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2 wrongs don't make a right but 3 lefts do
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so don't cry if you can't beat them...

-18 1i 18 1i a0 26 cq 26,a0 2g 18 1s -1i 1s -1i -u k -u k -k -18 -k -18 1i,aa 26 cq 1s,cq 1i ak 26,au 26 cq 18,cq u b8 26,a0 2g d4 2g d4 u cq u cq 26,l8 -u om 1s,li -k p0 1i,pa 18 ls -a,m6 0 pk u,pu k mg a,mq k q8 a,qi 0 n4 u,ne 18 qs -a,r6 -k no 1i,o2 1s rg -u rg -k oc 2g l8 -k l8 -u oc 26 rg -u,16o -k 18a 5u,16o -a 18u 5u,19i 5u 16o 0,16o a 1a6 5u,1aq 5u 16o k,16o u 1be 5u,1c2 5u 16o 18,16o 1i 1cm 5u,1da 5u 16o 1s,16o 26 1du 5u,1ei 5u 16o 2g,16o 2q 1f6 5u,1fq 5u 16o 34,16o 3e 1ge 5u,1h2 5u 16o 3o,16o 42 1hm 5u,1ia 5u 16o 4c,16o 4m 1iu 5u,1ji 5u 16o 50,16o 5a 1k6 5u,1kq 5u 16o 5k,16e 68 16e -a 164 -a 164 -k 16o -k 16o 5u 1l4 5u,294 6s 2ee 6i,2ee 68 29e 6s,29o 6s 2ee 5u,2ee 5k 2a2 6s,2ac 6s 2ee 5a,2ee 50 2am 6s,2b0 6s 2ee 4m,2ee 4c 2ba 6s,2bk 6s 2ee 42,2ee 3o 2bu 6s,2c8 6s 2ee 3e,2ee 34 2ci 6s,2cs 6s 2ee 2q,2ee 2g 2d6 6s,2dg 6s 2ee 26,2ee 1s 2dq 6s,2e4 6s 2ee 1i,2ee 18 2ee 6s 286 6s,2eo 1i 2eo 76,2ee 18 2ee 0 2ee -34,2eo 1i 2eo 0,2ee 0 2e4 -34,2ee -a 2dq -34 2ee -34,2eo -3e 2eo 0,21a li 1k6 li 1f6 li 1aq l8,21a li 21a ls 1f6 ls 1a6 ls 1a6 li 1ag li 1ag cq,1aq ku 1es li,1ei li 1aq kk,1aq ka 1e8 li,1du li 1aq k0,1aq jm 1dk li,1d0 li 1aq j2,1aq jc 1da li,1cm li 1aq io,1aq ie 1cc li,1c2 li 1aq i4,1aq hq 1bo li,1be li 1aq hg,1aq h6 1b4 li,1aq h6 1b4 cq,1be cq 1aq gs,1aq gi 1bo cq,1c2 cq 1aq g8,1aq fu 1cc cq,1cm cq 1aq fk,1aq fa 1d0 cq,1da cq 1aq f0,1aq em 1dk cq,1du cq 1aq ec,1ag cg 1a6 cg 1a6 cq 1ag cq,1aq cq 1aq li 1f6 li,1aq e2 1du cq 1du cg 1ag cg,1du cq 1aq do,1aq de 1du cq 1aq d4,1aq cq 1du cq,22i io 2km io 2qa io 2qa ie 2km ie 2pc i4,22i io 22i ie 22i hq 22s hq 22s ie 2km ie,2pc hq 2l0 ie,2la ie 2pc hg,2lk ie 2pc h6,2pc gs 2lu ie,2m8 ie 2pc gi,2mi ie 2pc g8,2pc fu 2ms ie,2n6 ie 2pc fk,2pc fa 2ng ie,2nq ie 2pc f0,2pc em 2o4 ie,2oe ie 2pc ec,2pc e2 2oo ie,2p2 ie 2pc do,2pc de 2pc ie,2pm ie 2pc de 2q0 ie,2qa ie 2pc de,2lk 9c 2eo 9c 2eo 76,2lk 9c 2lk 9m 2ee 9m 2ee 76 294 76 21k 76 21k 6s 286 6s,31q j2 36g mq,324 jc 36q mg,374 m6 32e jm,32o k0 37e ls,37o li 332 ka,33c kk 382 l8,38c ku 33m ku,340 l8 38m kk,390 ka 34a li,34k ls 39a k0,39k jm 34u m6,358 mg 39u jc,3a8 j2 35i mq,35s n4 3ai io 366 n4 35s n4 31g io 31g j2 35s ne 366 ne 3ai j2 3ai io,366 n4 31g io,2eo -3e 2dq -3e 2dq -34,1rm 5u 1rm 68 16e 68,1rm 5u 1kq 5u,42a d4 42a cq 420 cq 420 bs 41m bs 41m cq,3oa cq 3oa d4,3oa cq 41m cq,42a d4 3oa d4##T 244 -ne,O do -26,T 412 c6,B 2e4 u b8,B 2e4 k b8,G 21a gs 5k,G 21a 9m b8,O 21a j2,O 21a k0,O 21a ku,G 202 9m b8,G 1uq 9m b8,G 1ti 9m b8,G 1sa 9m b8,G 202 gs 5k,G 1uq gs 5k,G 1ti gs 5k,G 1sa gs 5k,O 11e -3o

-a 1i -u 1i -2g 5u,a 1i 18 1i 1i 1i 26 1s 2g 2g 2g 34 26 3o 1i 42 2q 5u 1s 5u 18 50 18 5u a 5u,18 5u -a 1i,-18 50 0 50 a 5u,-a 4c -k 3e,a 1i a 34,2g 1i 2g 5a,2g 1i 3e 1i 4c 34,3o 5u 2q 5u,5a 1i 4c 34,5a 1i 68 1i 68 5u 50 5u 50 42 4c 5a 3o 42 3o 5u,-a 4c -u 4c -k 3e,18 34 1i 34 1i 2g 18 2g 18 34,68 2g 6s 1i 84 1i 8o 2g 8o 4m,68 50 6s 5u 84 5u,8o 50 84 5u,8o 50 8o 4m,7q 4m 76 4m 76 34 7q 34 7q 4m,8o 1i 8o 5u,92 5u 8o 5u,92 5u 9m 5u,8o 1i a0 1i ak 1s au 2g bi 1i cq 1i de 2g de 34 cg 34 cg 2q c6 2g bs 2q,au 2g au 34 ak 3o a0 42 b8 5u aa 5u 9m 50 9m 5u,a0 34 9m 34 9m 2g a0 2g a0 34,au 3e au 50 bi 5u cq 5u de 50 de 3o c6 3o c6 4m cg 4m,c6 50 cg 4m,c6 50 bs 4m bs 2q,d4 5u em 1i fa 1i gs 5u,d4 5u e2 5u,gi 5u gs 5u,gi 5u fu 5u fk 50 ec 50 e2 5u,fa 4c em 4c f0 3e fa 4c,g8 3o g8 1i h6 1i,i4 34 h6 1i,i4 34 j2 1i k0 1i mq 1i mq 2q mq 3e,k0 1i k0 5u j2 5u io 5u io 42 i4 50 hg 42 hg 5u h6 5u gs 5u,mq 2q ku 2q,mq 50 mq 5u k0 5u,mq 50 mq 4m ku 4m ku 4c ku 42 ls 42,ku 3e ls 3e ls 42,ku 3e ku 2q,mq 2g ne 1i p0 1i pk 2g pk 34 om 34 om 2q oc 2g o2 2g no 2q no 34 o2 3e p0 3e pk 42,mq 50 ne 5u p0 5u pk 50 pk 4c pk 42,no 4m o2 50 oc 50 om 4m om 4c oc 42 ne 42 mq 3e,mq 4c no 4c no 4m,mq 4c mq 4m,-18 50 -1i 5u -2g 5u##T oc u

-18 1i 18 1i 18 1s -18 1s,18 -a 4c -a 4c k 3o k 3o 3e,42 3e 42 u 50 u 50 k 4m k 4m -1s 50 -1s 50 -26 -1s -26 -1s -1s -1i -1s -1i 1s -1i 26 -18 26 -18 1s,4c -k 18 -a,4c -k 4c -1s -18 -1s -18 1i,3e 3e 34 5u,2q 5u 3e 3o,3e 42 2g 5u,26 5u 3e 4c,3e 50 1i 5u,1s 5u 3e 4m,3e 5a 18 5u,u 5u 3e 5k,3e 5u u 5u,3e 5u 3e 3e 3o 3e,42 3e 42 3o 3o 3o 3o 5u 3o 68 3o 6i 3e 6i 3e 68 u 68 u 5u,-26 4m -1s aa,-26 5k -1i aa,-18 aa -26 6i,-26 7g -u aa,-26 8e -k aa,-a aa -26 92,-26 9m 0 aa,a aa -26 aa,-26 4m -26 aa,-26 4m -26 4c -2g 4c -2g 4m -2q 4m -2q 50 -2g 50 -2g au -26 au -26 ak 34 ak,a aa 34 aa 3o aa 3o ak 34 ak,-26 a0 a aa,4c de 50 de 50 do 4m do 4m h6,4c de 4c gs -a gs -1s gi,-a gs -1s gs,3o gs 4c de,4c do 34 gs,2g gs 4c e2,4c ec 1s gs,1i gs 4c em,4c f0 18 gs,u gs 4c fa,4c fk k gs,a gs 4c fu,4c g8 0 gs,-a gs 4c gi,-k gs -1s g8,-u gs -1s fu,-18 gs -1s fk -1s gs,-1s fk -26 fk -26 h6 4m h6,-1i gs -1s fk,-5k mq u mq 5a mq 5a m6,u n4 -68 n4 -68 mq -5u mq,-5u c6 -68 c6 -68 bs -5k bs -5k c6,-4c mq -5k ku,-5k l8 -42 mq -3o mq -5k li,-5k ls -3e mq,-34 mq -5k m6,-5k mg -2q mq,-4m mq -5k kk,-5k ka -50 mq,-5a mq -5k k0,-5k mq -5k c6,-5u c6 -5u mq,u n4 5a n4,7q m6 7q mq 92 mq 92 k0 8o k0 8o jm 92 jm 92 jc 9c jc 9c jm 9m jm 9m k0 9c k0 9c ne 92 ne 92 n4 5a n4,7q m6 5a m6##T 6i li,O -2q fa,O 42 a,O -26 3o,O 3o 76,O 5k aa

