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punks will rule the world 1 day!!!

i am a SEXY 14 year old male.....dats right ladies : ) and i`m single

well go 2 the website above!!!its amazing!!!!!

you ask "what makes a punk....a punk"
well 2 start off ur stupid every1 knows wat a punk is and isn`t.2 start punk is more of an attitude than it is anything when u......well lets say u call a punk....a poser well u`ll easily get into an uncalled fist fight in which u`ll probobly wish ur black mama knew karate.punk music is also a genre that makes the world go ROUND.most are politicaly charged,short, and somtimes long (NOFX).also punks don`t really have a style if thats wat u call idea of a punk (how i dress) spiked hair (however) or if its long a lil gel and mess it up or just go mohawk.cloathes.......well uhhh i dunno. but thrift stores have some nice cuffs and maybe a neklace.good punk colors are red,black,white, and myabe if ur interested in becoming part of the punk generation just e-mail me : )


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