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I am a 13 year old boy who loves to play games. I have survived cancer twice. I first got cancer when I was 4. I hade a really hard time I had to move in with my grandma and pa. Then after 3 years we whent into remishen, I was so happy to be done. Then 3 years later injoying my life I go in for a check up and I have a relapse of A.L.L. And a few days later I get a scan and then we realize I have a brain tomer to. it was really hard and still is. But im doing great and also happy now that I can move. I love dogs and to play with people. I am really fun to play with and am very funny. I'm also a great sport no insolts, being mean, or swearing of any kind. I hope you people like reading about me and folow me if you need a nother friend. LOVE TRICKER20

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