Evil Kneivel
-18 1i 18 1i 7q 1i m6 1i 13u 1i 1da 18,-18 1i -18 -k -1i -k -1i 1s,m6 1s -1i 1s,13u 1s m6 1s,14i 1i 1da u,156 1i 1da k,15q 1i 1da a,1da 0 16e 1i,172 1i 1da -a 1da 1i,1da -a 18a 1i,1da -a 1da 1i,1da -a 1c2 1i,1da -a 1aq 1i,1da -a 19i 1i,148 1i 1da 1i,13u 1s 1da 1s 1dk 1s 1dk -a 1da -a,17m 1i 1da -a,18u 1i 1da -a,1a6 1i 1da -a,1be 1i 1da -a,1cm 1i 1da -a,3fi 1i 3ps 1i 4ha 1i 534 1i 5cg 18,3ps 1s 3fi 1s 38m 1s 38m -a 390 -a 3jk 1i,390 -a 390 1i 3ai 1i 3fi 1i,3k8 1i 390 0,390 a 3ks 1i,3lg 1i 390 k,390 u 3m4 1i,3mo 1i 390 18,3ps 1s 4ha 1s,534 1s 4ha 1s,53o 1i 5cg u,5cg k 54c 1i,550 1i 5cg a,5cg 0 55k 1i,568 1i 5cg -a 58o 1i,5cg -a 5cg 1i 52g 1i,5cg -a 5b8 1i,5cg -a 5a0 1i,5cg -a 57g 1i,56s 1i 5cg -a,584 1i 5cg -a,59c 1i 5cg -a,5ak 1i 5cg -a,5bs 1i 5cg -a,534 1s 5cq 1s 5cq -a 5cg -a,7gk 1s 7gk -a 7gu -a 7qa 1i,7sg 1s 7v0 1s,7sg 1s 7gk 1s,7gu 0 7qu 1i,7ri 1i 7gu a,7gu k 7s6 1i,7gu u 7sq 1i,7te 1i 7gu 18,7gu 1i 840 1i 8lq 1i 8re 1i,840 1s 7v0 1s,7gu 1i 7gu -a,5so 1s 5so 18 5p0 18 5p0 1s 5so 1s,6go 1s 6js 1s 6js 18 6dk 18 6dk 1s 6j8 1s,74o 18 74o 1s 78q 1s,78q 18 78q 1s,78q 18 74o 18,76u 18 76u -34,76k -34 76k 18,6go -5k 6go 18,6ge 18 6ge -5k 6ge -6s,5qs -34 5qs 18,76r -hb 76l -gk 768 -ft 75r -f0 75n -e0 75t -d0 765 -c0 75u -b3 75a -an 74s -ba 754 -c3 75a -d0 74q -dt 748 -eo 73q -fn,73l -fn 73s -f0 741 -e6 740 -dd 73p -ck 734 -cf 72r -d4 72r -dn 72l -d0 72j -c7 72p -bd 73c -aq 73v -a7 74g -9i 74p -8s,76r -hc 76t -gi 76r -fn 76m -es 76o -e0 777 -dc 77v -d8 78d -ds 78a -el 781 -fh 781 -gh 789 -he 78m -ic 78u -iv 78p -hr 78u -gs 79a -g4 79v -gh 7a6 -h8 7aa -g7 7a5 -f8 79r -e8 79e -dd 78v -ci 78j -bn 78k -as 79c -al 79t -ba 7a4 -c5 7a5 -cn 7ae -bv 7ah -b5 7ab -ab 79t -9k 798 -91 78g -8j 77s -86,73j -ba 734 -c0 73k -bs,76k -bo 76c -cu 769 -dp 76p -cp 77c -cd 786 -cd 78k -cv 77t -bk 77t -b0,78f -a3 799 -a1 79m -aa 799 -9o 78k -9g,75q -a3 76c -aj,78n -f6 78i -fr 78j -gf 78o -g1,79q -fl 79o -f7 79i -en,74h -dp 74q -db 74q -cm,6l5 -hk 6l0 -go 6kp -ft 6kb -f8 6jj -f6 6j5 -fs 6it -go 6iv -hk 6ja -ia 6jr -ir 6k9 -jf 6kg -k9 6ke -l5 6k6 -lu 6jr -mj 6jg -n5 6j3 -nj 6j8 -mq 6jd -m1 6j4 -la 6if -kp 6hm -kq 6h9 -lh 6h7 -m9 6hb -mv 6gq -m2,6e5 -ig 6ei -hk 6f1 -gp 6ev -fr 6e8 -f9 6dd -fr 6d5 -gp 6da -hn 6dj -ij 6dp -jm 6dj -kl 6d6 -li 6ck -ma 6cr -l8 6d3 -k6 6cm -j8 6bo -j8 6bb -k7 6bb -l8 6bj -m3 6b7 -l3 6b0 -k1 6as -j1 6b3 -hu 6bk -h1 6c6 -g6 6ch -f7 6c9 -e7 6bl -dl 6b0 -eb 6au -fb 6b0 -g0 6ai -ev 6ad -dn 6b0 -cp,6gp -m3 6gl -lc 6gn -kl 6h4 -jr 6hi -jf 6hr -io 6hs -i3 6he -hh 6gn -hd 6gc -hv 6gf -ik,6fd -jn 6fo -k1 6fu -ko 6fq -lc 6ff -lu 6f3 -m9 6fb -li 6f7 -l3 6er -kj 6eh -ka 6e5 -jp 6e1 -jd 6e0 -j0 6e4 -ie,6fc -jn 6f8 -jc 6fa -j2 6fg -ir 6fs -iq,6fs -ir 6g6 -j2 6gb -jd 6gd -js 6ga -ka 6gi -ji 6gk -j7 6gi -iu 6gf -il,6l6 -hk 6l6 -fv 6l1 -ej 6kp -e5 6kc -di 6k0 -da 6ji -d0 6j5 -ce 6j3 -bp 6ja -bh 6k4 -bg 6kh -c0 6kk -ci 6ko -bp 6ko -b8 6k9 -ao,6av -cq 6bl -c9 6ch -bp 6cq -bl,6ek -ib 6eu -hr 6fa -hd,6ej -ib 6f0 -i3 6fe -hu 6fp -ht 6g3 -i5 6g0 -hi 6g5 -h6 6gi -gu,6i4 -j7 6i1 -jk 6ho -js 6hi -k1 6hh -k7 6hg -kg 6hn -k6 6i6 -jv 6ij -jt 6j0 -k1 6j5 -k5 6jb -kd 6jg -kk 6jj -kq 6jn -l8 6jm -ki 6jm -k7 6jk -jt 6jh -jm 6jb -jf 6j6 -jb 6j3 -j8 6it -j1,6ip -i4 6ie -hb 6ic -gr 6ig -gc 6ig -g0 6ij -fo 6iq -fi,6jm -ek 6k1 -ej 6ka -en 6kn -f2 6ke -ee 6k2 -e2 6js -du 6jk -do 6jf -dm,6fr -dq 6g8 -eb 6gi -f8 6gf -fq 6gu -f2 6hg -em 6hr -ei 6i4 -ei 6hi -e0 6hj -de 6hu -ct,6bu -hi 6bi -i4 6bb -ir 6bq -if 6ca -id 6ct -id 6d8 -io 6cl -hn 6cl -h4 6cp -gj,6c5 -cj 6bn -cp 6be -d5 6bb -dc 6br -d3 6c9 -d3 6cj -dd 6cn -dh,6dd -ev 6dt -em 6ea -el 6es -eq,6ea -b9 6e5 -c3 6dq -cl 6dn -ct 6ep -ck 6f2 -ck 6fu -cl,6al -ba 6am -bs 6ar -cc 6as -cg 6ar -bv 6as -bg 6b0 -b4,5t0 -90 5te -9h 5u1 -a2 5ue -ao 5uf -bi 5u8 -ca 5tt -d0 5ti -di 5tn -ct 5ts -c5 5tk -bf 5sv -b6 5sb -bj 5s4 -ca 5sb -d2 5sn -do 5t2 -ef 5t5 -fa 5t6 -ge 5sr -hb 5se -i1 5si -h6 5sp -gb 5sg -ff 5rv -et 5r8 -eu 5r7 -fm 5rg -g9 5qt -fm 5qi -eu 5qo -e5 5r2 -dd 5r8 -cm 5r1 -bv 5qd -bj 5pm -bo 5pf -ch 5pq -d8 5q2 -e0 5q0 -eo 5pq -ff 5pg -g6 5pm -fd 5pn -ek 5p5 -e4 5oc -e3 5ns -em 5o1 -ff 5of -g5 5op -gs 5oo -hl,5oo -hl 5oc -ia 5nv -is 5o6 -i1 5o2 -h8 5ni -gj 5mt -g2 5m8 -ff 5lt -ek 5lu -do 5m9 -cs 5mp -c5 5nb -bg 5np -ap,5no -ap 5o3 -a5 5oc -9e 5oe -8j 5o2 -7s 5nd -7g 5mk -7j 5m3 -85 5m1 -8t 5mb -9j 5mi -ab 5ma -b7 5lp -bu 5l6 -cg 5kp -cr 5l7 -c3 5lm -bc 5lp -ai 5ld -9n 5kt -90 5kg -85 5kv -77 5lp -6h,5sv -91 5sg -8d 5s7 -7s,5nh -c4 5n4 -cm 5mq -d9 5ml -e2 5ml -en 5n4 -fb 5nl -fn 5n3 -eo 5nb -dp 5nu -dc 5o8 -d8 5p7 -db 5pi -dj 5ot -cv 5oq -cg 5ou -c8,5rd -dp 5r9 -ec 5rv -e5 5s8 -ee 5sf -eo 5s9 -e3,5rr -br 5s3 -be 5s8 -b3 5sl -av 5t1 -ar,5u4 -bc 5u4 -av 5u0 -an 5tp -af 5tl -ab 5tc -a6 5t7 -a5 5t2 -a0 5sp -9s,5pj -b1 5q0 -ar 5qd -ap 5qv -ar 5r5 -b4,5ok -ak 5op -ab 5ot -9r 5p1 -97 5p1 -8m 5ot -88 5oq -84,5lv -a0 5lq -9o 5lj -9c 5la -93 5l6 -8s 5l3 -89 5l4 -80 5lc -7k,5m2 -7i 5lp -7u 5ll -8f 5lk -8q 5lm -96 5lq -9h 5lt -9q,5r4 -86 5r7 -8h 5rc -8s 5rm -93 5s3 -9a 5rc -97 5qj -97 5qd -9e 5q5 -9l 5pt -a5 5qa -91 5q9 -8m 5q6 -8d,5qi 18 5qi -34 5qi -3e,8lq 1s 840 1s,8lq 1s 8re 1s 8tu 1s 8tu -1s 8oa -1s 8oa -1i 8tk -1i 8tk 1i 8re 1i,5qs -8e 5qi -8e 5qi -84,6go -c6 6ge -c6 6ge -bi 6ge -b8,76u -8e 76u -92 76k -92 76k -8e,6go -5k 6go -6s,5qs -34 5qs -3e,5qs -8e 5qs -84,6go -c6 6go -b8#74o -8s 74u -7v 74a -71 73m -6s 739 -7k 73b -8i 737 -9d 72p -a3 72q -94 72l -8a 72e -84 721 -88 71r -8q 71r -95 71h -86 71h -7g 71o -6s 729 -6f 72q -63 72v -5g 732 -4p 72h -52 72c -5t 724 -4p 729 -4c 72h -44 72p -3s 737 -3k 73m -3f 74a -3d 750 -39 75p -31 76g -2d,77s -86 77m -7k 785 -6t 78o -6o 796 -6l 79m -6n 7a0 -6s 7a9 -7b 7ad -7n 7ae -80 7ae -85 7al -7g 7am -73 7an -6o 7ah -6a 7aa -61 7a5 -5u 79t -5p 79n -5m 79g -5k 79d -5g 78u -59 78o -54 78e -4v 788 -4r 781 -4j 77q -43 77k -3j 77g -36 779 -2n 774 -27,72c -6t 722 -79 71u -7l 71u -7t 724 -7k 72f -7j,781 -6g 78p -6c 795 -6c 78e -5t 77q -5f 77p -58,750 -3o 74a -3t 73j -47,749 -6d 74p -6k 754 -72 75c -7g,6k9 -an 6jk -aa 6j1 -9s 6iq -9j 6ik -95 6ij -8k 6ij -88,6ik -86 6j3 -7v 6jb -7v 6jj -7v 6k6 -8d,6kl -7m 6k6 -77 6jn -6u 6je -6n 6j0 -6d 6iq -63 6is -5r 6j4 -5l 6jh -5h 6jr -5i 6k6 -5u 6k8 -66 6k9 -6e,6k8 -6h 6kb -5t 6kc -5l 6kd -4s 6ka -4e 6k5 -46 6k1 -41 6jp -3r 6j7 -3k 6j1 -3j 6if -3g 6hu -38 6hj -2u 6hb -2i 6h6 -27 6h5 -23,6ff -3n 6em -4b 6dt -4i 6dc -4i 6cp -4i 6c8 -4g 6bp -4c 6b9 -49 6al -47 6ae -47 69j -4f 69f -4h 692 -4u 68o -5b 68l -5o 68k -6d 68l -71 68p -7f 692 -7o 69o -89 69b -7d 69a -6t 69d -6e 69k -66 69o -62 6a6 -61 6al -66 6av -6j 6b1 -6s 6b1 -74 6au -7e 6as -7n 6as -83 6b3 -8c 6b5 -8g 6b5 -7v 6bd -7i 6bk -7d 6c4 -7e 6c6 -7i 6c7 -7s 6c8 -89 6c2 -8t 6bm -98 6b5 -9k 6aq -9r 6al -a8 6al -ba,6bk -a8 6c3 -a1 6ck -9t 6d5 -9v 6da -a8 6dg -ap 6de -b2 6d3 -be 6cq -bk,6co -86 6cm -8n 6cc -97 6c8 -9d,6c6 -9f 6cj -99 6d8 -98 6di -9h 6dl -9l 6dp -9m,6as -4m 6ab -4m 69p -55 69o -59 69o -5i 6a2 -59 6af -57 6am -59 6b2 -5i 6b7 -5s,6f0 -4o 6eb -50 6df -53 6cv -53 6cn -54 6cc -52,6j7 -am 6ir -ad 6ig -a5 6i9 -9n 6i5 -9g 6i4 -9c 6i2 -98,6i7 -7r 6if -7k 6iq -7g 6j6 -7e 6im -72 6ig -6r 6ic -6g 6ic -68,6iq -59 6j4 -51 6je -51 6jl -52 6js -56 6jp -4s 6ji -4h 6ja -4b 6j2 -49 6ij -47 6i6 -43,6cc -6n 6cq -6p 6d4 -70 6d8 -77 6da -7c 6da -7k,6k7 -8d 6kg -8m 6kq -98 6ku -9p 6kv -a4 6kv -a9 6l2 -a0 6l4 -9m 6l5 -9e 6l5 -91 6l3 -8n 6l1 -8g 6kt -88 6kr -83 6ko -7r 6kk -7m,6bj -a9 6bc -ag 6b5 -ao 6b3 -au 6b0 -b4,5lp -6h 5mg -62 5na -5n,5m0 -2e 5lu -2h,5r2 -1e 5rb -20 5s2 -2r 5ti -3j 5us -3k 5vd -42 5vq -57 5vp -5j 5vb -6d 5v3 -6m 5ur -7n 5v4 -8m 5vg -9e 5vm -9n 5uf -8q 5u3 -87 5tt -79 5u6 -6f 5ua -63 5u6 -5g 5tk -54 5ss -52 5sb -5e 5s1 -65 5rv -6q,5nq -66 5o5 -66 5ol -65 5p6 -69,5rk -5h 5rn -5c 5s8 -4v 5sh -4q 5t3 -4l,5ri -2u 5s1 -3d 5sa -3p 5si -3q 5sr -3s 5t4 -3s,5up -6i 5ut -65 5v3 -5n 5v6 -5a 5v5 -4q 5uv -4g 5up -4b 5ul -49,5qc -1d 5pu -1n 5pg -1t 5p8 -22 5ov -29 5om -2i 5oh -2r 5oc -34 5o5 -3h 5o2 -3v 5nv -4b 5nt -4o 5nk -5a 5nc -5o,5pr -32 5p3 -3c 5om -3n 5oi -3u 5o8 -4i 5o6 -4p 5o0 -54,5ru -6o 5ru -7a 5s2 -7n 5s6 -7r,76k -7g 76k -84,76u -7g 76u -84,6ge -au 6ge -76,6go -au 6go -6s,5qs -3e 5qs -7g 5qs -7q,6ge -b8 6ge -au,6go -b8 6go -au,76k -7g 76k -34,76u -7g 76u -2q,5qi -3e 5qi -7q#O 76u -34,O 6go -b8,O 5qs -7q,O 5qs -3e,O 6go -6s,O 76u -84,T 8p8 u,T 8q6 u,T 8r4 u,T 8s2 u,T 8t0 u,B 4u4 u 26a,B 4ko u 26a,B 4ae u 26a,B 420 u 26a,O 1na -6s,O 1js -1i,O 1ti -3e,O 2jo -4m,O 1ei -4c,B 11e k 26a,B oc k 26a,B f0 k 26a,B 68 k 26a,O 22i -9c,O 36q 0,O 2dg -au,O 286 -50,O 2pm -a0,O 2um -2q,O 33c -7g

