Boys
Nobody Coulda Did It Betta
We On Fire
The Black Red Hot Chili Peppers
My Rock Swag
You Can Tell It's Me From A Distance
Keep A Chick With A Mohawk
That's Way Thicker Than Delicious

She Stay Ed Hardy
When I Speak She Don't Talk
It Aint The Braids That Got The A Rockin Mohawks (Come On)
Chamillinaire, Wayne Jim Yeah We Rock Hard
This Is The Remix So Party Like A Rockstar

[Chorus (Lil Wayne)]
Party Like A Rock
Party Like A Rockstar...(remix Baby) [x4]
Party Like A Rockstar
T-T-T-Totally Dude

First They Rockin And Then They Lean
So We Plottin To Get My Beam
But You Know That Metal Rockin Always Pocketed In My Jeans
Heavy Metal
Jewelry Yellow
Im Obscene
Plus Im Ghetto
Have Ya Queen In Stilettos
Pulling Strings Like Japetto

All-All-All I Know Is Fetty
Tell Me What You Mean
Gone Be The Grinch Shrek (Yes)
All I Like Is Green
I Am Bruce Bling Steen
Step In The Club Then I Grab Her
If I Want Her I Can Have Her
Mick Jagger With My Swagga

Rockin Roll Hall Of Fame
Need Another Couple Names
Shop Boys Lil Wayne And Chamillitary Man (Yeah)
Come Do The Show If I Get The Call
Tear Of The Club Just To Piss Ya Off
Get On The Bus And Go Hit The Mall
Ang Buy An Earring The Size Of A Crystal Ball

[Chorus (Lil Wayne)]
Party Like A Rock
Party Like A Rockstar...(remix Baby) [x4]
Party Like A Rockstar
T-T-T-Totally Dude
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