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graduated, got a job, and now I'm engaged... Omg life sure comes at you fast!

I'm Therese, a recent college graduate who majored in mathematics (sometimes I wonder why I chose that major...haha)! I used to be on AG daily...but now I'm trying to go one every so often. My work blocks all social and gaming site....go figure.

Oh, I totally miss the "If you have a question about girls..." thread a lot. We had some good advice there.

I also tend to try and help out with the "count to 100" thread, but that tends to epically fail a lot!!!

My interests:
Sports (preferably baseball & football-- but I run cross country)
Blaring music (pretty much every genre except country-well, maybe some TSwift)
Playing card games & boardgames: Anyone play MAO or Kemps??!!
And my wonerful finance...we just got yeah, that's my life! ;D

*Please note that I prefer to go by Trayz as opposed to Tray. Trayz is the phonetic way to say my name!

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