another map
-18 1i 18 1i 42 18,42 u 1i 1i 18 1i,1s 1i 42 k,42 a 26 1i,2g 1i 42 0,42 -a 2q 1i,34 1i 42 -k,42 -u 3e 1i,3o 1i 42 -18 42 -42 18 -42,42 1i 42 -18 3o -42,3e -42 42 -1i,42 -1s 34 -42,2q -42 42 -26,42 -2g 2g -42,26 -42 42 -2q,42 -34 1s -42,1i -42 42 -3e,42 -3o 18 -42,42 1i 1i 1i,u -42 18 -42,-fu -18 -rq -18 -11o -1i,-18 a -1i a -1i 1s 4c 1s 4c -4c u -4c u -42,-11o -1s -s4 -18,-se -18 -11o -26,-11o -2g -so -18,-t2 -18 -11o -2q,-11o -34 -tc -18,-tm -18 -11o -3e,-11o -3o -u0 -18,-ua -18 -11o -42,-11o -4c -uk -18,-11o -4c -122 -4c -122 -u -fu -u -fu -18,-11o -4c -11o -18 -s4 -18,-18 a -18 1i,-1l4 -4c -1l4 -18 -1l4 -u -20m -u,-1l4 -4c -1le -4c -1oi -18,-1le -4c -1le -18 -20m -18 -23q -1i,-1os -18 -1le -42,-1le -3o -1p6 -18,-1pg -18 -1le -3e,-1le -34 -1pq -18,-1q4 -18 -1le -2q,-1le -2g -1qe -18,-1qo -18 -1le -26,-1le -1s -1r2 -18,-1rc -18 -1le -1i,-23q -1s -210 -18,-21a -18 -23q -26,-23q -2g -21k -18,-21u -18 -23q -2q,-23q -34 -228 -18,-22i -18 -23q -3e -244 -3e -244 -u -20m -u,-23q -18 -20m -18,-23q -3e -23q -18,-286 -7q -2bk -6s,-286 -84 -2ba -6s,-286 -7g -2bu -6s,-286 -76 -2c8 -6s,-2ci -6s -286 -6s,-286 -84 -286 -6s,-286 -84 -27s -84 -27s -6i -2eo -6i -2ms -6i,-2ci -6s -2eo -6s -2ms -6s -2ms -7g -2ms -7q -2mi -7q -2mi -84 -2n6 -84 -2n6 -6i -2ms -6i,-2pm -d4 -340 -d4 -39a -d4,-2pm -cq -340 -cq,-390 -cq -39a -cq -39a -d4,-39a -c6 -390 -bs,-39a -cq -39a -c6,-390 -cq -340 -cq,-2lk -cq -2lk -d4 -2pm -d4,-2pm -cq -2lk -cq,-3us -50 -46m -4m,-3v6 -50 -46m -4c,-3vg -50 -46m -42,-46m -3o -3vq -50,-404 -50 -46m -3e,-46m -34 -40e -50,-40o -50 -46m -2q,-46m -2g -412 -50,-41c -50 -46m -26,-41m -50 -46m -1s,-46m -1i -420 -50,-42a -50 -46m -18,-46m -u -42k -50,-42u -50 -46m -k,-46m -a -438 -50,-43i -50 -46m 0,-46m a -43s -50,-446 -50 -46m k,-46m u -44g -50,-44q -50 -46m 18,-46m 1i -454 -50,-45e -50 -46m 1s,-45o -50 -46m 26,-462 -50 -46m 2g,-46m 2q -46c -50,-46m 2q -46m 34,-46c ak -46m 34,-46m 3e -462 ak,-45o ak -46m 3o,-46m 42 -45e ak,-454 ak -46m 4c,-46m 4m -44q ak,-44g ak -46m 50,-46m 5a -446 ak,-43s ak -46m 5k,-46m 5u -43i ak,-438 ak -46m 68,-46m 6i -42u ak,-42k ak -46m 6s,-46m 76 -42a ak,-41m ak -46m 7q,-46m 7g -420 ak,-41c ak -46m 84,-46m 8e -412 ak,-40o ak -46m 8o,-46m 92 -40e ak,-404 ak -46m 9c,-46m 9m -3vq ak,-3vg ak -46m a0,-46m aa -3v6 ak,-46m ak -3ou ak -32o ak -2la ak -27i ak -1ve aa,-3ou au -470 au -470 -5a -3us -5a -3us -50 -46m -50 -46m ak,-3ou au -32o au -2la au -27i au -1ve au,-1ve a0 -278 ak,-26u ak -1ve 9m,-1ve 9c -26k ak,-26a ak -1ve 92,-1ve 8o -260 ak,-1ve ak -28q ak,-1ve 8o -1ve ak,-1ve 8o -1v4 8o -1v4 au -1ve au,-so ak -tm ak -12c ak -12c 8o -12m 8o -12m au,-tm au -ie au,-so ak -ie ak 5a ak c6 aa,-tm au -12m au,-12c aa -qs ak,-r6 ak -12c a0,-rg ak -12c 9m,-rq ak -12c 9c,-s4 ak -12c 92,-se ak -12c 8o,5a au -ie au,c6 a0 5k ak,5u ak c6 9m,c6 9c 68 ak,6i ak c6 92,c6 8o 6s ak,76 ak c6 8e,c6 84 7g ak,7q ak c6 7q,c6 7g 84 ak,8e ak c6 76,c6 6s 8o ak,92 ak c6 6i,c6 68 9c ak,9m ak c6 5u,c6 5k a0 ak,aa ak c6 5a,c6 50 ak ak,au ak c6 4m,c6 4c b8 ak,bi ak c6 42,c6 3o bs ak,c6 ak c6 3e cg 3e cg au 5a au,c6 ak 3o ak##T aa -gs,G -41c -3e 8e,O -1s 0,O -3o 0,O -5k 0,O -7g 0,O -9c 0,O -b8 0,O -d4 0,O -f0 0,O -26k -3e,O -252 -3e,O -27s -42,O -27s -5k,O -1k6 -4c,O -1ik -4c,O -1h2 -4c,O -1fg -4c,O -1du -4c,O -1cc -4c,O -1aq -4c,O -198 -4c,O -17m -4c,O -164 -4c,O -14i -4c,O -130 -4c,G -3pi -50 b8,S -39k -au,G -462 34 5k,G -3ai -ak 8e,B -38m -c6 71,O -1bo -ak,G -2mi -7g b8,G -i4 -26 5k,G k -3e 8e

