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  • Wii: i love super smash bros brawl :) i also have sonic and sega all stars racing.
  • PSN: nope i have ps2 though and kingdom hearts is my fav game :).
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hello everyone :) my favorite game in here is exit path so im probably playing it right now XD. i also like all kinds of other video games so we can have some really long conversation about them. i also love animals and i play the piano.

i started the acount cause my data on exit path got erased twice and i had over 1 milion exp :(

i like talking to people so add me. please? espacially if you like exit path :)

top 5 video games:
5th: starfox/golden sun (i cant choose one of them. starfox was so epic and golden sun was beautiful).
4th:final fantasy (i guess i dont have to explain this one).
3rd: legend of zelda (the story and gameplay are so interesting).
2nd: pokemon mystery dungeon (the story was beautiful).
1st: kingdom hearts (this game is perfect. it has everything).

my top 6 movies:
all of these are great so i cant rank them :)
howls moving castle (the feeling in this movie is just incredible)
lion king (epic and deep at the same time).
pokemon 8 lucario and the mystery of mew (i thought id like this one because of mew but i really liked lucario).
oliver and company (this is my childhood movie).
balto (this movie really touched me).
all dogs go to heaven (such a beautiful and happy/sad story).

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