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  • AIM: Maybe a bit taller?
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  • Yahoo: You say Yahoo I say Whee
  • XBOX Live: Why would I pay to have online?
  • Wii: Negatory
  • PSN: See above
  • SteamID: Um....I have a driver's licence.


I've been playing games on Armor Games for a long time, and finally decided to make an account. You're probably wondering "Why is your username theshortone74?" You're not? Eh, well, I'll tell you anyways. I've always been teased by my friends for being well....short. Yet I've gained a reputation for my small stature. Not to mention that people think I have a high jump for being so short. I'm not quite a midget since midgets grow extremely slow or don't grow at all. Anyways, I'm considered to be a "nerd" to some because of my glasses and good grades. I like to pass the time with flash games from here. Well, until I could think of more material to write here, that's it.

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