hardest one yet
-18 1i 18 1i 3e 1i 68 18,-18 1i -18 k -1i k -1i u -1s u,-1i 1s 3e 1s 6i 1s,-18 -u 3e -u 3o -u 3o -34 3e -34 3e -18 -2g -18 -2g -1i -2q -1i -2q -1s -34 -1s -34 -26 -3e -26 -3e -2g -3o -2g -3o -18 -42 -18 -42 -u,-18 -u -18 -k -1i -k -1i -u -42 -u,3o 1i 68 u,68 k 42 1i,4c 1i 68 a,68 0 4m 1i,50 1i 68 -a,68 -k 5a 1i,5k 1i 68 -u,68 -18 5u 1i,68 -1i 68 1i 3e 1i,-cg 1i -fa 1i -fk 1i,-9m 1s -cg 1s -fa 1s -fk 1s -fu 1s -fu -2g,-fk -2g -fk 1i,-1s 18 -1s u,-1s 18 -26 18 -26 1i,68 -1i 6i -1i 6i 1s,-au -68 -au -6i -ak -6i -ak -6s -aa -6s -aa -76 -a0 -76 -a0 -7g -6s -7g -5k -7q,-84 -k -76 1i,-6s 1i -84 -a,-84 0 -6i 1i,-68 1i -84 a,-84 k -5u 1i,-5k 1i -84 u,-84 18 -5a 1i,-84 -k -8e -k -8o -k -9m 1i,-8o -k -8o 1i -cg 1i -fk k,-a0 1i -8o -a,-8o 0 -aa 1i,-ak 1i -8o a,-8o k -au 1i,-b8 1i -8o u,-8o 18 -bi 1i,-bs 1i -fk 18,-c6 1i -fk u,-cq 1i -fk a,-d4 1i -fk 0,-fk -a -de 1i,-do 1i -fk -k,-fk -u -e2 1i,-ec 1i -fk -18,-fk -1i -em 1i,-f0 1i -fk -1s,-fk -26 -fa 1i,-de -5k -bi -5k -au -5k -au -5u -ak -5u -ak -68 -aa -68 -aa -6i -a0 -6i -a0 -6s -9m -6s -9m -76 -6s -76,-84 -k -84 1i -26 1i,-1i 1s -9m 1s,-de -5u -b8 -5u -b8 -68 -au -68,-6i -7g -5a -84 -5u -7g -6s -7g,-5u -7g -5u -76 -6s -76,4c -6i 3e -6i,3e -68 6s -68 76 -68 9m -68 9m -fa 4m -fa,1s -fa 1s -e2 3o -e2 26 -ec 26 -f0,4m -f0 9c -f0 9c -b8 9c -au 92 -f0,9c -b8 8o -f0,-fk -2g -fk -2q -fu -2q -fu -2g,-de -5u -de -5k,-a -6i -k -6i -k -68 3e -68,4c -6i 5a -6i 9c -6s,5k -6i 9c -76,9c -7g 5u -6i,68 -6i 9c -7q,9c -84 6i -6i,6s -6i 9c -8e,9c -8o 76 -6i,7g -6i 9c -92,9c -9c 7q -6i,84 -6i 9c -9m,9c -a0 8e -6i,8o -6i 9c -aa,9c -ak 92 -6i,9c -6i 9c -au,6i -ak 42 -ak 1s -ak 1i -ak 1i -au u -au u -b8 a -b8 a -bi -a -bi -a -bs -u -bs -1s -bs -1s -c6,6i -au 42 -au 1s -au 1s -b8 18 -b8 18 -bi k -bi k -bs 0 -bs 0 -c6 -k -c6 -u -c6 -1s -c6,8e -f0 9c -bi,9c -bs 84 -f0,7q -f0 9c -c6,9c -cg 7g -f0,76 -f0 9c -cq,9c -d4 6s -f0,6i -f0 9c -de,9c -do 68 -f0,5u -f0 9c -e2,9c -ec 5k -f0,9c -em 5a -f0,9c -6i 5k -6i 5a -6i,6i -ak 6s -ak 6s -bs 6i -bs 6i -au,-a -6i 0 -6i,a -6i 3e -6i,-5a -bs -5a -c6 -7q -c6,-5a -bs -7q -bs -9m -bs -bi -bs,-34 -bs -34 -c6,-42 -c6 -34 -c6,-34 -bs -42 -bs -42 -c6,-9m -c6 -bi -c6 -em -cg,-84 -c6 -84 -cg,-7q -cg -7q -c6,-84 -c6 -9m -c6,-em -cq -bs -c6,-c6 -c6 -em -d4,-em -de -cg -c6,-cq -c6 -em -do,-em -e2 -d4 -c6,-de -c6 -em -ec,-em -em -do -c6,-e2 -c6 -em -f0,-em -fa -ec -c6,-em -c6 -em -fk -f0 -c6,-fa -c6 -em -fk,-fa -c6 -bi -c6,-fa -c6 -fa -bs -bi -bs,-b8 -hq -8e -hq 18 -hq 4c -hq 76 -hq,-42 -ka -42 -i4,-42 -ka -50 -i4,-5a -i4 -42 -k0,-42 -jm -5k -i4,-5u -i4 -42 -jc,-42 -j2 -68 -i4,-6i -i4 -42 -io,-42 -ie -6s -i4,-8e -i4 -42 -i4,-42 -ka -3o -ka -3o -i4,-k -ka -k -i4,-k -ka -u -ka -u -i4 -3o -i4,-k -ka a -i4,k -i4 -k -k0,-k -jm u -i4,18 -i4 -k -jc,-k -j2 1i -i4,1s -i4 -k -io,-k -ie 26 -i4,2g -i4 -k -i4,2g -i4 4c -i4 8o -ie,4m -i4 8o -io,8o -j2 50 -i4,5a -i4 8o -jc,8o -jm 5k -i4,5u -i4 8o -k0,8o -ka 68 -i4,6i -i4 8o -kk,8o -ku 6s -i4,76 -i4 8o -l8,8o -li 7g -i4,7q -i4 8o -ls,8o -m6 84 -i4,8e -i4 8o -mg,8o -mq 8o -i4,8o -mq 92 -i4,9c -i4 8o -mq,9c -i4 9c -hq 76 -hq,9c -i4 4c -i4,50 -s4 1s -s4 1s -se 1i -se 1i -so 18 -so 18 -t2 u -t2 u -tc k -tc k -tm a -tm a -u0 -1i -u0 -1s -u0 -1s -s4 -3o -s4 -84 -s4 -au -s4 -fa -se,-au -s4 -fa -s4 -fa -10g -f0 -s4,-fa -10g -fa -114 -f0 -114 -fk -114,-fa -114 -f0 -114 -em -10q -f0 -114 -em -10q,-f0 -114 -fa -114 -f0 -114,-fa -114 -f0 -114,50 -s4 50 -rq u -rq -5k -rq -5u -rq -au -rq -fk -rq -fk -10g -fk -114,-7q -cg -84 -cg,-fa -so -b8 -s4,-bi -s4 -fa -t2,-fa -tc -bs -s4,-c6 -s4 -fa -tm,-fa -u0 -cg -s4,-cq -s4 -fa -ua,-fa -uk -d4 -s4,-de -s4 -fa -uu,-fa -v8 -do -s4,-e2 -s4 -fa -vi,-fa -vs -ec -s4,-em -s4 -fa -106,-8e -i4 -b8 -i4 -b8 -hq,4m -f0 26 -f0,1s -fa 4m -fa,-18 -1be -u -1be,k -1be -3e -1be,-3o -1b4 u -1b4 u -1bo u -25m k -25m k -1bo k -1be,-5a -1bo -5a -1be -3e -1be,-3o -1b4 -5k -1b4 -5k -1bo -5a -1bo,a -6i a -76 0 -76 0 -6i#-4m -1ei -4m -1d0 -3e -1d0 -3e -1da -4c -1da -4c -1du -42 -1du -42 -1e8 -4c -1e8 -4c -1es -3e -1es -3e -1f6 -4m -1f6 -4m -1ei,-34 -1d0 -34 -1f6 -2q -1f6 -1s -1dk -1s -1f6 -1i -1f6 -1i -1d0 -1s -1d0 -2q -1ei -2q -1d0 -34 -1d0,-18 -1f6 -18 -1d0 -k -1d0 -a -1d0 0 -1d0 a -1da a -1es 0 -1f6 -18 -1f6,-u -1es -u -1da -a -1da 0 -1dk 0 -1ei -a -1es -u -1es#T -1i 0,T -4m -cq,T -2g -cq,O -26 -tc,O -34 -kk,O -18 -kk,O -1s -l8,O -2g -l8,B -em -10g c3,B -em -10g c3,B -ec -10q c3,T -1s -1c2,T -u -1c2,T -2q -1c2,T -3o -1c2,O -2q -tc,O -3e -tc,O 6s -26,O 6s -34,O 6s -42,O 6s -50,O -a -6s

1st auto
-18 1i 18 1i,6s 1i aa k,76 1i aa a,aa 0 7g 1i,7q 1i aa -a,aa u 6i 1i,68 1i aa 18,68 1i 18 1i,84 1i aa -k,ne -u qi 18,no -k qs u,n4 -18 q8 1i,o2 -a r6 k,rg a oc 0,om a rq 0,s4 -a p0 k,pa u se -k,11e 5a 148 8e,11e 5k 14i 8e,14s 8e 11e 5u,11e 68 156 8e,15g 8e 11e 6i,11e 6s 15q 8e,164 8e 11e 76,11e 7g 16e 8e,16o 8e 11e 7q,11e 84 172 8e,17c 8e 11e 8e,17c 8e 1b4 84,17m 8e 1b4 7q,1b4 7g 180 8e,18a 8e 1b4 76,18k 8e 1b4 6s,1b4 6i 18u 8e,198 8e 1b4 68,1b4 5u 19i 8e,1os -5a 1sk -4m 1ts -4c 1ug -4c 1uq -4m 1uq -50,1os -5a 1nk -5k,22s 50 236 b8,22s 5a 23g b8,22s 5k 23q b8,244 b8 22s 5u,22s 68 24e b8,24o b8 22s 6i,22s 6s 252 b8,22s 76 25c b8,22s 7g 25m b8,260 b8 22s 7q,22s 84 26a b8,26k b8 22s 8e,22s 8o 26u b8,278 b8 22s 92,22s 9c 27i b8,27s b8 22s 9m,22s a0 286 b8,28g b8 22s aa,22s ak 28q b8,294 b8 22s au,294 b8 2f2 au,29e b8 2f2 ak,2f2 aa 29o b8,2a2 b8 2f2 a0,2f2 9m 2ac b8,2am b8 2f2 9c,2f2 8o 2ba b8,2b0 b8 2f2 92,2f2 8e 2bk b8,2bu b8 2f2 84,2ng u 2ng 3o 2nq 3o 2nq u 2ng u,2m8 ie 2k2 ls,2m8 io 2je ls,2m8 j2 2iq ls,2i6 ls 2m8 jc,2m8 jm 2hi ls,2gu ls 2m8 k0,2m8 ka 2ga ls,2fm ls 2m8 kk,2m8 ku 2f2 ls,2ee ls 2m8 l8,2m8 li 2dq ls 2dq li 2e4 l8,236 11e 23g 15q,23q 15q 236 11o,236 122 244 15q,24e 15q 236 12c,236 12m 24o 15q,252 15q 236 130,236 13a 25c 15q,25m 15q 236 13k,236 13u 260 15q,26a 15q 236 148,236 14i 26k 15q,26u 15q 236 14s,236 156 278 15q,27i 15q 236 15g,27i 15q 29o 15g,29o 156 27s 15q,286 15q 29o 14s,29o 14i 28g 15q,28q 15q 29o 148,29o 13u 294 15q,29e 15q 29o 13k,2gu 122 2eo 10g,2eo 10q 2h8 122,2hi 122 2eo 114,2eo 11e 2hs 122,2eo 11o 2i6 122,2ig 122 2eo 122,2ig 122 2la 122,2t4 122 2u2 122 2u2 11o 2to 11e,2r8 122 2la 122,31g r6 34k r6,366 11o 35s 11e,35s 114 35s 11e,366 11o 36g 11o 36q 11e 36q 114,3co 10q 3co 114 3ce 11e 3c4 11e 3bq 114 3bq 10q,3o0 p0 3r4 qs 3tu rq 40o se 43i so 48i so 4cu so 4d8 se 4di s4 4ds rq 4e6 qs 4ds qi,470 io 43s kk,46m j2 43i ka,46c jc 438 k0,42u jm 462 jm,45o k0 42k jc,42a j2 45e ka,454 kk 420 io,446 ku 47a ie,44q ku 41m ie,41c i4 44g l8,4ha mg 4lc pa,4hk mq 4lm pa,4hu n4 4m0 pa,4ma pa 4i8 ne,4ii no 4mk pa,4mu pa 4is o2,4j6 oc 4n8 pa,4ni pa 4jg om,4jq p0 4ns pa,4o6 pa 4k4 pa,4o6 pa 4ra pa 4v2 p0,4rk pa 4v2 om,4ru pa 4v2 oc,4v2 o2 4s8 pa,4si pa 4v2 no,4v2 ne 4ss pa,4t6 pa 4v2 n4,4v2 mq 4tg pa,4tq pa 4v2 mg,4v2 m6 4u4 pa,4ue pa 4v2 ls,4v2 li 4uo pa,500 8o 4vm 34,500 8e 4vc 34,4v2 34 500 84,500 7q 4uo 34,4ue 34 500 7g,500 6s 4tq 34,4u4 34 500 76,500 6i 4tg 34,500 68 4t6 34,4ss 34 500 5u,4jg 7g 4jq de,4jg 7q 4k4 de,4jg 84 4ke de,4jg 8e 4ko de,4l2 de 4jg 8o,4jg 92 4lc de,4lm de 4jg 9c,4jg 9m 4m0 de,4jg a0 4ma de,4mk de 4jg aa,4jg ak 4mu de,4n8 de 4jg au,4jg b8 4ni de,4ns de 4jg bi,4jg bs 4o6 de,4og de 4jg c6,4jg cg 4oq de,4p4 de 4jg cq,4jg d4 4pe de,4q2 de 4pe de,4q2 de 4qc de 4qc d4,4jg 7g 4jg 76 4ji 66,5gi 84 5gi aa 5gs aa 5gs 84 5gi 84,5bi uk 5d4 pa,5d4 pk 5b8 uk,5au uk 5d4 pu,5d4 q8 5ak uk,5aa uk 5d4 qi,5d4 qs 5a0 uk,59m uk 5d4 r6,5d4 rg 59c uk,592 uk 5d4 rq,5d4 se 58e uk,58o uk 5d4 s4,5d4 so 584 uk,57q uk 5d4 t2,5d4 tc 57g uk,576 uk 5d4 tm,5d4 u0 56s uk,56i uk 5d4 ua,56i uk 55a uk 55a ua 55k u0,55a ua 55a uk,55a ua 55k u0,54c 1hm 5ua 1hm 6a6 1hm,67m 1fq 6c2 1fq 6c2 1hm 6a6 1hm,67m 1fq 6c2 1fg 6c2 1f6 6cc 1f6 6cc 1hm 6g4 1hm 6g4 1i0 4tg 1i0 4ss 1i0,54c 1hm 53o 1hm 4ss 1hc,53e 1hm 4ss 1h2,534 1hm 4ss 1go,52q 1hm 4ss 1ge,52g 1hm 4ss 1g4,526 1hm 4ss 1fq,51s 1hm 4ss 1fg,51i 1hm 4ss 1f6,518 1hm 4ss 1es,50u 1hm 4ss 1ei,50k 1hm 4ss 1e8,50a 1hm 4ss 1du,500 1hm 4ss 1dk,4vm 1hm 4ss 1da,4vc 1hm 4ss 1d0,4v2 1hm 4ss 1cm,4uo 1hm 4ss 1cc,4ue 1hm 4ss 1c2,4u4 1hm 4ss 1bo,4tq 1hm 4ss 1be,4tg 1hm 4ss 1b4,4t6 1hm 4ss 1aq##T 68a 1h2,B 568 u0 2dt,G 5g8 92 2vk,G 4po cq 2sq,B 4ue ku 2q4,B 4ue l8 2q4,B 4qc om 2sq,B 4oq om 2sq,G 4e6 ie 2vk,G 420 i4 2u7,B 4eg rq 2qi,B 4ds so 2rd,B 3b6 10g 3ht,B 358 10q 3ht,O 2e4 106,O 2dq vi,O 2dg uu,O 2cs uu,T 340 qi,T 33c qi,T 32o qi,T 324 qi,O 2ms u,O 2m8 u,O 2lk u,O hq -4c,O hq -7q,B 2te 114 3hl,B 2r8 11e 3ja,B 2o4 11e 3ja,B 2la 11e 3ja,O 2ci 10q,O 2ci 106,O 2ci vi,B 294 148 3ht,B 2eo ku 3qt,B 27i aa 3ja,B 23g 34 3m4,B 1ve -3o 3h2,B 1rm -5a 3jo,B 1aq 5k 3hb,B 1ag 68 3hb,B 5a u 3ja,B u u 3ja,O 31g om,O 324 om,O 32o om,O 33c om,O 340 om,O 34k om,B 3b6 106 36l,O 39a tm,O 3ks oc,B 446 s4 382,B 496 s4 382

