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Armorgames... We meet again...
Last seen playing a game on AG: 10/10/13
Last seen on AG: 8/1/14
Last updated profile: 8/1/14
Moved over to Kong: Apparently late May of 2011.
I'm mostly on Kongregate now.
My profile on Kong.

I've decided that I like the old AG system better than the badge system...

I'm quite sad that I never got to Gold King while I was active on this site... I'm also sad that those badges from The Last Stand got in the way of my untainted collection of ranks... =/

Favorite things
I don't believe in favoritism.
Games that I particularly enjoy(ed):
Contract Wars
Mud and Blood 2
Mardek (When will the fourth one come out?!?!?)
Doom Forge
Kingdom Rush
Fantasy Online (RIP... Still so very sad...)
Rise of Mythos (Kings and Legends)
The Last Stand - Dead Zone
Wow...Feeling a bit nostalgic...

...Looks like most everyone I knew on this site is inactive...Guess there's little left for me here. Sigh...
I wonder if anyone remembers my name here

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