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8/7/08 :My first merit on:Now Boarding.
8/11/08:My 2 merit on:Pel.
8/9/08:Iron Knight!
8/13/08:Gold Knight!
8/17/08:I broke the 200 barrier.
8/19/08:My third merit!
8/19/08:I got the wooden lord!
8/30/08:I broke the 120 barrier.
8/30/08:I have reached gold lord!
8/30/08:IM IN THE TOP 100!
9/8/08:2000 comments!
9/15/08:I broke the 65 barrier.
9/18/08:Fourth merit!
9/18/08:GOLD DUKE!!
9/27/08:1,000th forum post!
9/28/08:Im in the top 50.
9/28/08:300 Games Rated!
9/28/08:7,000 AP!!
9/29/08:Got long waited Wood Prince!
10/01/08:Top 40!
10/02/08:Fifth Merit!On:Warefare 1917.
10/03/08:I got my sixth merit on Co-operation.
10/05/08:3,000 Comments!!
10/05/08:8,000 AP!
10/06/08:I Got My Seventh Merit.
10/10/08:Got the Silver Prince!
10/16/08:I Got My Eighth Merit!
11/06/08:I got Gold Prince!
11/09/08:I'm In The Top 30.
11/09/08:1,500 Forum Posts.
11/09/08:4,000 Comments!
11/17/08:11,000 AP!
11/30/08:Wood King!
12/13/08:5,000 Comments.
12/15/08: 13,000 AP!
12/21/08:400 Games Rated.
12/30/08:14,000 AP!
12/30/08:2,000 Posts!
1/12/09:15,000 AP!
1/20/09:6,000 Comments!
1/2810:QUIT AG!!!!!!!!!!!


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Full of little screaming 10 year olds that don't know how to shut the hell up.. and some retards like HWDOG35 and OMG hover kitty and dorian222222222.

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