short and hard
-18 1i 18 1i 3o 18,3o u 1i 1i,1s 1i 3o k 5k 1i,3o a 26 1i,2g 1i 3o 0 50 1i,3o -a 2q 1i,34 1i 3o -k 4c 1i,3o -u 3e 1i,3o 1i 3o -18,-18 1i -3o 18 -68 1i,-3o u -1i 1i,-1s 1i -3o k -5k 1i,-3o a -26 1i,-2g 1i -3o 0 -50 1i,-3o -a -2q 1i,-34 1i -3o -k -4c 1i,-3o -u -3e 1i,-3o 1i -3o -18,-18 -2g 18 -2g,3o -u 42 1i,3o -a 4m 1i,5a 1i 3o a,5u 1i 3o u,68 1i 3o 18,-3o -u -42 1i,-3o -a -4m 1i,-5a 1i -3o a,-5u 1i -3o u,9c 1i 68 1i,-9c 1i -68 1i,9c 1i d4 18,d4 u 9m 1i,a0 1i d4 k,d4 a aa 1i,ak 1i d4 0,d4 -a au 1i,b8 1i d4 -k,d4 -u bi 1i,bs 1i d4 -18,d4 -1i c6 1i,cg 1i d4 -1s,d4 -26 cq 1i,d4 1i d4 -2g,d4 -2q d4 -2g,d4 -2q de 1i,do 1i d4 -2q,-d4 18 -9c 1i,-9m 1i -d4 u,-d4 k -a0 1i,-aa 1i -d4 a,-d4 0 -ak 1i,-au 1i -d4 -a,-d4 -k -b8 1i,-d4 -u -bi 1i,-bs 1i -d4 -18,-d4 -1i -c6 1i,-cg 1i -d4 -1s,-d4 -26 -cq 1i,-d4 -2g -d4 1i,-d4 -2q -de 1i,-d4 -2q -do 1i,-d4 -2q -d4 -26,au -7q 8e -7q,-au -7q -8e -7q#-k 16 -7 r e k -4 14 -b k -4 14 -l 16 -8 r e k k 16 d k c h f g c a 0 6 -8 -9 -f g -7 -9 -e i -5 -9 -c i -4 -8 -a i 2 l 1 15 6 15 0 15 0 l -c f -6 -b -7 -f -3 -i 0 -i 2 -f 9 -f 2 -e 2 -a,0 6 -6 -8,-5 -9 -d h -6 h -e m -7 h 2 k 3 15 0 15 0 m -e h,2 k -b g 1 m -c h 0 n,0 -8 -5 -7 -7 -b,-7 -d 8 -f -7 -d -5 -9,-d u -a 13 -a 18 -c 1d -j 1i -r 1f -u 1c -10 15 -t v -m t -h t -a 11 -8 15 -c 1c -i 1g -m 1h -s 1d,-c 1d -g 1g -j 1g,-t 1a -u 16 -s u,-q u -i t -c v -a 14 -9 18 -c 1d,h s e u b 13 a 18,e u c 11,e u c 12 a 16 a 1a d 1e i 1h l 1h r 1f t 1b u 18,t 1b v 15 v 11 m r,k r f t,b 13 b 16,b 1a d 1d i 1f m 1h,o 1h v 1b v 18 s u n s j r,h r e u,b 18 c 1b,d 1b f 1e,h 1f k 1g,m 1g p 1g t 1d,v 16 v 13 t v,-5 -5 1 6 e b e e c 9 0 6,0 12 0 k 1 13 1 j 2 15 2 j -b e 2 k#T 9m -8e,T 0 -34,T -9m -8e

