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the cheats for life!

any comments or quistions beside cheats post on foxlink profile and i will respond!

You, the reader, try these hacks and cheats at your own risk. You never know - they might just work. Wrongly.                   ( reminber this is just for laftghts!)

Useful hacks and cheats in life
Increase Sympathy Meter - Remove one hand, and points from your dexterity meter will now be on your sympathy meter
Reset Life - Hold down belly button for 10 seconds

Reset All Reality - Find the really big red button, somewhere on the internet.
fire at Others at a Distance - type in 'chargir' to deal over 9000 damage to the people you hate.

become invisble- eat poo then were a pink shirt with poo on it, then you will be invisble!

become superman- go to school/work not wearing a thing but a s on your back then you will be able to fly!

see dead people- see " the 6th senth 666 times and you will see and hear dead people

get a $100000000 under your T.V.-send me $100 bucks, if this dose not work try it once more! and more!
'the contest!
if you have new cheats for life, please send too me! and you can vot for the cheat you like!
    if you win you will get your cheat posted on this profile! and lots of people will know you!
last winners!

domminatertakeover says:

Posted at 12:21am on 7/14/2008

... all weapons cheat go to the mall that sells weopans or gun store (anything like that )  with a realistic lokking water gun squirt the clerk 726 times and you will gain access to every weapon and unlimited ammo :)

1 How to see through walls- Look at the toilet without blinking for 5 hours and then drink the water

this months contestance_!

1       posted by staff ( me!)
make every body laght at you in school/work- were a small red dress { for boys) or a foxy grampy pants with a pimp hat, and say idaho slowly and very loudly, over and over!


How to be super stretchy:

Get 1000 Rubberbands and combine them all into a huge rubberband ball.

Then Praise it every day for a week saying : Oh mighty rubberband ball, I am worthy enough to be in your presence. and then kiss it.

to vote for the one you like best post the number that next to it

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