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-33 2h4 -2c 2gl -t 2g9 15 2g5 1o 2g0 2j 2g0 2t,2j2 4 2ic -28 2ht -2n 2gp -2v 2gh -2p 2fn -1c 2fg -6 2f9 v 2f7 1t 2f7 2r,2j3 -3 2j0 -2a 2j0 -3c 2ir -48 2i6 -48 2hq -3q 2hi -30 2he -1v 2hb -14 2hb -h 2h9 8 2h9 q 2h9 18 2h9 1d,2j4 -3 2j6 -1u 2ir -37 2ic -38 2i5 -30 2ht -2e 2hj -h 2hj -2 2hi r 2hi 15,2j4 -7 2j2 -1m 2ip -23 2ia -22 2i1 -1g 2hr -m 2hr 0 2hr n 2hr 13 2hq 16,2j3 -9 2i9 -25 2hj -2k 2hc -2h 2gv -18 2gs -i 2gq j 2gl 1t 2gl 2l 2gm 2t,2j6 0 2ja -22 2jq -38 2k6 -3a 2l5 -32 2ls -22 2m3 -13,2mf 1e 2mf 28 2mf 30,2m3 -14 2mb 1d,2m8 -1o 2me -10 2me 3 2mf 1l,2mm -2 2mf -q,2mc f 2m1 -k,2je -1m 2jj -25 2kj -4k 2lb -4k 2mc -41 2mk -3n 2mn -2r 2mn -1e 2mq -a 2mr f 2mr 1k 2mr 28 2mr 2l,2j8 0 2jf -14 2ji -1m 2ju -1u 2ko -15 2ks 8 2ks k 2kq 12,2jb 3 2jc -m 2jh -19 2k9 -1t 2kh -1o 2ks -1g 2l6 -13 2ld -a 2lh b 2lk 18 2ll 1i,2j8 -2 2j7 -26 2j8 -3j 2jc -4q 2jl -57 2k2 -5b 2kd -5b 2l2 -50 2l7 -4q 2lb -4f 2la -3b 2la -2k 2le -1r 2li -l 2lo 4 2lo 1c 2ls 1n,2jb -a 2j2 -2l,2j2 -33 2j0 -3f,2ip -3j 2hi -33,2hp -2o 2gq -2c,2gd -1q 2g2 -11,2hc -1i 2gk -5,2gt -1n 2gb -5,2hn -k 2hg 9,2h0 -b 2gp i,2ge e 2ga 12,2fu c 2fk 1l,2ff 13 2f9 1r,2hp -3h 2gl -2r,2h9 -3r 2g9 -3t,2hg -3j 2ga -3p,2go -30 2fs -2e,2gl -2g 2fr -1o,2gp -1j 2g6 -i,2k1 -1t 2lb -2a,2k6 -2r 2l3 -2o,2kd -37 2lb -3c,2kn -3u 2ls -3t,2m1 -3h 2me -2c,2li -2p 2m7 -1o,2m4 -1f 2mc -3,2n3 -11 2n5 k,2mn k 2mq 1t,2lq f 2lf u,2jp -11 2kh -1e,2k2 -1n 2l0 -22,2kl -1r 2lf -18,2ld -17 2m1 -q,2lo -1e 2lq -e,2ja -5 2j8 -13 2j3 -2p 2ip -4j 2i8 -59 2i5 -5a 2gv -59 2g6 -4d 2g0 -3j 2fr -14,2j8 -13 2j3 -1c 2in -1e 2ia -o 2i6 n 2i5 13,2kk -6 2jm -1t,2ja -7 2jc -s 2jl -1n 2kf -1j 2kj -13 2kk -9 2kk b,2kc -6 2kb -k,2k8 -p 2k5 -10 2k2 -15 2jp -19 2ir -14,2jf -h 2j6 -1q 2i6 -3p 2hm -3l 2gd -15 2ga 0 2ga p 2gb 1n 2gd 2a,2ja -2 2j8 -13,2iv -h 2j0 -17 2ij -1m 2i3 -1m 2h3 -p 2gq 1 2gh m 2ge 1e 2ge 1s,2j6 -5 2js -m 2kk -p 2lh -i 2m0 -9 2mb 8 2mt 16 2n9 28 2ng 3b,2ji -a 2ju -1g,2j7 1 2jf -f 2jt -k 2kk -7 2l9 7 2lm k 2me 1k 2mi 20 2mk 2n,2jj -6 2k0 -m 2ks -f 2ll 3 2m7 m 2mn 1o 2n5 2n,2jb -3 2ja -s 2ga -m 2fu b 2fk 13 2fd 1v 2f5 2j,2j0 -b 2ia -14 2hu -19 2hi -1e 2gg -1e 2fm -q 2f0 9 2es 1d,2hn -1u 2i3 -2d,2jh -1q 2k8 -2n 2ks -2t 2lh -2s 2mm -28 2m8 -36,2m3 -3b 2l2 -41,2l2 -3t 2k9 -41,2j0 -1i 2j2 -l,2ja -1m 2j6 -q,2jh -1j 2ja -s,2jf -13 2j6 -5,2j2 -h 2j0 -13,2j0 -1b 2j4 -f,2it -1c 2j3 -e,2ir -1q 2j4 -l 2ja -1f 2ju -29 2kg -29 2lp -19 2lu -p 2m5 f 2m5 1c 2lt 2e,2j8 -6 2j3 -p 2h1 -5 2ge u 2gd 2c,2j4 -6 2j2 -11 2ie -2i 2g9 -1o 2fv -i 2fn j 2fj 1k 2fj 1p,2ja -9 2jb -q 2j7 -1k 2j7 -21 2j6 -2i 2j2 -3b 2ir -3u 2id -4c 2hv -4j 2h9 -4k 2gl -4f 2g3 -37 2fu -2e 2fm -15 2fj -a,2j6 0 2j7 -l 2j0 -1q 2j0 -2l 2ir -3b 2il -41 2id -4k 2hn -59 2h7 -5a 2ga -53 2g0 -4n 2fb -2l 2f4 -1i 2f2 19,3i2 18 3lg -34 3m4 -3o,3fs 1s 3co 50 3co 4m 3fs 1i 3fs 1s,3dc 50 3dc 4c,3f8 34 3f8 2g,44g 26 44g 1s 404 1s 404 26 44g 26,41m 1s 41m 1i 420 1i 420 1s,42u 1s 42u 1i 42k 1i 42k 1s,404 1i 44g 1i 44g a 404 a 404 1i,404 18 44g 18,44g u 404 u,404 k 44g k,446 26 43s 26 43s 2q,43i 2q 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530 53 52h 58 524 5i 51v 5v 51s 6e 515 6e,54g 62 56r 63,56o 6a 56v 5p 57d 5d 57p 58 588 59 58k 5e 590 5p 597 61 5ad 60 5ab 55 59v 55,58j 5b 58g 5m,58t 5l 58q 5v,57g 5j 57d 5d,57h 5l 57d 5d,577 5i 57b 5p,53u 58 53p 5k,545 5d 540 5n,52h 59 52m 5j,52h 5n 52b 5d,554 29 550 2k,55a 2a 550 36,55l 2b 55a 33,551 2o 55c 2u,552 2i 55d 2p,558 2c 55k 2j,4ds -2g 4cu 0,4fe -2g 4gm a,4e6 -1s 4d8 18,4f4 -1s 4fo u,4ds -2q 4fe -2q 4f4 -42 4e6 -42 4ds -2q,4eg -42 4eg -4c 4eq -4c 4eq -42,4eq -2q 4eq -26 4eq -18,4eg -2q 4eg -26 4eg -18,6j8 u 6j8 50,6k6 2q 6k6 4m,6k6 2q 6kg 2q 6kq 34 6kq 3o 6kg 42 6kq 4c 6kq 50 6kg 5a 6k6 5a 6k6 4m,6kg 42 6k6 42,6l4 2q 6l4 5a 6lo 5a,6l4 42 6le 42,6l4 2q 6lo 2q,6m2 2q 6m2 5a 6mm 5a,6mc 42 6m2 42,6m2 2q 6mm 2q,6n0 2q 6n0 5a,6n0 2q 6na 2q 6nk 34 6nk 3o 6na 42 6n0 42,6na 42 6nk 5a,6nu 4m 6p6 5k 6p6 5a,6p6 5k 6os 5k,515 63 50u 63 50v 6j 526 6i,51v 61 528 62,514 5l 516 6g,527 67 526 6j,54b 76 546 7l 53t 7t,535 6u 532 6r,5ab 3m 5br 37,5ai 4g 5dl 59,5bp 3o 5dl 3c,5c9 4k 5e6 4v,5b8 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Wall Plant
-18 1i 18 1i 26 18,50 1i 9c 4c,50 1s 9m 4c,a0 4c 50 26,50 2g aa 4c,ak 4c 50 2q,50 34 au 4c,b8 4c 50 3e,50 3o bi 4c,bs 4c 50 42,50 4c c6 4c gs 42,gs 3o cg 4c,cq 4c gs 3e,gs 34 d4 4c,de 4c gs 2q,gs 2g do 4c,e2 4c gs 26,ec 4c gs 1s,gs 1i em 4c,f0 4c gs 18,gs u fa 4c,fk 4c gs k,gs a fu 4c,ie -5a m6 -2g,ie -50 mg -2g,mq -2g ie -4m,ie -4c n4 -2g,ne -2g ie -42,ie -3o no -2g,o2 -2g ie -3e,ie -34 oc -2g,om -2g ie -2q,ie -2g so -2g 148 -2g 1ag -2q,1ag -34 14i -2g,14s -2g 1ag -3e,1ag -3o 156 -2g,15g -2g 1ag -42,1ag -4c 15q -2g,164 -2g 1ag -4m,1ag -50 16e -2g,16o -2g 1ag -5a,1ag -5k 172 -2g,17c -2g 1ag -5u,1ag -68 17m -2g,180 -2g 1ag -6i,1ag -6s 18a -2g,18k -2g 1ag -76,1ag -7g 18u -2g,198 -2g 1ag -7q,1ag -84 19i -2g,19s -2g 1ag -8e,1ag -8o 1a6 -2g,1ag -2g 1ag -92 1ag -9c 1aq -2g,1ag -9c 1be -2g 148 -2g,1b4 -2g 1ag -9c,13a -gi 13k -gi 17m -gi 17m -gs 13k -gs uu -gs rq -h6,uu -gs uk -gs,1be -jm 18u -mq,1be -k0 18k -mq,18a -mq 1be -ka,1be -kk 180 -mq,17m -mq 1be -ku,1be -l8 17c -mq,1be -li 172 -mq,13a -gi uk -gi rq -gi rq -gs uk -gs,rq -hg uk -gs,ua -gs rq -hq,rq -i4 u0 -gs,tm -gs rq -ie rq -gi,-ak -6i -gi -2q,-ak -68 -gs -2q,-h6 -2q -ak -5u,-ak -5k -hg -2q,-hq -2q -ak -5a,-ak -50 -i4 -2q,-ie -2q -ak -4m,-ak -4c -io -2q,-j2 -2q -ak -42,-ak -3o -jc -2q,-jm -2q -ak -3e,-ak -34 -k0 -2q,-ka -2q -ak -2q,-ka -2q -q8 -2q -s4 -2q -10q -34,ls -om ls -l8 li -l8 li -om ls -om,-10q -3e -se -2q,-so -2q -10q -3o,-10q -42 -t2 -2q,-tc -2q -10q -4c,-10q -4m -tm -2q,-1fg -4m -1ji -2q,-1k6 -2q -1fg -4c,-1fg -42 -1kq -2q,-1le -2q -1fg -3o,-1fg -3e -1m2 -2q,-1mm -2q -1fg -34,-1fg -2q -236 -2q -28q -34,-10q -2q -rg -2q,-1e8 -5a -1e8 -4m -1da -4m -1da -34 -1cm -34 -1cm -4m -1bo -4m -1bo -5a -1e8 -5a,-1be -5a -1be -34 -19s -34 -19s -3o -1aq -3o -1aq -42 -1ag -42 -1ag -4c -1aq -4c -1aq -4m -19s -4m -19s -5a -1be -5a,-19i -5a -19i -34 -18u -34 -18u -4c -18a -3o -17m -4c -17m -34 -172 -34 -172 -5a -17m -5a -18a -4m -18u -5a -19i -5a,-16o -5a -16o -34 -164 -34 -164 -3o -156 -3o -156 -5a -16o -5a,-164 -4m -164 -4c -15q -4c -15q -4m -164 -4m,-14s -5a -14s -34 -13k -34,-13a -34 -13a -5a -14s -5a,-13a -34 -13k -34,-148 -4m -13u -4m -13u -3o -148 -3o -148 -4m,-23g -2q -28q -3e,-28q -3o -23q -2q,-244 -2q -28q -42,-28q -4c -24e -2q,-24o -2q -28q -4m,-28q -50 -252 -2q,-25c -2q -28q -5a,-28q -5k -25m -2q,-260 -2q -28q -5u,-28q -68 -26a -2q,-26k -2q -28q -6i,-28q -6s -26u -2q,-278 -2q -28q -76,-28q -7g -27i -2q,-27s -2q -28q -7q,-28q -84 -286 -2q,-28g -2q -28q -8e,-28q -8o -28q -2q,-23g -2q -28q -2q,-260 -kk -26u -kk,-28q -kk -2a2 -kk -2a2 -l8 -2a2 -ls -28q -ls,-2a2 -l8 -29e -l8,-28g -kk -28g -ls -278 -kk -278 -ls,-26u -ls -26u -kk,-25m -ku -25m -li -260 -ls -26u -ls,-25m -ku -260 -kk#pa -n4 pk -mg pu -mq q8 -mg qi -n4,qi -mg qs -n4 r6 -mg,r6 -mq qi -mq,rg -n4 rg -mg s4 -mg,se -n4 se -mg t2 -mg,pu -m6 pu -li,pu -m6 qi -m6 qi -ls pu -ls,qs -m6 qs -li rg -li,rq -li s4 -m6 se -li,se -ls rq -ls,so -li so -m6 tc -li tc -m6,tm -m6 ua -m6,u0 -m6 u0 -li#T -au -7q,T -27s -jm,T -18a -92,T 172 -hg,T no -n4,G m6 -n4 e2,G qs -pk gs

Over the Bombs
-18 1i 18 1i 4c 1i 8o 18,8o u 4m 1i,50 1i 8o k,8o a 5a 1i,5u 1i 8o -a,8o 0 5k 1i,8o -k 68 1i,6i 1i 8o -u,8o -18 6s 1i,76 1i 8o -1i,8o -1s 7g 1i,7q 1i 8o -26,8o -2g 84 1i,6i -5a 6s -au,6i -5k 76 -au,7g -au 6i -5u,6i -68 7q -au,84 -au 6i -6i,6i -6s 8e -au,8o -au 6i -76,6i -7g 92 -au,9c -au 6i -7q,6i -84 9m -au,mq -2g m6 7g,mq -1s li 7g,ku 7g mq -18,mq -k ka 7g,jm 7g mq 0,mq k j2 7g,ie 7g mq 18,mq 1s hq 7g,h6 7g mq 2g,mq 34 gi 7g,fu 7g mq 3o,mq 4c fa 7g,em 7g mq 50,mq 5k e2 7g,de 7g mq 68,mq 6s cq 7g -8o 7g,-18 1i -18 -u u -u u -18 -1i -18 -1i 1i -1i 1s,92 -2q 8o -2q,8e 1i 8o -2q,92 -2q 92 1s -1i 1s,-5u 34 -5u 7g,-5u 2q -5u 34,-5u 2q -5k 7g,-5a 7g -5u 34,-5u 3e -50 7g,-5u 3o -4m 7g,-5u 42 -4c 7g,-5u 4c -42 7g,-3o 7g -5u 4m,-5u 50 -3e 7g,-34 7g -5u 5a,-5u 5k -2q 7g,-2g 7g -5u 5u,-5u 68 -26 7g,-1s 7g -5u 6i,-5u 6s -1i 7g,-18 7g -5u 76,-5u 2q -68 7g,-6i 7g -5u 2q,-5u 2g -5u 2q,-5u 2g -6i 7g,-5u 2g -5u 26 -6i 7g,mq -2g mq -68,a0 -1i bi -1i bs -1i cq -1i de -u e2 -1i f0 -1i f0 -u f0 -a fu -a fu -1i f0 -1i,au -1i au -a,bs -1i bs -a cq -a,cg -u bs -u,cq -1i cq -a,e2 -1i e2 -a,f0 -u e2 -u##T li -jc,T -50 -fa,O hq -3o,O h6 -3o,O g8 -3o,O fk -3o,O 9c -3o,O em -3o,O e2 -3o,O d4 -3o,O cg -3o,O bi -3o,O au -3o,O a0 -3o

Forward and Back
-18 1i 18 1i 5k 2g,18 1s 5u 2g,18 26 68 2g,18 2g 6s 2g c6 26,7g 2g c6 1s,84 2g c6 1i,c6 18 8o 2g,9c 2g c6 u,c6 k a0 2g,ak 2g c6 a,jm 0 mg 26,jm a n4 26,no 26 jm k,jm u oc 26,p0 26 jm 18,jm 1i pk 26,q8 26 jm 1s,q8 26 10g 1s,10g 1i qi 26,qs 26 10g 18,10g u r6 26,rg 26 10g k,10g a rq 26,s4 26 10g 0,10g -a se 26,so 26 10g -k,10g -u t2 26,tc 26 10g -18,10g -1i tm 26,u0 26 10g -1s,10g -26 ua 26,uk 26 10g -2g,10g -2q uu 26,v8 26 10g -34,10g -3e vi 26,vs 26 10g -3o,10g -42 106 26,-8o -84 -kk -3e,-8o -7q -l8 -3e,-ls -3e -8o -7g,-8o -76 -mg -3e,-n4 -3e -8o -6s,-8o -6i -no -3e,-oc -3e -8o -68,-8o -5u -p0 -3e,-pk -3e -8o -5k,-8o -5a -q8 -3e,-qs -3e -8o -50,-8o -4m -rg -3e,-s4 -3e -8o -4c,-8o -42 -so -3e,-tc -3e -8o -3o,-8o -3e -u0 -3e -130 -3o,-uk -3e -130 -42,-130 -4c -v8 -3e,-vs -3e -130 -4m,-130 -50 -10g -3e,-1v4 2g -25c 7q,-1v4 2q -260 7q,-26k 7q -1v4 34,-1v4 3e -278 7q,-27s 7q -1v4 3o,-1v4 42 -28g 7q,-294 7q -1v4 4c,-1v4 4m -29o 7q,-2ac 7q -1v4 50,-1v4 5a -2b0 7q,-2bk 7q -1v4 5k,-1v4 5u -2c8 7q,-2cs 7q -1v4 68,-1v4 6i -2dg 7q,-2e4 7q -1v4 6s,-1v4 76 -2eo 7q,-2fc 7q -1v4 7g,-2fc 7q -2t4 7q -324 7g,-324 76 -2te 7q,-2to 7q -324 6s,-324 6i -2u2 7q,-2uc 7q -324 68,-324 5u -2um 7q,-324 5k -2v0 7q,-2va 7q -324 5a,-324 50 -2vk 7q,-2vu 7q -324 4m,-324 4c -308 7q,-30i 7q -324 42,-324 3o -30s 7q,-316 7q -324 3e,-324 34 -31g 7q,-31q 7q -324 2q,-324 2g -324 7q##T vs -fu,T -31g -bi

Shorty Track
-18 1i 18 1i 92 1i cg 18,9c 1i cg u,cg k 9m 1i,a0 1i cg a,cg 0 aa 1i,ak 1i cg -a,cg -k au 1i,ie -k k0 18,ie -a ka 18,ie 0 kk 18,ku 18 ie a,ie k l8 18,li 18 ie u,li 18 s4 18,so 18 so u uk u uk 18,vi 18 vi k 12m k 12m 18,14i 18 1es 18 1lo 18 1q4 u,1q4 k 1m2 18,1mc 18 1q4 a,1q4 0 1mm 18,1n0 18 1q4 -a,1q4 -k 1na 18,1nk 18 1q4 -u,1q4 -18 1nu 18,1o8 18 1q4 -1i,1q4 -1s 1oi 18,1os 18 1q4 -26,1q4 -2g 1p6 18,1pg 18 1q4 -2q,1q4 -3e 1q4 18,1pq 18 1q4 -34,1q4 -3e 1qe 18,1qo 18 1q4 -3e 1r2 18,1nk -6i 1g4 -6i 1d0 -6s,1d0 -76 1fq -6i,1fg -6i 1d0 -7g,1d0 -7q 1f6 -6i,1es -6i 1d0 -84,1d0 -8e 1ei -6i,17m -8o 16o -6s,17m -8e 16e -6s,17m -84 164 -6s,17m -7q 15q -6s,15g -6s 17m -7g,17m -76 156 -6s t2 -6s mq -6s io -76,io -7g mg -6s,m6 -6s io -7q,io -84 ls -6s,li -6s io -8e,io -8o l8 -6s,ku -6s io -92,io -9c kk -6s,ka -6s io -9m,io -aa jm -6s,k0 -6s io -a0,cg 26 cq 7g,cg 2g de 7g,cg 34 e2 7g,cg 3e em 7g,cg 3o fa 7g,cg 42 fu 7g,gi 7g cg 4c,cg 4m h6 7g,hq 7g cg 50,cg 5a ie 7g,j2 7g cg 5k,cg 5u jm 7g,ka 7g cg 68,cg 6i ku 7g,li 7g cg 6s,cg 76 m6 7g ua 7g,cg 26 cg 1s##T u0 -7g,T tc 6s

My First Track
18 1i aa 1i e2 1i e2 -1i,au 1i e2 18,b8 1i e2 u,bi 1i e2 k,bs 1i e2 a,c6 1i e2 0,cg 1i e2 -a,cq 1i e2 -k,d4 1i e2 -u,de 1i e2 -18,do 1i e2 -1i,ec 1i e2 -1s,em 1i e2 -26 e2 -1i,em 1i e2 1i,f0 1i em 1i,b8 -5a b8 -42,-26 -42 -5u -42 -5a -7q,-68 -42 -5u -42,a0 -9c 5a -9c,-1i -9c a0 -9c,no -9c m6 -9c a0 -9c,no -d4 no -gs l8 -gs no -g8,l8 -gs no -fu,no -fk l8 -gs,li -gs no -fa,no -f0 ls -gs,m6 -gs no -em,no -ec mg -gs,mq -gs no -e2,no -do n4 -gs,no -de ne -gs,no -cg mq -9c,no -c6 mg -9c,no -bs m6 -9c,no -bi ls -9c,no -b8 li -9c,no -au l8 -9c,no -ak ku -9c,no -aa kk -9c,no -a0 ka -9c,no -9m k0 -9c,n4 -9c no -cq no -d4,ne -9c no -d4,no -9c no -cq,no -gi l8 -gs,-5a -j2 -92 -j2 -bi -j2,-bi -li -aa -j2,-bi -l8 -9m -j2,-bi -ku -92 -j2,-bi -kk -8e -j2,-bi -ka -7q -j2,-bi -k0 -76 -j2,-bi -jm -6i -j2,-5u -j2 -bi -jc,-5a -j2 -u -j2 -u -jm -u -ka -u -kk -18 -kk -18 -ka -18 -jm -18 -j2,-u -jm -18 -jm,-u -ka -18 -ka,-18 -jc -u -jc,b8 -5a aa -42,b8 -50 9c -42,b8 -4m 8e -42,b8 -4c 7g -42,-5a -5k -5a -42,-5a -7g -50 -42,-5a -76 -4m -42,-5a -6s -4c -42,-5a -6i -42 -42,-5a -68 -3o -42,-5a -5u -3e -42,-5a -5k -34 -42,-5a -5a -2q -42,-5a -50 -2g -42,-5a -4m -26 -42 b8 -42,-5a -4c -1s -42,-5a -8e -5a -84 -5a -5k,-5a -8e -6i -42 -68 -42 -5a -84,f0 -2g fu -2g,e2 -2g f0 -2g,e2 -2g e2 -26,ec -2g ec -34 gi -2g,ec -3o fa -2g,ec -3e g8 -2g,h6 -2g ec -34,ec -2q i4 -2g fu -2g,e2 -2g f0 1i,ec -3o ec -34,q8 -2g i4 -2g,q8 -2g uk -2g uk -6s,uk -6i ua -2g,uk -68 u0 -2g,uk -5u tm -2g,uk -5k tc -2g,uk -5a t2 -2g,uk -50 so -2g,uk -4m se -2g,uk -4c s4 -2g,uk -42 rq -2g,uk -3o rg -2g,uk -3e r6 -2g,uk -34 qs -2g,uk -2q qi -2g,uk -76 uk -6s,uk -7g uk -76,qi -d4 qi -cq no -cq,qi -d4 no -d4,p0 -cq no -bs,pa -cq no -bi,18 1i -gi 1i,16e -io 122 -io l8 -io l8 -gs,16e -n4 16e -io,16e -mq 164 -io,16e -mg 15q -io,16e -m6 15g -io,16e -ls 156 -io,16e -li 14s -io,16e -l8 14i -io,16e -ku 148 -io,16e -kk 13u -io,13k -io 16e -ka,16e -k0 13a -io,16e -jm 130 -io,16e -jc 12m -io,16e -j2 12c -io,-6s -42 -6i -42,-5k -42 -5a -7g,-1i -9c -26 -9c,a -9c -26 -au -26 -9c,u -9c -26 -ak,1i -9c -26 -aa,26 -9c -26 -a0,2q -9c -26 -9m,uk -7g v8 -7g v8 -2g uk -2g,v8 -2g 10g -2g 198 -a 10g -2q,198 -a 1aq -a 1d0 -a 1du -a 1k6 -k,198 -a 10g -26,198 -a 10g -4c,198 -a 10g -u,198 -a 10g -1i,v8 -68 10g -68 10g -a 198 -a,10g -68 12m -a,10g -5u 14i -a,10g -5k 164 -a,17c -a 10g -5a,18a -a 10g -50,18u -a 10g -4m,10g -42 198 -a,10g -3o 198 -a,10g -3e 198 -a,10g -34 198 -a,10g -1s 198 -a,10g -18 198 -a,10g -k 198 -a,15q -1s 19i -a,15q -1i 19s -a,1a6 -a 164 -18,164 -u 1ag -a,164 -k 1aq -a,1k6 -a 1du -a,1k6 -6i 1k6 -a,1k6 -6i 1js -a,1ji -a 1k6 -68,1k6 -5u 1j8 -a,1k6 -5k 1iu -a,1k6 -5a 1ik -a,1k6 -50 1ia -a,1k6 -4m 1i0 -a,1hm -a 1k6 -4c,1k6 -42 1hc -a,1h2 -a 1k6 -3o,1k6 -3e 1go -a,1ge -a 1k6 -34,1k6 -2g 1fq -a,1g4 -a 1k6 -2q,1k6 -26 1fg -a,1f6 -a 1k6 -1s,1k6 -1i 1es -a,1ei -a 1k6 -18,1e8 -a 1k6 -u,-bi -li -au -j2,-bi -li -b8 -j2,-bi -li -ak -j2,2g -c6 au -c6,b8 -5a ak -42,b8 -5a au -42,b8 -50 a0 -42,b8 -50 9m -42,b8 -4m 92 -42,ec -3o em -2g,ec -3o f0 -2g,ec -3e fk -2g,ec -3e fu -2g,-1g4 1i -1g4 -42,-1aq 1i -1g4 18,-1b4 1i -1g4 u,-1be 1i -1g4 k,-1bo 1i -1g4 a,-1c2 1i -1g4 0,-1cc 1i -1g4 -a,-1cm 1i -1g4 -k,-1d0 1i -1g4 -u,-1g4 -18 -1da 1i,-1dk 1i -1g4 -1i,-1g4 -1s -1du 1i,-1e8 1i -1g4 -26,-1ei 1i -1g4 -2g,-1g4 -2q -1es 1i,-1g4 -34 -1f6 1i,-1fg 1i -1g4 -3e,-1g4 -3o -1fq 1i,-1g4 1i -1ag 1i,-rq 1i -gi 1i,-oc 1i -p0 1i,-cq -8e -d4 -8e -de -8e,-5a -8o -5a -8e,-5a -8o -6s -42,-5a -8o -cq -8o -d4 -8o -d4 -de -d4 -gs -de -gs -de -de -de -8e,-cq -8e -5k -8e,-5k -8o -5k -a0 -6i -8o,-5k -a0 -68 -8o,-5k -a0 -5u -8o,-5k -9m -6s -8o,-5k -9c -76 -8o,-5k -92 -7g -8o,1k6 -6i 1k6 -6s 1k6 -76,-rq 1i -1ag 1i,-bi -li -bi -j2,-bi -li -bi -ls -au -j2,-c6 1i -bs 1i -jc a -jc 1i,-jc k -b8 1i,-ak 1i -jc u,-a0 1i -jc 18,-1g4 -4c -1g4 -42,-1g4 -4c -1ge 1i -1go 1i -1g4 -4c -1g4 -4m -1h2 1i -1go 1i,-1ge 1i -1g4 1i,io -em hq -c6,io -ec hg -c6,io -e2 h6 -c6,gs -c6 io -do,io -de gi -c6,io -d4 g8 -c6,fu -c6 io -cq,io -cg fk -c6,io -c6 au -c6,-18 -k0 -u -k0,-1c2 -8o -1c2 -cg -1be -8o,-1c2 -cg -19s -8o,-1c2 -c6 -198 -8o,-1c2 -bs -18k -8o,-1c2 -bi -180 -8o,-1c2 -b8 -17c -8o,-1c2 -au -16o -8o,-1c2 -ak -164 -8o,-15g -8o -1c2 -aa,-1c2 -a0 -14s -8o,-1c2 -9m -148 -8o,-13k -8o -1c2 -9c,-1c2 -92 -130 -8o,-q8 -8o -q8 -f0 -q8 -fa -p0 -8o -pa -8o -pk -8o -q8 -f0 -pa -8o,-q8 -ec -qi -8o,-q8 -e2 -qs -8o,-q8 -do -r6 -8o,-q8 -de -rg -8o,-q8 -d4 -rq -8o,-q8 -cq -s4 -8o,-se -8o -q8 -cg,-q8 -c6 -so -8o,-q8 -bs -t2 -8o,-tc -8o -q8 -bi,-q8 -b8 -tm -8o,-u0 -8o -q8 -au,-q8 -ak -ua -8o,-uk -8o -q8 -aa,-q8 -a0 -uu -8o,-v8 -8o -q8 -9m,-q8 -9c -vi -8o,-vs -8o -q8 -92,-q8 -f0 -pu -8o -pk -8o,-pu -8o -q8 -8o,-u0 -pa -u0 -m6,-u0 -pa -vs -m6,-u0 -p0 -10g -m6,-u0 -om -114 -m6,-11o -m6 -u0 -oc,-u0 -o2 -12c -m6,-130 -m6 -u0 -no,-u0 -ne -13k -m6,-148 -m6 -u0 -n4,-u0 -mq -14s -m6,-u0 -mg -15g -m6 -164 -m6 -1cm -mg,-16e -m6 -1cm -mq,-16o -m6 -1cm -n4,-172 -m6 -1cm -ne,-1cm -no -17c -m6,-17m -m6 -1cm -o2,-1cm -oc -180 -m6,-18a -m6 -1cm -om,-1cm -p0 -18k -m6,-1cm -pa -18u -m6,-198 -m6 -1cm -pk,-1cm -pu -19i -m6,-19s -m6 -1cm -q8,-1cm -qi -1a6 -m6,-1ag -m6 -1cm -qs,-1cm -r6 -1aq -m6,-1b4 -m6 -1cm -rg,-1cm -rq -1be -m6,-1bo -m6 -1cm -s4,-1cm -se -1c2 -m6,-1cc -m6 -1cm -so,-1cm -t2 -1cm -m6,-1cm -tc -1cm -t2,-1cm -tm -1cm -tc,-1cm -tm -1d0 -m6,-1da -m6 -1cm -tm -1dk -m6 -u0 -m6,-17c -14s -11e -14s,-17c -14s -18k -14s -18k -164,-18k -18a -18k -15q -vs -14s,-18k -18a -15q -14s,-18k -180 -156 -14s,-18k -17m -14i -14s,-13u -14s -18k -17c,-18k -172 -130 -14s,-18k -16o -122 -14s,-18k -16e -114 -14s,-106 -14s -18k -164,-vi -14s -18k -15g,-18k -156 -v8 -14s -ku -14s,-v8 -14s -130 -14s,-1c2 -cg -1aq -8o,-1c2 -8o -q8 -8o,-18 1i -18 -42,-1i -42 -1i 1i,16e -n4 16e -no 17c -io 16e -io,16e -no 16o -io,172 -io 16e -no,io -em io -c6,io -em i4 -c6,io -em ie -c6,d4 -o2 d4 -no,n4 -rq n4 -s4,h6 -no h6 -o2 d4 -o2,h6 -no d4 -no,3e -m6 3e -ls,8e -ls 8e -m6 3e -m6,8e -ls 3e -ls,12m -uu uu -uu uu -v8 12m -v8 12m -uu,qs -s4 qs -rq n4 -rq,qs -s4 n4 -s4,-26 -b8 -a -9c,-26 -b8 -26 -au,-u -9c -26 -bi -26 -b8,-fu -14s -g8 -156 -g8 -1d0 -fu -1da -bi -1da -b8 -1da -au -1d0 -au -156 -b8 -14s -ku -14s,-g8 -156 -b8 -156,-b8 -1d0 -g8 -1d0,-fu -1da -g8 -1dk -b8 -1dk -au -1dk -b8 -1da,-fk -1ag -fk -18u,-fk -1ag -f0 -1ag -em -1a6 -em -19s -f0 -19i -em -198 -em -18u -f0 -18k -fk -18k -fk -18u,-ec -1ag -ec -18k -do -18k -do -18u -e2 -18u -e2 -19i -do -19i -do -19s -e2 -19s -e2 -1a6 -do -1a6 -do -1ag -ec -1ag,-de -1ag -de -18k -cq -18k -cq -18u -d4 -18u -d4 -19i -cq -19i -cq -19s -d4 -19s -d4 -1a6 -cq -1a6 -cq -1ag -de -1ag,-fa -1a6 -fa -19s -f0 -19s -f0 -1a6 -fa -1a6,-fa -198 -fa -18u -f0 -18u -f0 -198 -fa -198,-cg -1ag -cg -18k -c6 -18k -c6 -198 -bs -18k -bi -18k,-bi -19s -bi -1a6 -bs -1ag -cg -1ag,-c6 -1a6 -c6 -19s,-bs -19s -bs -1a6 -c6 -1a6,-b8 -1d0 -au -1d0,-au -156 -b8 -156,-do -1be -de -1be -bi -1bo -au -1c2,-do -1be -fk -1bo -g8 -1c2,-de -164 -do -164 -fk -16e -g8 -16o,-de -164 -bi -16e -au -16o,-bi -14s -68 -14s,-bi -19s -bs -19i -bi -18k,-bs -19s -c6 -19s,-cq -1dk -au -1du -au -1e8 -d4 -1dk##T -jm -15g,T p0 -so,T 5u -mq,T 10q -vs,T fa -om,T -26 u,T 1j8 -qs,T oc -do,T -1s -jm,T -cg -9c

1st dumb map, it sucks
-18 1i 18 1i,16 1g qq ha,tn j1 v0 jf 10a jk 11g je 12i ip 132 i0 139 gq 135 fb 12d e9 119 dj,118 dj 104 db,103 db uq de,uo de tj e1,th e1 sn f1 se fk,qm jm r0 m3,qv m3 s2 nr u3 os 108 p9 12g p8 16h p3,16f p4 1fd oj,1f6 om 1gb oi 1hk od 1j7 nv 1kd n9 1ld mb 1m3 l7 1ma jv 1mf il,ql jk ra hp,tl j0 tf ir,1mf im 1mg hu,-c6 6b -11a g0,-10p jr -119 ln -12e nc -14b oi -175 p4 -1av p5,-1at p5 -1nf oq,-1ng oq -1p7 ok,-19 1k -32 1k,-1p8 ok -1qv nu -1s7 mi -1ss kf,-15a i7 -16q if -185 hu -194 go -19h f5 -196 dl -185 cc -16p bo -14v bm -13i cb,-15a i6 -13u hi -13f h6,-13i cc -12q d1 -12g dn,-10q jr -10q i1 -11a gk,-1su kd -1t7 i0,cd ej -bd f9 -f1 cd,ca ej f3 cm##T -7t -4,T 1lc 9q,T -2g 4u,T -1rt c0

Gravity Madness
-18 1i 18 1i 5a 18,1i 1i 5a u,1s 1i 5a k,26 1i 5a a,2g 1i 5a 0,5a -a 2q 1i,34 1i 5a -k,5a -u 3e 1i,3o 1i 5a -18,5a -1i 42 1i,4c 1i 5a -1s,5a -26 4m 1i,50 1i 5a -2g,42 -io -18 -io -5u -ie,-5u -i4 -1i -io,-1s -io -5u -hq,-5u -hg -26 -io,-2g -io -5u -h6,-5u -gs -2q -io,-34 -io -5u -gi,-5u -g8 -3e -io,-3o -io -5u -fu,-5u -fk -42 -io,-4c -io -5u -fa,-5u -f0 -4m -io,-50 -io -5u -em,-5u -ec -5a -io,-5k -io -5u -e2,-gs -76 -gs k -gi 5u,-g8 5u -gs u,-gs 18 -fu 5u,-fk 5u -gs 1i,-gs 1s -fa 5u,-f0 5u -gs 26,-gs 2g -em 5u,-ec 5u -gs 2q,-gs 34 -e2 5u,-do 5u -gs 3e,-gs 3o -de 5u,-d4 5u -gs 42,-gs 4c -cq 5u,-cg 5u -gs 4m,-gs 50 -c6 5u,-bs 5u -gs 5a,-gs 5k -bi 5u,-8o ie 1s ie,26 ie 1s ie,26 ie ak ie fk i4,au ie fk hq,fk hg b8 ie,bi ie fk h6,fk gs bs ie,c6 ie fk gi,fk g8 cg ie,cq ie fk fu,fk fk d4 ie,de ie fk fa,fk f0 do ie,fk em e2 ie,ec ie fk ec,fk e2 em ie,f0 ie fk do,fk de fa ie,fk de fa 8e,f0 8e fk de,em 8e fk d4,fk cq ec 8e,e2 8e fk cg,fk c6 do 8e,de 8e fk bs,fk bi d4 8e,cq 8e fk b8,fk au cg 8e,c6 8e fk ak,fk aa bs 8e,bi 8e fk a0,fk 9m b8 8e,au 8e fk 9c,fk 92 ak 8e,aa 8e fk 8o,g8 27s qs 27s 106 27i,r6 27s 106 278,106 26u rg 27s,rq 27s 106 26k,106 26a s4 27s,se 27s 106 260,106 25m so 27s,t2 27s 106 25c,106 252 tc 27s,tm 27s 106 24o,106 24e u0 27s,ua 27s 106 244,106 23q uk 27s,uu 27s 106 23g,106 236 v8 27s,vi 27s 106 22s,106 22i vs 27s,106 228 106 27s,10g 27s 106 228 10q 27s,114 27s 106 228,114 27s qs 27s,tc 1s0 qs 1s0 qs 1sa,tc 1s0 tm 1s0 tm 1sa qs 1sa,-vi 68 -vi au,-qs uk -mq uk,ua m6 ua rg##T rg 1rc,G -p0 tm 2q,T -pk pa,T -qs i4,T -se bs,T ls 1rm,T o2 1es,T qi 122,T qi p0,T fu pa,T 42 pu,T -68 qs,T -fu rq,T -84 hq,T -g8 -6s,T 3o -i4,G 1i -5u mg,G -3e -7q jm,G -3e 4c gs,G ak 92 jm,G -uk 84 gs,G tc oc gs

45 Degree Doubles
-18 1i 18 1i 8o 1i c6 u,92 1i c6 k,c6 a 9c 1i,9m 1i c6 0,l8 -u qs 42,li -k r6 3o,rg 3e ls -a,m6 0 rq 34,s4 2q mg a,mq k se 2g,so 26 n4 u,ne 18 t2 1s,tc 1i no 1i,o2 1s tm 18,u0 u oc 26,om 2g ua k,uk a p0 2q,pa 34 uu 0,v8 -a pk 3e,pu 3o vi -k,vs -u q8 42,qi 4c 106 -18,1du -3e 1kg 1i,1e8 -34 1kq 18,1l4 u 1ei -2q,1es -2g 1le k,1lo a 1f6 -26,1fg -1s 1m2 0,1mc -a 1fq -1i,1g4 -18 1mm -k,1n0 -u 1ge -u,1go -k 1na -18,1nk -1i 1h2 -a,1hc 0 1nu -1s,1hm a 1o8 -26,1oi -2g 1i0 k,1os -2q 1ia u,1ik 18 1p6 -34,1pg -3e 1iu 1i,1j8 1s 1pq -3o,1q4 -42 1ji 26,1dk -3o 1k6 1s,2hs -k 2la 2q 2va 2q 3bg 2q 3i2 2q 3ic 92,2i6 -a 2lk 2q,2lu 2q 2iq a,2j4 k 2m8 2q,2je u 2mi 2q,2jo 18 2ms 2q,2n6 2q 2k2 1i,2kc 1s 2ng 2q,2nq 2q 2km 26,2l0 2g 2o4 2q,3bg 2q 3i2 2g,3bq 2q 3i2 26,3c4 2q 3i2 1s,3ce 2q 3i2 1i,3i2 18 3co 2q,3d2 2q 3i2 u,3i2 k 3dc 2q,3dm 2q 3i2 a,3i2 0 3e0 2q,3ea 2q 3i2 -a,3i2 -k 3ek 2q,3eu 2q 3i2 -u,3i2 -18 3f8 2q,3fi 2q 3i2 -1i,3i2 -1s 3fs 2q,3g6 2q 3i2 -26,3i2 -2g 3gg 2q,3gq 2q 3i2 -2q,3i2 -34 3h4 2q,3he 2q 3i2 -3e,3im 92 3i2 34,3i2 3e 3j0 92,3ja 92 3i2 3o,3i2 42 3jk 92,3ju 92 3i2 4c,3i2 4m 3k8 92,3ki 92 3i2 50,3i2 5a 3ks 92,3l6 92 3i2 5k,3i2 5u 3lg 92,3lq 92 3i2 68,3i2 6i 3m4 92,3me 92 3i2 6s,3i2 76 3mo 92,3n2 92 3i2 7g,3i2 7q 3nc 92,3nm 92 3i2 84,3i2 8e 3o0 92,3oa 92 3i2 8o,4ra 92 59c 92,3ok 92 3tk 8o,3ou 92 3tk 8e,3tk 84 3p8 92,3pi 92 3tk 7q,3tk 7g 3ps 92,3q6 92 3tk 76,4k4 92 5au 92 5au 4m,3ok 92 3oa 92,4m0 92 4ii 7g,4ii 7q 4ma 92,4mk 92 4ii 84,4ii 8e 4mu 92,4n8 92 4ii 8o,4ii 92 4k4 92,-18 1i -18 a,51s 4m 53e 4m 53o 4m 54m 4m 55a 5a 55u 4m 56s 4m 56s 5u 57q 5u 57q 4m 56s 4m 56s 5a 55u 5a,52q 4m 52q 5k 52q 5u,53o 4m 53o 5k 53o 5u 54m 5u,542 5a 53o 5a,54m 4m 54m 5u,55u 4m 55u 5u##T 5aa 8e

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